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  1. Back in the olden days, I saw the movie "The Lively Set". I got turned on by LSR. Got the idea of doing 4 V12's, Lexan and carbon fiber, along with "Ground Effects, and aero dynamics. Basically, a vacuum formed monocoque Styrofoam reinforced Lexan body with Carbon fiber structure. The V12's would each produce well over 2,000 bhp.just thought it would be a fun ride down to the A&W.
  2. Just lost my friend on St. Patric's day. I must correct all dog owners about the statement about spoiled dogs, they are not spoiled, they have you, uh us trained, and quite well! Love them with all you can.
  3. I watched this car race at Indy, also heard it scream down the front stretch . I believe at the time, it was a .10 part, at any rate it was less that $1.00. Beautiful model. Much nicer than the real thing, when it was raced. I tried to build Twice, my first and last.
  4. Is #99 a King Cobra? It's pretty kool if it is. Shucks they're all great!
  5. Started playing in 1966 on a Kay guitar my mom bought me with S&H Green stamps. The strings sat about 3" off the frets. I kept at anyway, and saved money for a better guitar. Bought several, an Epi. Casino from 65, an L3 Gibson from 1918. Never hit it, but the years playing were the most pleasureable times of my life. Keep on playing, you might be surprised what it means to others, you don't even know.
  6. A black with red interior 1955 Plymouth Savoy 3 on the tree with over drive. My uncle gave it to my mom, after things got a little warm on the street. Haha! He taught me how to drive, which was not really a wise thing. He even gave me his old route and connections It was a very good year or three..
  7. Welcome Tim. What part of the voulenteer state do you hail from?
  8. Love the model. I spent the first eight years of my working life, selling wobbley boxes, and moving them in the 60s and 70s. the only problem I see with the truck, is it's in way too clean and in much to a shape. After 2 or 3 moves, they do get beat up dirty, and very "used" look about them . a great model. It would go well with my balsa 1:25th 12x 60 mobilehome.
  9. We used baking soda and an old tooth brush. Took care of side walls and tread.
  10. I just received my order from Wes's only ordered late Tuesday, and came Thursday. great service, packaging was great, price was less than anywhere else. Shipping was $9.95. I got the 1963 Chevy customizing kit and the Bronco half cab. This was my first order with Wess, but will not be my last. If this is the wrong place for this, I do apologize.
  11. There used to be a guy around town back in the late 60's early 70's built "clones" of Shelby's. They were very well done and accurate in looks and performance. I've seen a couple of his cars being passed off as the real deal, and the public was buying the ilussion.
  12. Oh the orange "cockroach" they were a blast to race. put a rewind 16D motor and they'd fly. The Lotus with "real" magnesium frame, I think had a 36D motor was fun on home tracks, and was very competetive in concourse events.
  13. I am really glad to see someone build a race car as a race car, not a trailer queen. Back in "the day" paint added weight so as little as could be used was the norm. This was the case in most forms of racing. Clear coats were never used. I would rather see a well worn racing machine. Loved your build and hats off to you.
  14. Jim Hall's "Roadrunners" were just that. put one on a road course and look out. They were just fast. When you dominate in racing, the controlling body outlaws the car or some part of the car. I always thought the "D" would make a really neat street car.
  15. Great build. I just question the color, black is so hard to keep clean. Really great.
  16. HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY! Love 209 & 210. You all are amazing.
  17. I have a question. When I raced C sedan in the mid to late 60's, used Goodyear blue line tires, and while the Goodyear lettering was there, it was not white, but gold. Thinking back, I do not remember any tires used in racing having white letters in 64,65,66,and maybe 1967, and that was true for other classes in Trans Am racing
  18. Oh have you given me an idea. A long nosed Cobra land speed car powered by an Allison V12. I really like your builds, because you think out side the box, which gives me ideas. that could be dangerous. Thanks for sharing. From a fellow Cobra nut.
  19. Prayers for a speedy recovery. Been there done that. You'll be going up and down the stairs in no time, and back to work slowly with in 6 to 8 weeks, if all goes well. Do what the Drs. tell you and you'll be fine. DON'T become a couch potato. Be thankful and feel blessed. You are. Mike
  20. I built both of those kits back in the 60's, I don't remember them looking that good. I could be wrong, but I don't think so. Just about the best I've seen great work. Thanks for sharing.
  21. Great subject of a rarely seen 50's Tennessee custom/ "hauler". People from Ohio, used to call them, Tennessee "Gook Wagons". Really good job, show more please.
  22. Amazing! After those seats you were still able to finish the kit.Whew! Great job on one of my favorite cars.
  23. Tim, thanks for the over view. Great work. The only problem is my wife. She who will be obeyed, said she didn't mind the cost so much, but the storage is getting out of hand. Since she sees you as the most of the problem, she believes storage should at least in some part your responsibility. Just to give you a heads up. She said the bill will follow.🙃
  24. One of the funniest adds came from waaaay back in the 60's. A VW commercial showing a "Bug" going up a fancy drive, it comes to a stop, and Wilt Chamberlin gets out. Watching that much man get out of that little bit of a car was just funny, not to mention it sold a whole lot of Beetles.
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