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  1. Here are a couple of mine... Tijuana Taxi Rommel's Rod Thanks, Mathias
  2. Beautiful job on a classic! The yellow and chrome really pop!
  3. Beautiful piece of work! Mathias
  4. Hi David, If I remember correctly I airbrushed it... outside! Must have had perfect conditions that day... Thanks, Mathias
  5. Hi Everyone, Built this a few years ago but never got around to posting it for some reason... The Monogram Tom Daniel Tijuana Taxi. Added a Detail Master Moon tank with scratch-built mount, turned aluminum stacks, and wired the engine. Other than that, just had fun with the paint, weathering, etc. Color is Testors Boyd's Orange Pearl, clear coat is just Future floor polish, no polishing, waxing, etc. Wish they all turned out this good! Thanks, Mathias
  6. Hi Jim, Yes, I had to grind down the mounting hubs on the wheels to get them to tuck under the fenders. The rear wheel tubs had to be clearance at the front, and I flip-flopped the front spindles to lower the ride height a bit. Thanks, Mathias
  7. Thanks for the kind comments! Here are some pics of the engine and interior... Mathias
  8. Hello Everyone, This is a little project that I built for a co-worker. Revell kit mostly OOB, Pegasus wheels (painted), slightly modified suspension, mesh grill, Detail Master hood pin kit (sheesh!). Shaved door handles, front bumper, rear pan. The lettering on the front, lower grill are his initials. Thought I would personalize it a bit. Tamiya rattle can TS-14, X-10 for accent colors, Testors Wet Look clear with LOTS of wet sanding/polishing. I am pretty sure that I will not be doing an all black car again any time soon... Thanks, Mathias
  9. Hey Everyone, Building a Revell of Germany DTM Audi. Kit has rubber wheels with water slide decals for the tire lettering. Any suggestions on how to go about applying? I've used dry transfers in the past, but none are available for this type of car... Thanks, Mathias
  10. Very nice! Makes me want to start the Fujimi 917K I have waiting in the wings...
  11. Thanks to everyone for their kind words! Mathias
  12. Probably true! I got the idea for the rear-end set-up from a Tim Boyd article in the "other" model car magazine. I didn't want to stress about the "correctness" of it, I just wanted to complete something & have fun while doing it. Am I the only one who has more "in-progress" builds, than actual finished models, that languish due to obsessing over details? (the dreaded AMS syndrome! )
  13. It actually does look more like silver in the pics, doesn't it? It's actually Tamiya Champagne Gold TS-75 out of the can.... Thank you sir!
  14. I usually use Tamiya masking tape, but for this one I actually used some Fine Line automotive "pinstriping" tape. It was very thin, not sure about the exact measurement. First time I've tried this type of scheme on a car. I usually stick to the safe, single color paint jobs. Pretty happy with how it came out. Mathias Yeah, Chip & our own JDM Fan inspired me to try this. Thanks!
  15. Just finished this one. Build details are over on the Workbench. Thanks for looking! Mathias
  16. Hi Wayne, Will have completed (& underside pics) posted in the next couple of days. Just put the finishing touches on it tonight. Have to let a few things dry. Thanks for the interest. Mathias
  17. Hi Ben, It varies from car to car, sometimes you need to grind down the mounting stub on the back of the Pegasus wheel (depends on the amount of room you have in the wheel-well & the size of the wheel/tire combo you are using), other times I'll grind off the wheel mounting point on the kit spindles (for the front, the rear is usually easier) & I'll drill it out & epoxy an appropriately sized piece of aluminum tubing a little bit higher on the spindle, thereby lowering the front end... Hope this helps, sorry I don't have any pics of these methods. Mathias
  18. It's Tamiya Champagne Gold (TS-75) out of the can, accent stripe is Testors Boyd's Orange Pearl....
  19. Revell 1969 Chevy Nova 1/25 scale. Added Pegasus wheels, discs, & tires. Scratch built four-link rear end & modified the suspension so the wheels tuck in. Added plug wires & machined aluminum coil. Inspired by Chip Foose & our very own JDM Builder (Fan?) on these very forums. Need to add a few final things & then I will add completed pics... Let me know what you think... Mathias Monterey, California
  20. Wow! That is absolutely stunning! That has to be one THE nicest factory stock builds I have seen in quite a while. Mathias
  21. Very well done. Especially since black is a hard color to work with! Mathias Monterey, CA
  22. While not auto related, this for me is my "pride & joy" model. Built for my late father-in-law as a birthday present. Looking at it now there are things I would have done differently/better, but at the time this was where my modeling skills were at....
  23. Okay, at the point of installing the chassis to the body I have run into a HUGE problem with it seating properly in the front. I can't see where the inteference is coming from & the interior tub is securely glued into the body. But the front splash pan sticks out a mile below the chin spoiler. If I apply copious amounts of pressure it will line up, but I don't want to clamp the body & ruin the paint (black, of course) Anybody run into this with this kit? Suggestions...? TIA
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