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  1. These are some older customs I did about 15 years ago. Hot Wheels did a feature article on their web site about my customs. I wonder if they got the idea for the recent gasser cars they have been producing from these.
  2. Need a AMT 1966 Barracuda Hood or if anyone knows of a resin replacement available let me know.
  3. Too many to choose from, how about the custom Mustang that was one of the original 16
  4. I'm looking for a windshield for MPC kit no. 1-0561 Ford Mark IV. Trades or $
  5. Here are the measurements of the tires i'm looking for. Front : Tread width 7 mm., Overall Diameter 26 mm., Wheel Opening 15 mm. Rear : Tread Width 9 mm., Overall diameter 29 mm., Wheel opening 15 mm. Looking for a complete set 2 of each. Thanks
  6. The set I have came in the Testors issue and they are Firestone. They are so deformed I can't use them. I'm not sure what the original IMC Issue had.
  7. Looking for a set of tires for the IMC Ford Mark IV, a set from the Union reissue is also ok. The tires that were issued in the Testors "Famous Fords" are usually deformed but if you have a decent set I might be open to them. Lots of stuff to trade or Paypal $
  8. Looking for a Jo-Han 1962 Oldsmobile F-85 Hood from the convertible or hard top. The Wagon Hood will not work. Trades or $
  9. Looking for a Rear Bumper for a AMT/SMP 1961 Ford Pickup. Chrome condition not important, Painted Ok. Tons to trade or $
  10. Making some progress. Got to start thinking about a paint scheme.
  11. Progress on my Jo-Han Javelin Funny car was moving along smoothly until I attempted to remove a warp to the interior tub. I don't know if it was the age of the plastic or If the water was too hot (or maybe a little but of both) but the piece is now unusable. Would by any chance someone have a extra one they would be willing to part with? It does not have to be new as long as its workable. As you can see mine is toast. Cash or trades just let me know what you need.
  12. I started restoration on this some time ago, several pieces were missing or damaged during the disassembly. Some of the parts were replaced by members of this board or replaced using a MPC Dyno Don Cougar as a donor. This is the first JoHan Funny Car with this type of chassis I have built, it's a very finicky build. This is the progress so far.
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