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  1. Nice work! I like FnF models...many more than the films!
  2. Sorry I was not clear........ My Charger shown is the new tool R2 'snap' Charger. My original Dirty Mary used the very old Charger kit which was just the MPC Charger Daytona kit with the Daytona nose removed. MPC failed to put the tunnel back light in after converting the Daytona to a 'Charger' making a '500' but without the 500 grille!!!! The kit was a mess for a long time. Millions of Duke's kits were run with the wrong body in order just to meet demand! Thanks
  3. Cool stuff....thanks for posting. I am old enough I saw it in theaters with my girlfriend, now wife of 44 years! I loved it film just for all the car action.......and Mary! I built a Charger back in the day when all we had was the old MPC kit with the flush back window. I built another when R2 did the snap Charger kit. I made the decals and tags. Much like the real car it does not photo well. I painted the car light green then yellow......In person it has the odd green yellow look!!!
  4. Fuzzy memory says Otaki mainly issued other company tools under license. I have some ARII kits that are the same as Otaki.....not sure who did them first. And as quality varies wildly that makes sense.
  5. Just to add info. ALL Hudson kits come from the same tool. Hoods and trim are the only difference between 52 and 53. The racing kits do have a different exhaust but otherwise stock. Hudson had ZERO money back in the day and made few changes to the real car....thus same for kit. I was allowed to do the decal artwork for many of the kits......
  6. Nice work on a real obscure ride!!
  7. Never built one.....but got a test shot in a purple-maroon color. Need to see if it is even complete. Seems like a simple kit.
  8. Salvinos seems to be getting up to speed on accuracy, still room to grow. But HOW did they get that chassis so WRONG. Wrong type suspension on their early releases. Then they issue a fix.....that was WRONG TOO!!! I know many folks that consulted with Monogram on their series offered free help. It was met with 'start your own model company' I have supported them by buying kits.....but if they were more correct I'd have hundreds like I do with Monogram. Just for your info.....The issue with suspension was the early kits offered only leaf springs on kit leaf spring would have been illegal on the real car. The fix was add a trailing arm set up.....but it was 1/32 scale!!!! (see below) Correct set up from a AMT kit, Salvinos on right. The transmission hump on the chassis is way to big, not a biggy but so easy to get right. We need Salvinos and I think they are becoming more open to outside help......Monogram used LOTS of outside help aand this made them better. Thanks
  9. Nice work on the build!! Body looks about 99% as good as the MPC vintage unit.
  10. Looks like thin strip stock can be used to make those raised areas. Soften the edges, attach, then sand some more. Great build BTW.......I am bias.......
  11. Love all those 1/24 hot rods Monogram did in the 60's. Built many myself!
  12. Modelhaus made one.....does you no good now....but they are out there.
  13. Nice clean work.....always like the car and Ricky!
  14. WOW....some nice work and great details!!! This is one I'd like to build. Dad was friends with Tommy as he was racing director at Valvoline 1960-70. It was a big deal at my house because Mom thought Tommy was cute!!!!! Can't wait to see finished! Dad on left
  15. Top is junk, Lots of modern street rod parts.
  16. Agree......'SAG' is the best way to tell if sheet is ready. Even my commercial vac former says to use the sag to see if ready!!!
  17. Dave Van

    AMC 6

    Pacer kits have them IIRC.
  18. Entex had a LOT of kits labeled 1/25 but were 1/28, a scale the Japanese loved. Most Entex kits of the era are just reboxed kits.
  19. The version they did with all the stock and hot rod parts would be a great reissue. It was out only once IIRC......
  20. My 66 Mustang 289/270 toploader is steel gray no paint. Or it was when I bought it from Young Ford in 1975, doubt it was altered before I bought her!!!!
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