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  1. Thanks. Well i got some more done today i got the frame painted and the front axle done and painted also i got most of the engine detailing done still need to order some braided line and remake the blower scoop i dont care for the one that came in the kit so i will scratch build one its coming along nicely though.
  2. Thats it for now i will be adding some billet stuff and plenty of detail to this one, i forgot how much fun i had doing this stuff.
  3. Hello here is a rail im working on i havent built a model in 15 years but after looking around on the net at a few different sites and them stumbling upon this site i had to run out and get one and see if i could still do it. This is the Digger Cuda from AMT overall it seems to be a decent kit the fit and finish is fairly good but lacks some detail so i will try to add so in it bear with me it might take me a while to finish this as im still a little fresh.LOL One of the first things i wanted to do was make a new front axle since the one that comes with the kit looks less the real so i started with some solid brass (dont remember the size right now) and bent up the main axle tube the i took some sheet brass and made the u brackets on the ends. This is my first time doing this so bear with me if it looks amiture. Here you can see how i made the spindle out of some small brass tubing . Then i made the drag link to connect the spindles together. Her it is while i was mocking it up.
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