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  1. They do realize EV's are powered, 85% at least, by fossil fueled power plants??? Coal powered cars as 'Green' are funny!!!
  2. Sad in so much as she made the choice. I have just spent a week with my wife in the hospital, she is fighting Cancer, LOTS of people in the hospital fighting different issues. RIP....wish she had made better adult choices.
  3. Always liked both of those! Working on a 27 roadster from Shaggy Dog right now!
  4. Future Floor shine or Pledge restore or whatever they call it today. You can apply with small brush, cleans with water.
  5. Bill, Nice to a correct back window on a 67-68 coupe. I too owned one for 30 years. Sold it 2 years ago......would love to build a model of it!!!! Thx
  6. Homes in So Cal in area's people WANT to live in, are in an extremally short supply, are being bought up by investment firms AND foreign government for their use. This has caused homes to WAY out run inflation. Supply and demand. Side note: My brother in law passed back at the first of the year. When we put his house on the market we got 15 offers. 14 were investment firms willing to pay over market price. And this was in NC not So Cal. Home prices are driven by these firms, not demand alone now. Model kits, if looking at inflation alone, should be $18 today. So there are other factors cause kits to cost TWICE today that the same kit cost in 1962. Supply and demand is NOT one of them. The size of the market is the main cause driving kit cost. TWO very different market drivers. Homes and kit cost could be compared is there were 3 buyers for every kit made......but that is not happening. So you can say 'the cost of everything is up' and be true. The reason for cost increase is varied. That is the statement I was making. Thx
  7. Yes, homes have gone up a LOT. But it's unfair to compare a model kit increase to a homes. Our first home in So Cal in 1962 was $10,000. I looked on Zillow the other day and the house is listed at HALF a MILLION! Does that mean a kit tooled in 1962 is a bargain today at $36??? It's a apple and orange compare. Kit prices are more what the market will bare vs market size which is drastically smaller than even in the 1980's. Doubt we will ever see a model company needing to run a kit 7/24 like MPC had to do with the Duke's Charger, sold a million kits over the years. Now 5,000 in 3 months is a 'huge hit'. Face it.....kit prices match market size and it ain't going to change any time soon.
  8. I think I got Tom Carter's last Maverick kit from him at Toledo one year. It then sat for a number of years. I bought mine with a project in mind......but I plan WAY more projects than I can build!! I wanted to build a small scale version on the Monogram Mean Maverick. While the two kits are very different.....close enough for my project. I did substitute a Modelhaus resin hood, which kit almost perfect, for the kit hood with cold air box. I feel it's about time for R2 to restore and reissue the kit....plez!
  9. You made it look pretty good!
  10. Interesting.......As most know the Cop Out is the Monogram Mongoose Duster with new decals and light bar. And the WalMart issue does not say TD or even MONOGRAM. A small Revell logo is all. Thx
  11. Was Cop Out ever credited to TD??? It has been reissued many time, even a WalMart exclusive. Either way, Change a item 30% and it becomes yours. The Firebomb kit with the alterations not shown on box top above (a roof mounted water cannon, left side body mount control panel and ladders.) is a 30% change.
  12. Boxes with price printed after stock number are older.
  13. NICE WORK!! One of my favorites of the era
  14. What fun is reporting FACTS.....FIRST is better!!!!!!
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