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  1. Pete/Atlantis says Moon Eyes runs this week......
  2. The days of $1million dollar cut steel molds may end. But the other methods will grow. 3D printing is still just starting.....I think that will be the future. Hundreds of designers selling kit made on demand......with models of cars not long ago we said would never be made. This hobby will change......but change is the only constant. I see GOOD 3D printed kits selling around $100 (today money) and builders buying 4 to 6 a year
  3. People going from being able to buy a kit once a month to NOT being able to afford kit IS AN ISSUE on many levels. I kinda feel that is a insensitive to brush it off that easy. If you can not get a $35 kit a few times a year......it is a symptom of bigger problems in that persons life and maybe the country as a whole. Needless to say less kit sales will not help the industry any either. Just as sales go up a little from the lock down.....we get a price spike to kill all gains. IMHO ONLY!
  4. I don't blame the model companies.........it's the climate we are in. (biz not weather) $2K 40 foot shipping container last year is $16K per trip now!!!!! That affects everything we bring in from other countries. Just facts. Glad I have a stash of 5K kits!
  5. The END??? Who knows. But my propane delivery today cost MORE than TWICE what last Winters was.....Plastic comes from the petro family too........ Happy I ain't in the biz no more!
  6. I have a package sitting in Monroe NJ for 3 days with a 'Emergency Exception'. I asked what that was.....'weather dely' ......funny my friends near Monroe NJ say it's clear and fine........is that the weather they are talking about???
  7. Yes....that is what I used.......PENNGWEN decals box stock otherwise
  8. Chassis is shared between the classic Monogram GP kit and the Salvinos 2+2 version.
  9. I like it!!!! A great movie vehicle!
  10. Same building?? How many vendors??? thx
  11. "Let's go Brandon!!!"

  12. From the old kits I have it looks like the fillers, splash pans and drop axle were tooled for Salt Shaker and then lost for the reissues. Glad they are back.
  13. If you watch the OCT R2 video the back of the box shows a all new tree to make it able to build the 'SALT' version. Big drop axle and filler parts to replace the stock front fenders and splash pans.
  14. Gotta give it to R2 for getting product in front of new eyes.
  15. Indycals would get some more of my $$$$ if those came back out.
  16. The 70's McLaren and Penske PC-9 might be better.......we'll see. I'll buy the snap 94 Mustang to build a model of my car I bought new.
  17. My local store got a restock.....same kits.....but more of them.
  18. While it may not be as detailed as the new Moebius kit....still a cool little bit of nostalgia....
  19. IMC did a LOTUS Indy car kit that was a little simple. Had big metal axles. I have one built up in a box somewhere!! It was molded in green.
  20. I did a screen grab of the 37 box back. It includes all the parts in the last issue PLUS a new tree with LSR front axle and body parts to fill front fender area. So the 37 Chevy is now like a 4 in 1 kit. I'll get a few.
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