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  1. guiwee added a topic in General   

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  2. guiwee added a post in a topic 1966 Chevelle Wagon   

    Love that engine bay.... nicely done Bravo!!!
  3. guiwee added a post in a topic Honda Accord "JACCS"   

    I was gonna ask the same thing!! Did you ater it at all? The rear wheels look a lil low
    But maybe its me. Otherwise a good build of what looks like a decaling nightmare.
    Were the jagged lightning bolts decals too?
  4. guiwee added a post in a topic "Yacco Pug 307   

    Hell Zuk I cant watch it either and know next to nothing about the rules or regs!!!!
    I would watch it also ..I have cable(comcast) and have never seen a rally either.
    Not gonna stop posting..seems like when I do there is some discussion about it
  5. guiwee added a post in a topic "Yacco Pug 307   

    Yeah this site seems more tailored to the 20s-80s cars.Nothing wrong with that.Ive been telling myself Im gonna build a 70s camaro but I havent made
    any progress yet. That build will fit right in here.All I do is primarily rally.f1.and race cars.I feel a little out of place here. But its a good site though.
    Check out my Red Bull Focus on here
  6. guiwee added a post in a topic "Yacco Pug 307   

    Wow had no idea a pug was a dog...ololololololololololololoololololololo
    Yeah I really really should have explained!!!!
    Hey dave the pic you posted was unclear it says deleted ill try to get it out of there and post another in its place!!
    Hey #1 amateur I didnt know we (the U.S.) couldnt import them? I dont know why not.... hell we import everything else
    And i say this as a die-hard U.A.W. worker at one of the big(lil)3
  7. guiwee added a post in a topic "Yacco Pug 307   

    My bad guys I had assumed you guys would know what a Pug is.
    I should have explained in the topic part.... my mistake. I know this type of car isnt usually posted here.as not many people will be familiar with it.Hell I know im
    not...but as I used to subscribe to road and track magazine way way back, I did know the company.They used to make those funny headlights on their cars.
    How many of you remember that???? I like these little rally cars they build up cool. Rallying isnt big here in the states. The closet thing we have here in the states is the Baja 1000..I think...
    do they still run that event???Anyway this car is kinda cool to me it looks good.Peugeot is the second largest car maker in europe.... its French
    heres what its based on
    Hey Dave more can be found here..a lil w.i.p. http://s715.photobucket.com/albums/ww151/g...%20307%20%20II/
  8. guiwee added a post in a topic Porsche 911 GT2   

    Looks good to me ..and with it being black no need for trim..eh!
    Does the kit come with precut masks? Ive been thinking about getting this kit
  9. guiwee added a topic in Under Glass   

    "Yacco Pug 307
    Comments and Criticism most welcome..in whatever form it may take

    And a long lost uncle

    more pics here
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  10. guiwee added a post in a topic Red Bull Focus   

    Sure ....just let it be on gravel
    Then we do a strip and I bet you Ill come closer to beating you with a
    combined time!!!!!!!!!!!!
    P.S. courrse has to be at lest 3 miles long..for both roads!!!
  11. guiwee added a topic in Under Glass   

    Red Bull Focus
    This is my last projectI did. Hope you like

    And a distant cousin

    Just for kicks the rs has mesh front hood...the red bull p/e..can hardly tell!!
    Complete buildup:http://s715.photobucket.com/albums/ww151/guiwee/Red%20bull%20focus/
    Thanks for looking :
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  12. guiwee added a post in a topic Ferrari F430 Scuderia "NoviTec"   

    That is looking very nice.
    Like th c/f not an easy thing to do.....

    the new and Improved p.b.
  13. guiwee added a post in a topic Ferrari 1: Koenig Testarossa   

    wher did you get those rims are they kit?...For the yellow ferrari
  14. guiwee added a post in a topic Is this fair?   

    Well I for one would love to know what site and what you did?
    Im a member of several different forums and all I do is post models and ask
    model related questions.
    This is one forum where people are more friendly and not judgemental.One forum Im on the quality is so nice I sometimes
    feel my work is inferior when I post. But I do anyway because I have raised my modeling bar high.
    this forum is more"shall we say"personal imho. I like that its a real friendly atomosphere here.
    The admins will occasionally tolerate some independent thought which I like!!!
  15. guiwee added a post in a topic Government Motors is born!   

    If that were too happen then he would have a point.....as is maybe his tinfoil hat fell off
    Thats really a good one mm