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  1. Isn’t that a Smart, which Mercedes is withdrawing from the US?
  2. The Blower Bentley shown here bears the registration owned by a Bentley executive and is on the reissue of the 1/12 Airfix kit. The original kit had Ralph Lauren’s UR6571 registration, but the Bentley exec told Airfix to change it to his number for the reissue (That’s what Hornby told me on inquiry). It’s the only difference between the original and reissued kits.
  3. https://robbreport.com/motors/cars/gallery/historic-hollywood-vehicles-auction-2867640/blade-1968-dodge-charger/
  4. I searched Michelotti and Fiat and it didn’t turn up.
  5. Amy Pristovnik is on Facebook. Just enter her name in the search field.
  6. sjordan2

    2020 Corvette

    In the years since I bought my C4 Corvette, I’ve seen that dealers jack up the sticker price in the showroom by as much as $10,000 in the introductory period of each new model. You may be able to get a better deal if you shop around the country at high-volume Corvette dealers, but you’ll pay a premium if you want one today from your local dealer.
  7. https://picclick.com/1974-79-Mercury-Monarch-Script-Emblem-Badge-OEM-143192751765.html
  8. Very, very nice. More pix?
  9. His books are excellent. He was a very nice man who was quick to respond to my email questions in detail.
  10. I’m trying to reply to Autoquiz but I get a message that says I can’t send because my inbox is full (not), yet I can’t see a link to my inbox.
  11. Did you flop the picture? The right-hand drive influenced my search.
  12. My best Google hints failed me, but I should have thought about SEAT.
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