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  1. steve_b added a post in a topic Cleaning Dirty Models   

    Hi all,
    I have used this method for years, living in the desert, it's a once a year job to clean them all

    There is one thing to really watch out for.... If you have future for a clear coat, you have to watch how
    long you keep the future wet. I've had a couple turn white after cleaning them when the future softened, and of course this was on black bodies.. The only repair I have found was to strip the future and reclear.

  2. steve_b added a post in a topic About to give up airbrushing + rant   

    there is a rubber o-ring on the air cap, if it is missing or damaged, this brush will spit and sputter all day...I have a few of those and
    have given up on them because laquer thinner eats the o-ring after a pretty short time. Without it, it leaks air around the cap badly
  3. steve_b added a post in a topic Duplicolor stripping   

    I just realized the typo....that is 92% alky, not 90.

    Where can I find 97%? That is almost straight denatured alky...
  4. steve_b added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Duplicolor stripping
    Hello all,
    I've been lurking here for about a year without a post, but, have a question on stripping duplicolor of a body that has me stumped.

    I have a body with a failed duplicolor job (severe orange peel) and I've tried 90% alcohol, the purple pond, and dot3 fluid, and even DPD,
    the only thing that has happened to the paint is it has become gummy. Easy off did absolutely nothing to it.
    It is still too hard to get off without anything but a fingernail. This has spent about 2 weeks in each of the fluids.

    Any other ideas on stripping this off or should I just round file the body? The paint does not harden back up at all so sanding it out of the

    Thanks for all your help

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  5. steve_b added a post in a topic Battle of the Spray Chrome - Alclad vs. SpazStix   

    I've been using it for over a year now....it's nice stuff, but not the least bit durable and clear coats seem to really kill the shine.
    they recommend a water based clear, haven't found one yet that doesn't wash it down

    working on some test samples of different types of chrome, will post all soon....
  6. steve_b added a post in a topic Great Silver Spray Paint   

    I'll get you some the beginning of the week...the trick isn't in using the can, it's with airbrushing it..
  7. steve_b added a post in a topic Great Silver Spray Paint   

    Try the rustoleum 248652 bright coat chrome, I can get both alclad level chrome and polished aluminum
    finishes out of it just by changing applications. I decant and airbrush is in 3 wet coats for chrome, and 2 or 3 mist coats for aluminum. Really surprising how the finish changes with application.

    Airbrushing it is great, the rattle can dumps as much paint as a testors can does. Try it in a fine
    tipped airbrush with about 5-10lbs of air (3-5lbs with my badger 360 and it's medium tip)

    The aluminum is GREAT for unpolished aluminum, also, you can lay that over just about any primer
    or even onto bare plastic. Surface has to be REALLY smooth and polished to get them to really shine up
  8. steve_b added a post in a topic 1/25 Revell Kenworth W900 Snap Kit   

    Not as impressed as I am with other newer Revell releases, but here are some preliminary pics of what's in the box.

    Overall, it's as nice as the Peterbilt 359 and is very similar in design. Flashing is nil, some mold lines, and even some things

    that we hated about the 359 (including those horrible wheels/tires) , and no visor again, aftermarket or scratchbuild shouldn't be a problem

    Revell did some nice work on the box art, it's actually a photo with some really decent editing.

    Detailing is well defined, revets are very faint and seem to be a little wide spaced, power connector on side is a nice touch.
    Chrome is clean and thin with no seen flaws. Clear is thin and very clean. Another winner from revell IF it builds as clean as it looks

    Decals are typical Revell quality, clean and well defined, with 2 choices of designs, one being box are lightning bolts and other being
    a plain white striping.

  9. steve_b added a post in a topic 1/25 Revell Kenworth W900 Snap Kit   

    I have 4 being delivered tomorrow (Wed), I'll post pics by the weekend, along with first build
  10. steve_b added a post in a topic First Finish Of 2010, Also First Pics Post   

    Follow up note.... front plate and saging mirror were corrected after pics :\

    damned tube glue
  11. steve_b added a topic in Under Glass   

    First Finish Of 2010, Also First Pics Post
    I finally got my nerve up to post some pics of a build.

    Finished this about 12:05 +/- 1 min, OOB build more out of boredom,
    kustom color dreamsicle over testors orange, about a week build,
    nothing great, but looks good on the shelf

    comments welcomed.

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  12. steve_b added a post in a topic official WIP drift car build off thread   

    I'm also still in on this build...Just been real busy with work/life the last couple weeks
    (they always seem to get in the way)

    I'm the same....should I cut it up or not
  13. steve_b added a post in a topic lost my hobby room today :(   

    Congrats Eelco....

    Look at the best side of it all....you get to build the hobby room that EXACT way you want it...
    and if your lucky, larger than you have now
  14. steve_b added a post in a topic Something doesn't quite look right here   

    I actually have seen that before...couple time....

    on a boat when it capsized at full throttle and hydrolocked, if tore it up exactly like that.

    but, that really looks like a lean burn seizure....(but, it sounds sooooo cool when they bumblebee out like that)

    *sigh* hope they don't let the same person tune the next one
  15. steve_b added a post in a topic what do you guy's think?   

    Needs that 'Type-R' emblem right next to the Chevette