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  1. Has anyone reproduced the aluminum card to this transkit. I have an original kit from Scale Productions but unfortunately thru the years I have seamed to misplace the card....LOST IT!!!!! Anyone want to sell their card...This was my last memory of it back in 2009
  2. I can't take credit for this as an original idea but I thought it would add it as I disassembled the heads to work on the headers. I couldn't find tubing small enough to work so I found and used a clear wire tie wraps that come with my daughters toys as the tube. The dipstick is from a strand of 10awg copper wire that I was able to shape and hammer flat. I wont finalize the end length till I know there is room for everything as its a WIP. I give you my functional dipstick.......
  3. Well I solved my "writers block" guessing issues and got myself a set a calipers this weekend. It seems to have totally changed my approach (good or bad, haven't decided yet) to building this model. Now I generally have my answer before I even start... I just make the part to specs, breaking it down to shape by shape, alot different than the approach of sculpting ... how it looks to the eye. So with this technical approach I made the new canopy flanges(3.0) and used a peice of 1/8 plumbing solder and a glob of Apoxie Sculpt to construct the canopy intake. Keep in mind I obviously still need some fine tuning and tweeking(putty still wet) as it seems to never stop till the parts are painted and mounted. I just wanted to show the process. Next up headers..
  4. Jason Ok laugh at me if you must(hand over forehead) I have this same calculator thru BMC...Here's my question.. terminology in my 1:1 world doesn't generally compute in my small scale brain. IE for a 3" pipe to work in this calculator I have to change two following things correct??? The 3" pipe is not generally a true 3" I couldn't just input 3" I need to actually measure the thickness of the pipe medium...so in dumb terms OD to OD??
  5. I do need help... I'm currently working on the air intake flanges, trying to eyeball things isn't working to well as I'm redoing everything multiple times in different sizes. Would anyone know if there is some sort of reference available to 1:1 pipe sizes to scale tubing?? If you know can you provide scale dia for like ie........1/2" 3/4" 1" 1 1/4" 2" 3"... For this particular task I need to know what would be the correct size for the 3" air duct tubing Also working on the headers so 1:1 sizes 1 1/4" 1 1/2" 2" For the mathematically challenged individual that I am the Evergreen equivalents would be nice.
  6. Mike and Jim Thanks for the welcome the support is good too. The canopy has been a wip for several weeks now, I built the canopy in two pieces just as the original. Version 2.0 started out w/ two pieces top/bottom from plastic card shaped into basic form. I need to invest in set a calipers as everything to this point is just eyeballed and basic trial and error. Once the basic shape was obtained I added a glob of Apoxie sculpt and molded to basic form. An additional peice of Evergreen ribbed stock(same as trans cover) was added to cover to get the ribbed lines started. I find it very difficult to scribe out multiple parallel lines. Still need to mold in the air intake but we are now up to date and current.
  7. This brings us to the oil pan...which I used the Cobra T pan on the 1:1. The only pan that was close comes from the 66 Shelby, the part comes in two pieces but is void of the cobra script. By the way does anyone know if if pan by/from Historic Racing Miniatures has the script on the sides?? I needed to make molds of the Cobra valve covers to get the script text, again this is a 1st in modeling for me. I struggled with the casting mediums as rubber mediums available thru the craft store were only the "temporary" version??, which would dry out and degrade trying to mold the small parts. After 3 failed attempts I switched mediums to plaster and was semi successful. I was unable to successfully cast the full part but in this case only needed the front script. I casted the part in Apoxie Sculpt then proceeded to sand the part as flat as possible to then attach to sides of the T-pan. As with the trans pan its also not completely accurate so I'm down to a 98% 1:1 version. Next up the Paxton Canopy....
  8. In order to make this car remotely accurate to the 1:1 I have started the kit bashing process with 66 67 68 Shelby's. I was originally going to do a side by side project... 100% movie accurate and 100:% accurate Mini Me....but after these 1st couple of pieces its best to do them one at a time. I came across this kit and website by accident a few weeks back, in looking for scale GT40 wheels for my RC cars. By viewing several builds on this forum and several others my original spark/inspiration/motivation was to build a 100% accurate movie car. I was aw struck in the amazing amount of detail the was being put into the builds of this car, at same time disappointed that some research wasn't done to get the details correct. This trans kit allows you to do pretty close as you can get to the 100% accurate move car exterior. While AMT Shelby kit has to have some extensive modification to the engine and suspension. This project started off rough as my 1:1 is SB 347 w/ Hughes AOD, while the 66 67 68 kits engines all have manual trans attached. Again this is my 1st model car kit in over 20yrs so I have no spare parts what so ever. This is where your members here Bob and Dave came thru by sending me all the items needed to get this project off the ground.... SB Ford w/ auto trans along w/ other goodies. Thanks again guys Even with these contributions I had to modify the trans pan and oil pans, here what they have to resemble.... Here's the very 1st modified part before and after. Every step of this kit have brought me to new aspects of modeling as I now have to figure out how to make/print decals...Hughes Performance script??
  9. Here is my rendition of the Scale Production kit, trying to replicate it as close to 100% accurate 1/25 version as I can of my 1:1. This is my 1st thread, although I have asked a few prior questions to get the project off the ground. A little background history as to my obsession with this car....I have a 68 mustang which I've owned since 84 as it was my 1st car, which its currently in the process(6yrs) of its own build. I'll go into more detail of the car as we move along, but you can see it through my Car Domain site. I have literally replaced every nut and bolt and modified just about every aspect/feature in some form or fashion. The gist of the 1:1 is the 67 exterior, 68 interior and upgraded mechanic's.....Stroked 347,Paxton supercharger, Hughes Performance AOD, TCP front, UP rear, Currie 9", 03 Cobra Brakes, Be Cool twin fans, Vintage Air A/C....yada yada yada. I have done this car in scale conversions over two dozen times(nothing with this amount of detail as mostly conversions of completed die cast), as my other obsession is trying to make this car in every scale possible...1:5 1:8 1:10 1:11 1:12 1:14 1:16 1:18 1:20 1:24 1:25 1:34 1:35 1:40 1:43 1:50 1:64 1: 87.......all the way down to versions I don't even know the scale as they can fit in the palm of my hand. If your not familiar with this car, the only thing in the past that has been remotely close as to a starting point has been the Shelby 1:18 die cast version. Everything else that has been converted outside of 1:18 has started out as a 67 Shelby or just standard fastbacks. So this Scale Productions trans kit has been a blessing, But...... has opened many more worms than it has solved. If you haven't looked just about every piece of this model outside of this Trans kit has to be modified or scratch built. So with a handful of these things out of the way...I give you my WIP thread....
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