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  1. After looking again.... really good job on getting the Orange Crate together...looks great ?
  2. Looks like you had good year Alan, quite the variety! Really like the Offy powered T Roadster?
  3. Nice work Chang...really like your 240Z.
  4. Looks like you had a very good year Paul...they are all nice but the road race cars are exceptional, well done?
  5. Buyin’ em is the next best thing to buildin’ em?
  6. Nice work Rex and it looks like you’ve got plenty to keep you busy next year, Happy New Year?
  7. Beautiful work Joe...Happy New Year!
  8. Thanks Guys and Happy New Year ?
  9. Beautiful stuff Dan, both very cool?
  10. Thanks Carl? Thanks David?
  11. Beautiful work Alexzandr, they look very realistic.
  12. Nice work Sam....quite the variety, really like your blue roadster pick up.
  13. Thanks Larry...Happy New Year. Thanks Dennis...hope you and yours have a great 2021. Thanks Bernard...looking forward to seeing what you come up with next year.
  14. Great looking Hot Rods Dennis...while they are definitely traditional they are also timeless. Your daytime job is reflected in the detail and accuracy of your models. They all are nice but I love the blue A Coupe.?
  15. Beautiful work David...the dash on the Chevy is stunning ?
  16. Thanks Roger, the T Bolt was definitely a lesson in decaling. Take care and Happy New Year! Thank You for the kind words Alan. Hope all is well down south and that you are enjoying summer?
  17. Thank You all for taking the time to look and comment, much appreciated...
  18. Steve, all 4 are exceptional but your Anglia really stands out for me...great workmanship and design ?
  19. Nice looking stuff David. Really like the Bat Bike...
  20. Flatout

    My 2020

    Great year Roger...always enjoy looking at your builds. Amazing design and execution!
  21. Not a bad year, got 7 decent builds together ?
  22. Looks like You had a great year Stuart, both quantity and quality. Love the Black Model A at the end of the group?
  23. Flatout

    My 2020

    Good looking builds Chris...I especially like your Merc?
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