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  1. Looks really nice Mario! 😉
  2. Some progress after a few self-inflicted set backs...
  3. Looking good Les! I have one of those C1 trans kits in my stash as well 😉 Cheers
  4. Looking good Steve! Those colors work well together 😉 Cheers
  5. That's a tough looking ride Tim 👍
  6. Ooohh... those are looking really nice Bob!
  7. Steve, it's looking really good. Maybe just step away from it for a couple of days. I find that helps with my projects sometimes, and it gives you a fresh perspective... 😉
  8. Harry, that is extremely well done! I have had the same unfortunate experience with CA/de-bonder/clear parts...😧
  9. That's beautifully done Rich! I have heard a LOT of good things about this kit.
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