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  1. I had one many years ago, a very simple kit that was probably around 1/12 scale.
  2. Spectacular job, very authentic. Italeri botched the Gullwing version by using the cabriolet body molds, which have more pronounced fenders and a wider grille than the GW.
  3. The Hannants pictures show a gauge/toggle switch panel that appears to be a sticker. That's going to take some work.
  4. Since my Infiniti G35 was turned into an accordion 3 weeks ago, I replaced it with this 2013 Mini Cooper S, Bayswater edition.
  5. https://www.betiest.com/products/🔥hot-toy-1989-batman-returns-batmobile---batmobile?fbclid=IwAR1kyVCqNA812BqkZp5omnFh_2_MEupvZBn5WddRLgHa8zEnR52_0C1EQTo
  6. The wheels, front bumper, seat and steering wheel seemed to me like a Porsche 356, but I couldn't find this one.
  7. Looks like a rebody of another car.
  8. The best part of this kit that I can see is that they solved the rocker panel seam problem found on almost all other E-Type kits.
  9. While Elon Musk referenced "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" by placing a "Don't Panic" sign on the dash, I bet he also had Heavy Metal in mind when he launched a Tesla sports car on SpaceX. (Sorry about the size, but I couldn't control that).
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