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  1. THROBACK added a post in a topic Big mopar score   

    Mr 87grand, personally I think you paid way to much!!!!! So....being the nice guy I am....I'm willing to take the kits off of your hands and give you the $75.00 you have invested! Now thats a DEAL...and remember, YOU ARE GETTING THE BEST OF THE BARGAIN!!!!

    Super FIND!
  2. THROBACK added a post in a topic 49 MERC   

    Tom, STELLER BUILD!!!!

    Are those Lincoln taillights?

    Nice to see a local guy on this board!
  3. THROBACK added a post in a topic 1950 Ford F1 Pickup   

    Awesome BUILD!!!!!

    Love your decals!!!!
  4. THROBACK added a post in a topic My 1981 Z28   

    Great lookin' build!!!!

    Love how you set up your pics! Nice work!

    Trust me ...I'm not weird or anything but ...NICE PAIR!!!!!
  5. THROBACK added a post in a topic 32 Ford pro-tubb   

    Cary, if she had a set of wings man I know she could fly!

    Killer BUILD!!!
  6. THROBACK added a post in a topic 86 buick GN MINI STYLE !   

    AW...COME ON, isn't there a forum for pics of real cars

    David that paint job is just SICK!!!!!
  7. THROBACK added a post in a topic 1968 Corvette   

    Very sharp build!!!!!

    Hard to beat a RED RAG TOP!!!!
  8. THROBACK added a post in a topic 1997 Hurst Pontiac by Lingenfelter COMPLETED   

    crispy, i think your effort has paid off!!!!! She is a real BEAUTY!!!!!!

    She'd make a nice BANDIT ride if they kept up with the sequels...... :ph34r:

  9. THROBACK added a post in a topic Jokes!   

    What do you call a constipated German? Farfrompoopin'!

    What do you call a four door Yugo? A Wego!

    F ix
    I t
    A gain
    T ony

  10. THROBACK added a post in a topic New pics of the Pierce Arrow   

    WoW...Thats one STELLER build!!!!!!

    Very Impressive!!!!!

  11. THROBACK added a post in a topic Latest progress 6/01/09 on 69 El Camino 1/1   

    SHARP RIDE!!!!! Your SMILE says it all

  12. THROBACK added a post in a topic Hello...New to the Board   

    Thanx Guys!!!!! Lots of cool gizmos to figure out with this board!!!!

    Foxer...that old 55 chevy would be Mark Martin old school.

  13. THROBACK added a topic in General   

    Hello...New to the Board
    Hello ALL!!!! Just joined your Board. You came Highly recommended by one of your board members and my friend David A Bayer. Just thought I would post a Hello!!!!

    Frank aka THROBACK
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