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  1. Wow! I love it! Brings back memories……. My parents actually had two, brand new, 1956 Plymouth wagons, a lower trim level though- Savoy or something like that. Both 6 cylinders and 3 on the tree. The reason they had two was the first, light green colored, one didn’t make it thru the first year- total lemon. The second in quite ugly gray wasn’t much better. I remember the dashboard ashtray was quite crude and sounded like fingernails on a blackboard when you pulled it open. This was quite a disappointment from the excellent quality our 1954 Plymouth had, so it was back to Chevrolet for them after that.
  2. Received my copy of #208 today. Wonderful from front to back!
  3. Corvette maybe 1/24 scale vs 1/25 scale Jaguar?

  4. Thank you Dan! That is exactly what the problem was.
  5. When I click on the Forum button the section that used to be the first up is now gone. This is the section where news/progress of the magazine was the first topic posted and it had a 10/2020 date. The second section was WIP, which is now the first section. Am I missing something here?
  6. Steve I just heard back from the Spud Valley show in Fargo next month; unfortunately there will not be a competitive model car show there this year. I will still try to attend again as there will be a lot of plastic for sale and I have other (too many) hobby interests that are covered there! Would be interesting to meet you in person. Don’t let these people who are attacking you for your building style get under your skin. I am sure the majority of us here totally enjoy what you do each and every step of the way and take these opportunities to learn new skills and methods seriously. Keep up the good work!
  7. Steve, the Spud Valley show in the past has sometimes included a display of car/trucks and a competitive show. For sure there will be people selling kits. Sometimes some rare items show up. It’s at the Fargo Marriott near West Acres Mall in Fargo. I am trying to get more information from their contact person and will let you Know if I find out more. Russ
  8. Steve that is just stunning! Watching you take us through your build step by step was an education to say the least. It would be fun to see in person. Do you get to the Spud Valley Show/Swap in Fargo in October ever? Hope it’s on this year.
  9. Very well executed. Simple is great!
  10. I like this sort of stuff!
  11. You just never know........... Looks like it was fun!
  12. I would love to see in 1/25 scale; 1932 Ford B400, 1933/34 Ford roadster and/or cabriolet, 1932 and 1933 Chev coupes.
  13. BYW; IHOP is on 45th Ave S just north of I94. Check out the Village Inn locations in both Fargo and Moorhead; wonderful!
  14. Welcome to my part of the state! I grew up in Moorhead, been in Fergus Falls for 40 plus years. Son lives in Fargo so we get over there a lot. You will like Hobby Hut there!
  15. Love the color! Sweet build!
  16. RJL

    1932 B400

    Just ordered one of these myself. Glad you DID NOT bob the rear fenders. Mine will have stock bumpers though; resto- rod type. You did a SUPER nice job on this! Thanks for sharing.
  17. I like it- looks like a car that is DRIVEN, like they're supposed to be used.
  18. 1961 was the last year with chrome trim around the cove which made painting the cove a second color easier. 1961 was also the last year of the 283 and wide white walls. 1962 was the first year of the 327, narrow whitewalls. I don't see the trunk ridge down the misddle either; hope it's there!
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