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  1. Khart can I count on you. Lol. I decided not to make light of others feelings though.
  2. Ken thanks for being open with your dislikes about this hobby. As a newer modeler I had kind of fiqured it is as you describe. I went to my first car show last month and brought my son,his friend and my two nephews. The weather was terrible(online Goodguys advertised rain or shine) and after a 2 hour drive in the rain we got there and were told it was closing in a hour and we can come in full price. Then to the make it take it table I bring 4 young men (5,6,9,11). When the lady running the table found my brother in law putting his sons(5,6) models in his bag to build at home she treated us like criminals. Granted I just spent 70$ to look at a handful of cars for a hour in the rain. We were willing to give are all to this life and we were spit on like they don't want us.
  3. Thank you much.That is a good dictionary of terminology. Added to bookmarks.
  4. From Philly so I watched. Not big on professional sports myself but feel we feilded a decent team who come off as blue collar as oppossed to those prima donnas in blue. What's up with Derek Jeter? Is that some kind of deformity with the facial expressions and talking to hisself or drugs?
  5. Can you explain terms like bobbed,tubed,channeled? Any others that I'm missing. I believe I have a grasp on chopped. Lol. Thanks in advance
  6. Ok. I was curious if it was a Donk. I attempted to build a Donk as a standard car but didn't have spare axles. (I have unbuilt kits but haven't bashed any). Thanks. Its looking good. Your interior is clean.
  7. Dave it looks good before,after and in between. Love your work
  8. Which kit is this? I will watch this with much interest. Thanks for laying in out as a semi tutorial.
  9. Don't miss out on this oportunity!!
  10. Mr can-am, I'm going to buy a Pace Peacekeeper. Will it eliminate small dust particles getting stuck to my fresh paint jobs?
  11. Very awesome. Are the superchargers available for sale? While I'm bugging you, where did the wheels come from? Again great build and thanks in advance.
  12. That's sharp. Uh oh! I'm feeling a impulse buy coming on!
  13. Nick, that's pretty cool. Be careful as the smaller the bike the harder they are to ride. I want to get my son a bike(he's 9 now) but decided to wait til he can fit a 80 cc. I grew up on dirtbikes and think they are lots of fun as long as you have a spot to ride them. As for all the garbage on this site,as a younger guy you have shown more maturity then most.
  14. WOW! That is some insane work,Thanks for showing this.
  15. I'm still in. Been awhile since I saw this thread. I like the view you have for the van,idea to pass it on to Gregg and everytging discussed I concur.
  16. Monty, I lurk on lay it low forums. They have some serious modelers and builds over there
  17. Jeff. That's funny and definetely about what I expected
  18. The right amount of glue and those carbs work just fine. Paint and everything look great. I like the old mopars but have yet to do or even buy a model yet. Seeing yours makes me know I have to get one soon.
  19. Sounds like you have a few pesos into this build. Money well spent if you ask me. Ofcourse I'm not your wife. Lol. Looks great
  20. Sounds like you have a few pesos into this build. Money well spent if you ask me. Ofcourse I'm not your wife. Lol. Looks great
  21. "There's always next time". I like your attitude. It does look good this time tho.
  22. It looks good in red. What paint is on the block? Seeing a old imp really makes me hate todays 1/1s.
  23. Thanks for all the great info. I'm thinking I have a good camera just don't know what I'm doing.
  24. Looks good. I like the wheels. A nice two tone paint job would be nice
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