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  1. Modeler51 added a post in a topic Chevy Titan 90 and Lifestock Trailer   

    I saw your work and it threw me back to when i got out of the Navy the first time and went to work for a trucking company back in Colorado. I used work on rigs like that when they contracted to do private repairs for owner/operators. I got into some really grungy cabs doing that work. Congradulations on that masterful model.
  2. Modeler51 added a post in a topic Lonestar Wrecker "The Reaper"   

    WOW, that is simply amazing!
  3. Modeler51 added a post in a topic RIR Pontiac NASCAR   

    I'm thinkin that if Pontiac or Olds had such good engines (or cars) they would still be around. I say that knowing that Pontiac is now on Obama's chopping block at GM (Government Motors). Pontiac and Olds motors were hard to work on and like Fords expensive to pull horsepower out of. But that being said, it makes me no less sad that two fine Marks will fade into history.
  4. Modeler51 added a post in a topic Stingaree!!!   

    What a beautiful paint job John!!! Is that fingernail polish? That is a wonderful model!!
  5. Modeler51 added a post in a topic Tamiya 935 with SMS parts   

    I'm just curious, but shouldnt those pictures belong in the "is it real" section???? I am now in the process of packing my stuff up and taking up needle point!!!
    Absolutely awesome work Pete!!! Congratulations
  6. Modeler51 added a post in a topic NHRA Thunder Valley Nationals   

    Great Pictures!! Even if you arent building a drag car model they are fun to look at!! Thanks