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  1. Beautiful, spectacular. Haven't seen a better one, but wonder why you chromed the trim around the door top/cockpit instead of the typical leather.
  2. Great to see that one again. Best ever of that kit.
  3. Have you tried the 1/16 XJ-S?
  4. I hate to dispute the Maserati, but its inaccuracies have really perplexed me on how to fix them. The leading edge of the roof line at the windshield curves upward when it should be pretty straight across, and the nose shape at the grille is way off – needs to be brought forward. Engine detail isn't much better, but it's easily fixable (if you don't do wiring – It has 2 plugs per cylinder.) Interior detail needs to be made more accurate. It can look great if these issues are conquered.
  5. I'll guess you may have seen color photos of the Type D at the Tazio Nuvolari museum. https://artsandculture.google.com/asset/tazio-nuvolari-s-museum/aQG4AoJxHLujEQ Here's video of a restored Type C with a decent engine shot.
  6. A beautifully restored red '62 just went for $110K at Mecum.
  7. Great job, especially on the chrome trim. They had a red one like this at the recent Mecum auction, which went for big bucks. Meanwhile, I don't know about how others' threads look, but I was distracted by an earlier ad in the thread showing Brigitte Bardot getting her purse out of a 50s Lancia Aurelia.
  8. Harry finished it. It's on page 42 of his book, The Evolution of the Automobile In Scale. Also in this old thread:
  9. Looks like it has a large-window detachable hardtop, so that makes it a '59-'63. Strangely, if you ordered this HT version, there was no soft top. If you already had a soft top, you had to remove it to mount the hardtop.
  10. Wow. Just wow. A spectacular piece of craftsmanship.
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