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  1. Looks good.Paint,stance and chrome are outstanding.Wheels look sharp as well. Is this curbside? If not lets see the Merc powerplant!
  2. Dave that is some nice paint work.These are exceptionally cool in my opinion.Very unique and a nice addition to all the "normal" car kits.
  3. Bill and Sam, thanks and I agree I need a windshield. I attempted to cut down the kit windshield and it shattered on me.I found a chopped 48 ford split window in my parts box.I foiled and installed.It looks pretty cool,definetely different.I sloped it down,which was great advice. I did get paint on the clear plastic and hit it with paint thinner on a q-tip which fogged it a little,still looks better then without.Will post picture tomorrow.Thanks
  4. George,I have the AMT kit and tomorrow I will see if it fits. Ordered up another kit today for Greg jr..I have a kit in progress that I will let junior paint and basically anything he wants to do will be a big help to me. Thanks everyone, from Greg jr.
  5. I removed the roof, put a Boss 429 from the Revell Mustang with zoomies from a Ross Gibson 429 and Pegasus Irok wheels.Color is Testors competition orange and interior is Tamiya flat white brushed on.I meant to foil the trim around the dash besides that I'm calling it done.This was my first time cutting into a model and I enjoyd it.
  6. It looks nice and clean.You really have me ready to buy the video If I had to drive a foriegn car this is what I would want it to be.
  7. Chuck,they both look good.I always appreciate your builds.I am looking forward to buying this kit soon I hope.Thanks
  8. My son is 9 years old.He's previously built a snap airplane at a make and take event plus one they gave him to bring home.Also a snap helicopter under his belt. This time He took a snap kit and built it with glue and paint. Greg sprayed out of the can two coats of Duplicolor primer and two coats of Testors Transparent Candy Emeerald Green to the exterior and Testors Dark Blue for the interior.The goal was to match his bedroom which he accomplished. He also picked out a 22" set of Pegasus wheels.
  9. My 9 year old son started the snap kit paddy wagon last night. He glued and painted it though cause that's what he considers fun. Which I agree, but with the snap kit you get a little simplicity and a quicker build.
  10. Definately a cool subject which went together very nice. Its nice to see something a little different once in awhile. Paint looks good. Thanks
  11. I'd like to join in. I will do the Mustang II from the AMT Firefighter kit (76?). With a Ross Gibson motor
  12. Stance is mean. And your paint is wicked. The wagon that never was,shouldve been like this
  13. Chuck,I see the Hogans jeep for sale on Amazon for under twenty bucks. I'm on my blackberry now but will look for a link when I get home. Terry, awesome collection of jeeps. I'm a city boy so I don't get the mower thing. Well I hate grass and I guess mowers kill grass so there cool with me. Lol. The mowers do really add to your build.
  14. I guess theyre taillights in the rear and the exhaust is on the side? I really like the chrome rings on both.Paint looks perfect.Good Luck,doesnt look like you need it though
  15. Love those impalas undercarriages,and yours looks good as does the interior.Nice build,thanks.
  16. Man those Chevys just don't hold up under work conditions. Lol. Looks great. I would imagine its harder to make a model look aged then new. Thanks
  17. WOW! I see a lot of opinions but not very much advise. I would hope this site is based more on advise then opinions so I will offer some advise. I give this advise to my teenage daughters often. "Sometimes its best to understand that an individual isn't in a good place and its best to let them be". A little more advise.... Just because you think its right doesn't make it so... If you set an example sometimes its better then telling someone what to do.... Hugs not drugs.... The truth shall set you free plus tax....
  18. Mitch,that's a beautiful 1/1 and model. Its a real tearjrker to see a man poniless.
  19. Jeff,I have to get some rod immediately.I will stop in my travels tomorrow.Is there somewhere else besides hobby shops to purchase rods.Like Micheals or Home Depot? This build I am going with a set of zoomies I have from a Ross Gibson 429.Thanks again for the good advice.
  20. Beautiful color combo. Very interesting to see how you do it. Thanks.
  21. Glad to hear things are on track for you. You did it right by starting a fresh build I think. And you picked a good one at that. Those wheels look great under her and a gloss black with all her chrome trim will bring it together nice. Looking forward to seeing your progress. Thanks
  22. Hello Gerald,It looks good,the stance is mean,I'm al for repacing the hubcaps ,Maybe black/white exterior as well.I always have a hard time deciding mysef.
  23. Hello Jeff,Thats a good idea. Then I could also do an exhaust and such,I don't care for these molded undercarriages as it is.I have to work on getting some suppiles like rods and evergreen. Been so busy buying kits,paint and wheels that I've never thought about this next step.
  24. I wanted to try my hand at building a model with my own ideas instead of Revell,AMT's etc ideas. So I took one of my first completed models(gluebomb) off the shelf to remove the motor(Boss 429). Going to try white primer then re-detai paint it built. Then I chopped off the roof,sanded off the molded on exterior door hardware.Unfortunately this kit doesn't have any interior door detail so I will have to come up with ideas to correct this.I used putty where the interior door covers meet the doors to smooth it out a bit. Using Pegasus IROKS for wheel/tire combo.I'm trying to make the rear a bit higher then the front.With the moled on axles I had a hard time and don't think I was succesful.I ended up cutting the axle(plastic that rod is feed through) up and glueing the rod(axle) to the frame.The mock-up is before all this and it sits high for my taste. Thinking Testots competition orange exterior with white interior(creamsicle). II probably should have left the windshield frame on,there is a seperate chrome trime on the tree that I may be able to use still.I am missing clear lenses for headlights so I will probably leave them off.
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