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  1. Looks good. Came out like the box art.
  2. Really a nice build. All around excellent.
  3. Great looking daily. Looks right off the streets of my childhood.
  4. Nothing basic about this build. Color is insane.
  5. How bout awesomelac. Great model.
  6. I only browsed through thread,I didn't read word for word. This is about the only thing that makes sense to me.
  7. I agree,the more pictures the better. I think this particular seller models aren't their forte. So I made them aware and hopefully it will help them and others with future model auctions.
  8. As Rich said it is an easy fix and it gets covered in foil but if I'd have known I would've bid accordingly. Maybe $40 tops. Think the snap ran me under $30,just have to be persistent. There's a buy it now over there for $90,crazy times we live in.
  9. I hear that. Sounds like a smart decision. Happy wife,happy life.
  10. Galaxie and a Caddy. Vent windows are broken on caddy, from eBay,seller didn't mention and angle of picture you couldn't tell. Contacted seller and they offered refund,don't know if it's worth sending back. Especially if I have to pay shipping. Though I wouldn't have paid $50 knowing they were broke. Always wanted one or two of these. 62 galaxie vert Johan snap Caddy
  11. Sorry for your loss. Hang in there. Would it not of made sense to keep the mustang too?
  12. Scrolling down on my phone I see box for 61 Falcon,get excited,then wham! That thing?
  13. I don't care if it's a cartoon. I'll check it out. Of course I'll wait for it to be free.
  14. I think your right about the immaturity,I wasn't going to mention that. ? and he was doing a 59 impala at one time too,looked like a lowrider.
  15. Looks pretty cool. Like the glass top. I really dig the ford flex and this is similar.
  16. Watched "Baby Boy" over the weekend,seen it a few time before but never put two and two together. The main character played by Tyrese Gibson builds plastic model cars.
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