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  1. PeeBee added a post in a topic PHOTO ETCHED PARTS   

    I've been using Micro-Scale Liquid Tape (I think that's what it's called).  As long as the part is completely flush to the surface you're affixing it to, it seems to work fine as long as your model doesn't endure too much manhandling.  I apply the stuff right to the PE part and let it "dry," position it, and then burnish it down.  If something looks a little bit "off" on a second look, you may reposition the part.
    I just bought some Pacer Formula 560, which I've never tried, but from what I've read it sounds like it may be similar to Liquid Tape although a bit more aggressive adhesively.
  2. PeeBee added a post in a topic Vinyl tops, best way to make them?   

    I use 3-M spray-mount (spray adhesive).  Just a fine light coat to get the desired texture, let it dry, then paint.  I like Marcos's approach, too, although I've never tried it;  very convincing and it cuts out a step.
  3. PeeBee added a post in a topic Car song builds ?   

    Yeah, I imagine Springsteen didn't know the difference between a big block and a small block.  Artistic license.  My '64 Impala had an SB (327) w/fuelies (the engine was swapped out from a wrecked Corvette and the fuel injection was replaced with Holley/Edelbrock induction), headers, an M-21, Torque Thrusts, Cali rake, rolled and pleated interior (bench seat car) and a zillion coats of black lacquer, etc.  Sure wish I had kept those cars!
  4. PeeBee added a post in a topic Car song builds ?   

    Bruce Springsteen's "Racin' in the Streets"  My take on that song is a '69 Chevelle SS396, 4-speed manual.  Then you have Neil Young's "Trans Am."  Both songs mirror cars that I owned and drove back in the day...  
  5. PeeBee added a post in a topic Hobby area flooring ideas?   

    I'd stick with the vinyl or go with a laminate like Pergo.  My floor is concrete and very low maintenance but damage does occur when I drop a body, or hood, etc.
  6. PeeBee added a post in a topic What kits,etc.did you have once and wish you could find another..?   

    Other than all of the 1/24 vintage sports and racing cars I lost in a fire (Heller, Tamiya, nine MFH Ferrari kits, HRM Cobra Daytona, etc.), of the more traditional 1/25 kits that I had as a kid and wouldn't mind getting a hold of now are:
    - "The Wild Ones" MPC '29 Model A woody/pickup w/Hot Curl, the Stingray bicycle and great, edgy box art;
    - AMT "Wild Dream" and "King (Don Tognotti's) T" double kit;
    - Johan '66 Olds Toronado;
    - and there's a whole slew of early- to mid-'60s annuals and promos that I wouldn't mind getting my hands on.
    I was able to bag a couple of holy grails such as a factory-sealed flat-box Johan '67 Eldorado (no tire melt!), Revell '66-'67(?) release of their VW Microbus w/box art graphics that aped the BBDO VW display ads of the day (I had a 1/1 '66 21-window sunroof bus with the same paint scheme as the box model), and a factory sealed,1st release, Revell Porsche Carrera Speedster.
    There's probably a few more I could think of, but I already have way too many kits so I try not to think too hard about it.   
  7. PeeBee added a post in a topic Lindberg '53 Ford Victoria   

    The Lindberg '53 convertible came with an up-top?  I always assumed it didn't, and therefore passed on that kit.  I won't buy convertible kits that don't include up-tops.
  8. PeeBee added a post in a topic Themes, Tributes, and other conspirancies   

    I'm going to build the '60 Ford Starliner just like the yellow "custom" version on the box of the last release.  I usually build stock, but that car just looks really cool.
  9. PeeBee added a post in a topic First American Production car with a functioning hood scoop ?   

    Ford got it so right with 55-57 'Birds, didn't they?
  10. PeeBee added a post in a topic First American Production car with a functioning hood scoop ?   

    The backwards hood scoop on my '74 T/A had a removable plate (why did they block it off in the first place?).  Anyway, with the scoop opened up (permanently on my car) and the windows down, the carburetor sucking air and gas was loud and clear.  Cruising along at 100-120+ you could almost see the needle on the gas gauge move.  I had to choose between gas and food when I owned that car (college days) and I lost a lot of weight.
  11. PeeBee added a post in a topic Living room light/ DISPLAY CASE   

    We have lots of illuminated glass cabinets in our living and dining rooms, and they're all full of crystal and china.  If I had any of my cars upstairs they'd get all busted up anyway.  It's bad enough when the twenty-somethings frequenting the premises lately make it down to my man-cave.  Funny that the young people don't paw all that glass that's on display and break that...
  12. PeeBee added a post in a topic A Four Star kit from the past   

    I don't know if this is true, but from what I've read over the past hundred years or so the earlier kits (cars, airplanes, etc.) were "box scale."  Apparently the kit manufacturers scaled the kits to fit into the boxes that they were purchasing at the time.  Of course, this may be pure BS, and there's a bunch of guys on this forum way more knowledgeable than I who may be able to de-bunk, or elaborate, on this.
     I remember building the Deuce "Drag Strip Hot Rod" in my Aunt's attic over a Thanksgiving weekend many moons ago. And, I remember that the kit came molded in maroon plastic.
  13. PeeBee added a post in a topic Did this spoon test of C1's metallizer   

    HMMMM.  I'm thinkin' this stuff might work well as a "touch up" for kit chrome that's been cleaned of flash, mold seams and sprue lugs.    
  14. PeeBee added a post in a topic NEW PLACE TO GET PARTS CHROME PLATED!   

    Holy smokes!  I got that Crusader 101 for Christmas when I was around 5- or 6-years-old.  I loved that car!  I remember how much I enjoyed playing with it, for the few hours that I was able to.  Unfortunately, my father felt it was cheaply made;  too much plastic, I guess.  My mother did all the Christmas shopping and knew I would love it (and she was right), but dad insisted that it go back to, ahem, the North Pole.  Oh, well.
  15. PeeBee added a post in a topic Lindberg 1935 Auburn Boattail Speedster   

    My Auburn kit is giving up its dash panel to a Deuce roadster, and the boat tail body might find its way to a Johan '31 Cadillac.