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  1. 1970 Ford Mustang Mach 1

    Great job from every angle.
  2. 47 rum runner

    I can see it screaming down Thunder Road.
  3. Post retirement modeling

    Work fast. Your hand skills may desert you sooner than you think.
  4. Mercedes 300 SLR Mille Miglia

  5. 1/16 Minicraft 1955 Mercedes 300SL

    http://fantasyjunction.com/cars/1902-Mercedes Benz-300SL Gullwing-3.0 Litre 6-Cylinder
  6. 1/16 Minicraft 1955 Mercedes 300SL

    PPS: I once posted a detailed comparison of these kits, but can’t find it now. Anyway, I recall a couple of differences — Minicraft has a more complete space frame but, oddly, no firewall (should be easy to scratchbuild).
  7. 1/16 Minicraft 1955 Mercedes 300SL

    PS: I always counsel Gullwing modelers to use the following references: Use Google Images to search fantasyjunction Mercedes 300SL Gullwings (the cars will be shown against a red brick wall). Fantasy junction shows a huge amount of photo detail in every nook and cranny. All photos can be clicked to enlarge, though they’re large to begin with. Dennis Adler’s book, “Mercedes-Benz 300SL,” is very thorough and heavily illustrated with color photos, and contains year-to-year spec and upgrade differences.
  8. 1/16 Minicraft 1955 Mercedes 300SL

    The Italeri has some better detail BUT their Gullwing body is incorrect, and the Minicraft/Entex/etc version is better. Italeri made a very accurate roadster body (except for the windshield) which, unfortunately, they adapted for the Gullwings. They are different bodies in the real world — besides the obvious differences, the roadster has more pronounced fenders and a larger grille, and you’ll see that if you compare Entex and Italeri.
  9. Auto quiz 399 - Finshed

    Your message page says you can’t receive messages.
  10. Floki the Shipbuilder - 1:10 Clay Dreams Miniatures

    Very true likeness.
  11. Auto quiz 395 - Finished

    I would have had it but the grille bar was missing from the original image.
  12. Mercedes 450sl restore finished 10/3

    Superb work.
  13. 1971 Lamborghini Miura

    I had the pleasure of being allowed to sit in and inspect a new Miura at a dealership back in the day, and the cream-colored interior was an unbelievable environment. Buttery smooth, aromatic leather that was soft and matte-finished.
  14. Jaguar D-Type XKD 606

  15. 1965 Ferrari 206P Dino - Forgotten Prototipo

    Fabulous work, as expected. Good to see you back.