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  1. https://picclick.com/1974-79-Mercury-Monarch-Script-Emblem-Badge-OEM-143192751765.html
  2. His books are excellent. He was a very nice man who was quick to respond to my email questions in detail.
  3. I’m trying to reply to Autoquiz but I get a message that says I can’t send because my inbox is full (not), yet I can’t see a link to my inbox.
  4. Did you flop the picture? The right-hand drive influenced my search.
  5. My best Google hints failed me, but I should have thought about SEAT.
  6. This Lindbergh kit is a reboxed Pyro. I built the Pyro decades ago, and it was a real challenge; as I recall, the original didn’t have chromed parts. Good luck.
  7. Wow, you really did your homework and followed up with outstanding craftsmanship. BTW, I found some very good piano wire wheels from Le Mans, intended for the Bugatti Tank slot racer, which I got for the AMT and Matchbox T59 kits. I also got a great set from Italy for the Bburago 1/18 diecast kit, but he stopped making them. http://www.gts-series.com/en/spare-parts/wheels/1-32/set-of-wheels-type-bugatti-57-or-59-6524.xhtml
  8. Terrific job. I had a 66 GT Sprint Veloce. Did the kit start out as a GTA? They typically had modified wide fenders.
  9. You’ll find a couple of pictures and a brief description on pages 102-103 of Harry’s book.
  10. Great choice to use the darker Rosso Corsa red.
  11. Outstanding in every detail, as usual.
  12. Superb. Do you have any interior shots?
  13. Just today, my browser is saying this site is not secure. (???)
  14. You never know what condition it was in when they started.
  15. Note that the covered spare tire appears most often on the Spezial roadster, whereas your kit is an amalagam of a Type A, B or C cabriolet. The Spezial roadster is replicated in the 1/16 kit boxed by different companies. EDIT: You will also note that the Spezial roadster as a different, split windshield than the cabrios.
  16. Here’s more detail of Paul Russell’s restoration of a 540K Spezial Roadster. Also, look up Hermann Goering’s blue goose. https://paulrussell.com/rPortfolio/mercedes-benz/37_540K/
  17. https://www.ultimatecarpage.com/gallery/Mercedes-Benz-540-K-Cabriolet-A-145780.html Check this out from Techno Classico. Multiple shots under the main image.
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