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  1. sjordan2 added a post in a topic 1/8 scale woody   

    Spectacular guns. 
  2. sjordan2 added a post in a topic 1/8 scale woody   

    I've seen plenty of leather, fabric and other material gun cases for a single, fully assembled shotgun, but not like the one you're making. But I guess It would be custom-made anyway. 
    This project looks fabulous.
  3. sjordan2 added a post in a topic 1950 Alfa Romeo Alfetta 158 - The Merit/Smer/Atlantis Kit From The Fifties And Some Extra Work   

    Another superb piece of work, as usual for you. 
  4. sjordan2 added a post in a topic Lindberg 1935 Auburn Boattail Speedster   

    You'll notice in the link to a built kit (one of the best I've seen) that the hood doesn't fit properly and needs attention.  Again, you'll want to find some larger tires. As mentioned, lots of detailing and accurizing needed. The windshield frame needs attention, too. The Lindbergh box is very misleading since it shows a 1:1 car, but at least it provides reference. 
  5. sjordan2 added a post in a topic Renwal Models   

    I thought the Visible Woman was pretty hot.
  6. sjordan2 added a post in a topic 1/25 bicycle chain   

    I have Grandt Line delrin chain, the smallest I could find, which is still too wide and thick for the brake cable for my 1/16 Bugatti, and would be too big for a 1/24-25 bicycle. That Top Studio motorcycle chain looks possible for my needs, but I'd sure have to check actual size before I spent the money.
  7. sjordan2 added a post in a topic $7.99 models back at Ollies!   

    Yes, the Auburn wheels and tires are too small in the Lindbergh kit; they were more accurate in the original Pyro version, but they were 2-part plastic wheel/tire molded together. However, the Auburn is 1/25, so you'd need to check compatibility with the Cadillac.
  8. sjordan2 added a post in a topic Renwal Models   

    Boy, is that an understatement. I couldn't believe that Revell/Monogram would put their name on the reissues.
  9. sjordan2 added a post in a topic 54 Hudson Hornet Club Coupe   

    Beautiful work. I saw a rerun of "Chasing Classic Cars" yesterday, where Wayne Carini bought a '53 sedan. Note to builders: The antenna is attached to the chrome of the windshield, and a knob inside swivels it down in front of the chrome on the split.
  10. sjordan2 added a post in a topic Renwal Models   

    I found the Visible V8 box art very appealing when I built it as a kid.  I was about the same age as the boy, and my Father smoked a pipe just like the dad in the picture. 
  11. sjordan2 added a post in a topic New Alfa body for Pocher   

    Bear in mind that the Pocher body will be 1/8, but it's possible they could be using Wingrove plans -- Gerald Wingrove usually builds one-offs in 1/15 scale; you can see his spectacular 8c2900B in galleries 4&5 in the Alfa 2.9 section at
    I can't find any info on Stephen Pombo.
  12. sjordan2 added a post in a topic Pocher Jaguar E-Type convertible - would you buy it?   

    I'm not sure how this got moved from Big Boyz ("Anything to do with large scale cars"), but here we are. But even if you wouldn't buy an expensive, large-scale car, your opinion is still welcome. 
  13. sjordan2 added a post in a topic Quick Overview: Revell Starsky & Hutch Torino   

    Beautiful piece of work. The metallic paint, surprisingly, doesn't look out of scale. Need a lot more shots. 
  14. sjordan2 added a topic in Big Boyz   

    New Alfa body for Pocher
    Model Motor Cars is coming out with something of a holy grail for me, a new Alfa 8C 2900 Mille Miglia body; fits on the Pocher Alfas. Due early 20016.

    Here's a real one...

    I can't afford the Pocher kit, so I'd have to do the body like Ralph Lauren's pre-restoration version..

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