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  1. Welcome Tim...looking forward to seeing your work.
  2. Great work on the engine wiring Glenn, the rest of it is coming together nicely too😎
  3. Looking good so far Glenn...a prewired distributor is definitely the way to go, they make it much easier to wire up a 1/25 scale engine. I know what you mean about model building being therapeutic, for me the rest of world disappears when I’m building. Best of luck with your health issues and your model. Aloha...Pete
  4. Thanks guys😎 I used Speedcity’s #SC-98 16” M&H slicks. I had to narrow the rear a bit, thin the leaf springs a little, and file the inside of the wheel wells...but did not have to “tub” it.
  5. Nice looking wagon Roger! Great job splicing and dicing, love the paint and the engine choice. Very Cool😎
  6. Very nice Roger...love that it’s pretty much box stock, lowering the front a bit really helped the overall look of the model. Beautiful and oh so clean!
  7. Nice work...very mean and very cool😎
  8. Thank You All...your comments are much appreciated🤙🏼
  9. That’s a tough kit to get together, just the fact you finished it Is cool. Looks good considering the challenges you had, well done🤙🏼
  10. Quick build...added Modelhaus tires, steering wheel from Revell 59 Impala, and blower from the Revell 41 Willys Street Machine. Painted with Tamiya TS49 Bright Red over Tamiya White Primer. Thanks for lookin'
  11. Nice build of an old classic.
  12. Great looking Hot Rod David😎. Nice color and perfect stance, well done.
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