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  1. Hi Guys just thought I would share another of my dio,s with you. A very sorry looking Porsche 356b.... Thanks Ben http://www.customdiecasts.co.uk
  2. Nice job Dec love the dio..Keep up the good work
  3. Hi Guys, Here is another of my barn find models..... Thanks Ben http://www.customdiecasts.co.uk
  4. Hi Guys just thought i would show this dio i did a few months ago of the Italian job mini's. I have done if they didnt get away and the cars lay abandoned in an italian police compound!! These are 1/16th models. Thanks Ben http://www.customdiecasts.co.uk
  5. Hi Dec thanks.... No I dont use that but have heard about it is it any good? I just use paint to do my rust...
  6. Hi dec Love the dio especialy being in case I take it you are into Mini's then im sure there are many out there that look just like this one!!
  7. Merry christmas to you to kit hmmmm Rasberry ones I think haha.....
  8. Hi Guys and another I thought I would show you a poor little Italian Fiat 500 Thanks Ben http://www.customdiecasts.co.uk
  9. Hi guys one for you folks over the pond.... Belair Thanks Ben. http://www.customdiecasts.co.uk
  10. Ok I built a diorama as it needs a home to look all sad in ...........
  11. Hi Ed, The model is 1/18th scale it is a diecast model made by Maisto pretty common over here not sure about where you are though but there is always good old ebay... Yes these cars were alll about luxury and wood!! Ben..
  12. Hi Guys Just thought I would show you one of my cars rusting away bit by bit!!
  13. Hi GeeBee, The lights I have used in this are tiny low voltage LED's but give it the desired effect I think....
  14. Hi Guys just thought I would show you one of my latest models: Thanks Ben Ps Check out my new website and you can see many more models http://www.customdiecasts.co.uk
  15. Thanks guys please check out my new website http://www.customdiecasts.co.uk where you can see many other cars and creations myself and a friend of mine have done. thanks Ben..
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