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  1. 70 Javelin Mark Donahue

    Beautiful Work on a rare kit. Love the color "Bittersweet Orange" but I must say i'm a bit bias. I once owned a 70 in the same color. I would love to find this kit at a fair price I do have a promo but there is nothing like having a full detail kit. Very nice build!!
  2. Anyone here collect Redline Hot Wheels?

    I had quite a collection at one time. I liquidated just before the prices started to drop, around 2006-07. I kept the ones I really liked.
  3. Current reissue of the old MPC "Pirates of the Caribbean" series. These kits were highly sought after for years, original kits sell for Big $$ it's great to be able to build one for around $20.00. More from the series to be reissued later in 2018.
  4. AMT 1960 Mercury Comet Restoration Complete

    Front and rear bumpers as well as the fender ornaments and tail light bezels were finished with alclad. Wheel covers and side view mirror are the original kit chrome.
  5. 59' Cadillac

    Killer Build, there isn't one thing I don't like about it!
  6. Ferrari 250 GTO

    Stupendous!! The 250 GTO was always my favorite Stallion.
  7. AMT 1960 Mercury Comet Restoration Complete

    Thanks for all the great comments guys! Here is a a couple more photos. The Headlight lenses were separate, I did replace them with new ones the originals were glue covered. The paint is a mix of testors old school enamels (Pontiac Engine Blue and metallic Teal) The tail light lenses were filed down from the kits custom pieces to create stock lenses, the bezels were striped and refinished using alclad. I wish i Had taken photos of the car as it was originally found, the body was not painted but the interior and chassis was brush painted with a pinkish metallic paint. It also had the continental kit on the rear bumper and was missing the tires and wheels, luckily the stock wheel covers were in the box.
  8. I finished my restoration of this 1960 Mercury comet I picked up as a built kit at a Estate Sale. This car has special memories for me, My grandfather had one just like this around 1964-65 I was about 4 years old. We would take my grandmother Shopping while she was in the store my Grandfather would let me sit on his lap and I would steer the car around the parking lot while he would operate the pedals. Great Memories, the first vehicle I ever drove!
  9. Filling sink marks on clear red parts

    Thanks for all the tips. I had not realized that the lenses were the custom lenses. Filing them down solved the problem.
  10. Does anyone have a good method for removing sink marks in clear red parts? These are a pair of tail lights on a Original 1960 Mercury Comet kit i'm restoring. Both sides of each light have very deep sink marks. Any ideas?
  11. 1960 Mercury Comet Restoration

    Getting Close to Completion.
  12. 1960 Mercury Comet Restoration

    Time has been scarce, but I have finally started to make some progress on this rebuild.
  13. 1960 Mercury Comet Restoration

    The Interior is Starting to take Shape.
  14. What's your holy grail kit?

    I'd Love to see this reissued!
  15. I picked these up at a swap meet, they are approx. 1/25 scale they appear to be assembled Models (Very Promo Like). I can't seem to find any info on them. A search of the company does show a couple of scale model rifles they produced. Anyone have any info?