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  1. purvissp added a post in a topic Kit Instructions Online?   

    Thanks Matt, that is the site I was thinking of.
  2. purvissp added a topic in General   

    Kit Instructions Online?
    I could swear somewhere I saw a posting that listed a website that had a lot of kit instructions on it.

    Does anyone happen to know of this site?
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  3. purvissp added a post in a topic Here's some of my favorites.   

    Nice builds Ron. Have not seen you posting that much any more. Nice to see you are posting again.
  4. purvissp added a post in a topic a new look at some old pics   

    That Pontiac is really nice. Your detail is out of sight. That opening trunk is a neat feature.
  5. purvissp added a post in a topic '69 Yenko Camaro   

    Wow, that looks super. It was sure worth the time you took to build this one.
  6. purvissp added a post in a topic Deleted   

    That really looks super. If that is a quicky I can't imagine what you would turn out if not a quicky.

    That paint and detail is awsome.
  7. purvissp added a post in a topic Old Johan Rebuilds   

    Here are a few photos of the Johan's before I started. They were really not too bad before I started, but a little freshing up sure helps them out.

    And here they are all stripped and ready to go. Wow, was that a lot of stripping.

    I have the Road Runner, Cadillac and Chrysler completed. Still have a few more to go.
  8. purvissp added a topic in Under Glass   

    Old Johan Rebuilds
    I have been busy lately rebuilding several older Johans. These were kits that my son and I built over 25 years ago. He was smart enough to hang onto them and he sent them to me to rebuild. It was nice to redo them and have some of the advantages of today's upgrades like BMF, Alclad and airbrush paint jobs.

    These were very simple kits, but the exterior details were very good. Can't say much for the interiors or engine compartements.

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  9. purvissp added a post in a topic My Holiest Grail   

    Amen, that is really nice. Your detail is amazing. Those photos on the wall must be pretty small. They sure add a realistic touch to your display.
  10. purvissp added a post in a topic Few of my recent builds   

    Hey Brian you have a super nice website there.

    I really like that Thunderbolt and that 65 Chevelle is pretty sweet.

    Your photos are very nice. Do you have one of those photo tents?
  11. purvissp added a post in a topic Few of my recent builds   

    The 57 Chevy convert is something I built using the AMT 57 kit and the uptop from the Revell 55 convert kit. Had to stretch the top quite a bit to get it to fit.

    I started using that table because I can sit down to take the photo. Getting to old to get down on the ground to take those shots. I have to holler at the neighbor to help me get up. (LOL)
  12. purvissp added a topic in Under Glass   

    Few of my recent builds
    First I really want to say how much I enjoy this new section. Great to see all the super builds you folks a turning out.

    Here are a few of my recent builds.

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  13. purvissp added a post in a topic October Silent Traffic meeting pics   

    Hey Dan, I am honored that you like the '56 Ford well enough to photo.

    I have have also been going up to the Silent Traffic Model Club for the last 3 months. Sorry I did not get a chance to speak to you at the last meeting.

    I drive 70 miles one way to go to this meeting and it is well worth it. There is a really good group of talented builder there. It is a trip well worth making if you are near.

    Here are a couple of links to some photos and info on the club.

    My son is driving over from Cleveland next month to go up to the meeting with us. Hope to see some of the other forum members there.

  14. purvissp added a post in a topic Another '65 Galaxie   

    That is an amazing build. That looks as though you could just crank it up a scream away.
  15. purvissp added a post in a topic Finished 65 Galaxie   

    Looks great. Like those hubcaps and you did a nice job on those whitewalls.