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  1. New AMT White Freightliner release

    Well I think you have done very well. Clean builds are a good thing. I have a Freightliner to build and I'm sort of put off now that I know that cab can cause so many problems. Cheers John
  2. Well I must say you have made a fine model set up here. I'm quite a fan of the COE Kenworth and I must say the alterations you have made to achieve your goal have been well worth it. Cheers John
  3. Revell Kenworth K100 in progress

    Your doing a wonderful job on this kit. I also like the weathering you have done. Cheers John
  4. As plain as plain could be

    Tim, Another great model from you. I like what I see and a plain jane is always welcome in a collection. Cheers John
  5. Revell or ertl T600

    I have both of those kits in my collection and my opinion is this. The Revell is great untill you come to the hood. The hood is not the correct shape at all. I hide that truck in the background of the collection. For some reason my high rise sleeper roof was badly made and I think that is the real reason I hide that truck to the back The engine is also wrong as far as I know. I have never heard of T600 with a Cummins twinturbo. On the plus side the chassie is modern the rear is correct etc. I'm not sure if the location of the aircleaner is correct as down here in New Zealand our aircleaner is mounted on the top of the engine towards the firewall going by memory. The AMT/Ertl is great except for the chassie and running gear which has been mentioned is way out of date. I built my Revell T600 up as standard and swaped the Cummins engine with a Cat 3406 and linked up to an Alison Auto gearbox. Well good luck to which ever kit you choose. Cheers John
  6. W900 Kenworth

    I like this rebuild you have done a great job restoring this truck to a new condition and willing to hit the road. Cheers John
  7. Bandag Bandit

    A great couple of builds you have here. Thankyou for taking the time to get great shots of your builds. You are quite right on the high prices on ebay. Cheers John
  8. GMC Astro wrecker

    I see a great model here. You sure have put a lot of time and effort into the wrecker section. Great choice of colours well done. Cheers John
  9. this one's taking too long

    I give you top marks for taking on this project. At the risk of being shot to bits that sleeper looks like a double sleeper from a Kenworth. Good luck to you on your project and as long as your happy at the end of the day thats all that matters. I look forwad to seeing more photo's Cheers John
  10. needle nose Peterbilt Logger

    I like what I see here. Your workmanship does you proud. Your decal work hits the right spot and I really like what I see. Cheers John
  11. Some of my other logging trucks

    These are nice clean truck builds you have here. I will enjoy looking at them a few more times. they look great. Thankyou for sharing them with us Cheers John
  12. GMC General Short hood

    Hi Everyone. It's been a while since I have added a build to this forum so here it is. I had this gluebomb tractor unit sitting on my shelf for about 3 years when after reading a model truck book I discovered that the real GMC General was available with 2 BBC options, 116 and 108BBC. The GMC General was never available here in New Zealand. I looked at the gluebomb covered in dust and thought could I rebuild it as a 108BBC ? About 2 months later here is the result. It's not quite finished but have a look and hopefuly enjoy it. Cheers John
  13. two 359 Peterbilt heavy haulers at work

    Great Diarama Great models you have built. Oh and top photography. Cheers John
  14. Volvo F12.

    A great job on the F12 Build. We in New Zealnd still do have a few of them floating around but they are starting to disapear off the roads. I'm told the Italeri kit is getting harder to find. I had plenty of oppertunities years ago to buy one. But being a bit narrow minded back then I didn't buy one. Thanks for sharing your build with us. Cheers John
  15. My Paint Drying Box

    Well done on the construction of our drying box. What is the wattage of the bulb you put in your box?