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  1. Nice build and I am a fan of the show.
  2. Speed city resin has very nice stacks in a couple of different sizes.
  3. Looking good. I have 2 of the originals in the wings waiting to be saved.
  4. What kit are you working with? This is on my to do list.
  5. I agree. I have a 2015 Scat Pack Shaker and am trying to find a way to build a model of it.
  6. Does anyone make a conversion package for the Revell or AMT Challenger to make a 2015 or newer model?
  7. I have had this one done for a few weeks but I am not real happy with it sooo I am just now getting around to posting.
  8. Yep, my neighbors thought my Charger was loud so when I brought the Challenger home I got a few dirty looks. 2 doors down is a supercharged 2016 Camaro SS. Nice guy very nice car. The rest other the neighborhood is a sad land of minivans and hondas.
  9. Thanks All. I am very happy with it. I will always miss my 1970 440+6 Roadrunner but this car really stirs my soul in much the same way.
  10. I respectfully disagree. Not just anyone can drag racing in a car that has power and limited traction it takes more skill then most realize not to mention the ability to have a good reaction time on the tree. Road racing and auto crossing is great fun too, but do not sell drag racing short.
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