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  1. Johan 31 Cadillac V16 Roadster

    Absolutely spectacular work. The Johan Gold Cup Mercedes 500K kits are quite nice, too.
  2. '48 Ford Woody

    As good as it gets.
  3. Toyota 2000 GT

    Wow. That’s spectacular. The only other pictures I’ve seen make this kit look like there’s lots of flash and fit problems.
  4. Do You Get Fixated On One Type Of Car?

    For years, I got carried away on Mercedes Gullwings, and have collected multiples of most available kits. But I’ve spent more time and money on research, including original manuals and 1:1 parts than anything else. In discussions with the parts manager at the Mercedes Classic Center in California, it turns out that I have things that even the Mercedes factory archives don’t have, including cars like the 500/540K and 710SS.
  5. Mercedes 300SL - Tamiya

    Beautiful job.
  6. Your work is amazing. You might be interested in looking at some exquisite 1:43 handmade die casts of this car and similar, made in France by a craftsman named Ilario —- www.ilario.com
  7. I have just received my order of a 1:43 1933 Mercedes 710 SS cabriolet, the same car I’ve been researching for years in order to build the 1:16 Revell/Academy kit. It is absolutely exquisite, totally accurate in every detail, down to the thinnest photo etched pieces I’ve ever seen. It’s one of an amazing array of classics and exotics, including larger scales, made in France by a craftsman named Ilario. Not cheap at $300, shipping included, but it’s worth the price to me. Sorry I can’t post photos, but there are plenty at: www.Ilario.com
  8. Bugatti Atlantic

    Also sold as a kit, so there’s less dismantling to do. Engine needs lots of detailing. PS: As I recall, the car in the video is a replica by Koux.
  9. Autoquiz 374 - Finished

    Your inbox is full — won’t accept messages.
  10. Revell Austin Healey

    Outstanding job. The multi piece body totally defeated me when I was a kid.
  11. Revell 1/8 Jaguar XK-E

    My favorite E-Type color combo is a dark gunmetal with a crimson red interior. I believe they called the color opalescent gray.
  12. Jaguar XK 120, Revell

    Spectacular job. Your work on the windshield frame is one of those little details that makes a big difference.
  13. Bentley

    I saw one on display at a Gilmore show in Michigan. I wasn’t prepared to see how big they are.
  14. Bentley

    When the repop of the 1/12 Bentley came out with the revised registration number, I contacted Airfix to see if there were any other changes to the original kit. They wrote me back that this was the only difference, and the change was dictated by a Bentley executive. I believe Lauren still has 6571 in his possession.
  15. Bentley

    Using the registration number shown in your photo, I tracked down this car at vintagebentleys.org. It’s a 1930 6.5 litre Speed Six, driven by Steed in several episodes from 1967-68. The interesting part is that Macnee couldn’t drive it, so they always used a stunt driver. If it’s a blower, it’s not a typical Bentley supercharger in front of the radiator. Lots of photos at the site, but I can’t copy and paste the url.