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  1. Nice neat work!!! I like those simple kits. I was working with Revell to maybe reissue that line when the bankruptcy happened.
  2. !/35 Ford Model AA (a Russian version built under license) ICM kit out of Ukraine
  3. Very nice work. I like that scheme. I have the kit....for 20+ years.....someday
  4. Revell came very close to doing a 77 Thunderbird to go with the Monte Carlo snap kit. But it got cut before production.
  5. AS are the same as TS sprays with a semi gloss to semi flat finish. Work the same as TS IE OK bare plastic. FANTASTIC paints.
  6. I have no first hand info between FORD and Salvinos........but I did a LOT of licensing with Ford between 1983 and 1998 when I ran a hobby company. FORD was the easiest and cheapest. In fact if FORD wanted something done a license fee was ZERO. Ford Worked with Monogram on the FORD Mustang GTX kits, the GTP kits, the IMSA and Trans Am Mustangs, Revell's Fusion kits were done at FORD's request. I'd hope Salvinos is looking for a blanket license to cover all their tooling. Based on past history I don't see FORD being the issue.....but as I have no inside info.....so maybe. Without FORD working with model companies for free or even paying, we'd not have any of these kits......
  7. Good on the Mustang.....but why a YEAR?!?!?!?!? I mean we are talking a body and a few under hood parts. No Mustang will save me money!!
  8. GEN 7 .....still waiting for a MUSTANG announcement...............
  9. Are parts G16 & G19 missing on all kits???? Thanks
  10. The Heller kit had full engine detail IIRC......Testors issued it too.
  11. Per Model King himself the Ramp kits will be in stock JUNE. The ongoing shipping thing has caused the delay......but not long now.
  12. This, and other, bodies are among the version Revell could do using the guts of the S&H Torino. I wish Revell would do any version on that platform. The 1972 Gran Torino Sport is a natural.........like seen in FnF and Gran Torino......
  13. Good deal!!! SO many of the 83-90 Birds have been rode hard and junked. A good car to keep and save!!!!! Let's see more ASAP.
  14. The only Testors item I have used in the last 20 years was Lacquer clear flat......they discontinued it during the last cut.....no impact here.
  15. Nice clean build!!! Wish they would reissue the other versions!
  16. If you can email a copy that would be great. Thanks
  17. Waiting for first complaint about COKE kits!!!!!!The Batmobile is ex Revell. R2 bought all the Revell Batman tooling.
  18. Willy T!!!! I liked Willy. Back in the day Charlotte Motor Speedway brought Willyin to drive a NASCAR Cup car in the 600. I worked the races at CMS back then and met Ribbs. He had a little too much fun, got 2 DUI's and did not get to drive. But he wasn't boring!!!
  19. I just got the 7-11 Gloy kit from them. Modelhaus or better casting, great decals. Well worth it to me!!!
  20. Monogram did two different schemes on both kits. The GTX was done in FORD and Miller Beer. The GTP was done in FORD and 7-11. Indycals does all the decals now. The kits show up on ebay....price depends on whos lookin!!!! Thanks
  21. Both of those 'Mustang' kits are standalone kits and were never modified into anything else. They should exist somewhere.......not sure where. I love the kits......it's rare we get GTP and GTX type kits of any car. These were both partly funded by FORD! My builds....Great kits BTW
  22. With the better tires by Atlantis makes it a little better kit.
  23. I got jumped on for asking if COP was the issue.......Seem some wanted to go MUCH further!!!!
  24. That model of Torino has the same roof as the MPC 70/71 Mercury Montego kit. You could combine the Revell Torino and MPC Montego to get the correct body. (R2 Allison NASCAR kit was out recently) At one time the body was offered in resin as a number of NASCAR team liked it better than the 'fastback' Revell kit. Good luck!
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