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  1. I wonder if they will ever do the 1958 Ford short box variety of pickup. I have my fingers crossed………
  2. Just wow! Always liked that color combo. Beautiful work!
  3. Excellent work on a difficult to build kit. I owned an original 1:1 ‘32 Chevy 5 window for 39 years and loved her.
  4. I love it! Nice job recreating one of my all time favorite deuces.
  5. RJL

    32 Chevrolet

    A very nice job of a difficult model, much better than the one I built years ago. I had a 1:1 ‘32 sport coupe for many years and added an inline fuel filter very much like your model shows because I was tired of getting stranded with the needle/seat plugged with tank crud. When I saw your model it made me wonder if you had the same real life trouble I did!
  6. Wow! I love it! Brings back memories……. My parents actually had two, brand new, 1956 Plymouth wagons, a lower trim level though- Savoy or something like that. Both 6 cylinders and 3 on the tree. The reason they had two was the first, light green colored, one didn’t make it thru the first year- total lemon. The second in quite ugly gray wasn’t much better. I remember the dashboard ashtray was quite crude and sounded like fingernails on a blackboard when you pulled it open. This was quite a disappointment from the excellent quality our 1954 Plymouth had, so it was back to Chevrolet for them after that.
  7. Received my copy of #208 today. Wonderful from front to back!
  8. Corvette maybe 1/24 scale vs 1/25 scale Jaguar?

  9. Thank you Dan! That is exactly what the problem was.
  10. When I click on the Forum button the section that used to be the first up is now gone. This is the section where news/progress of the magazine was the first topic posted and it had a 10/2020 date. The second section was WIP, which is now the first section. Am I missing something here?
  11. Happy Birthday Russ. Best wishes on your special day. Enjoy it to the fullest.

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