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  1. Me too! With close up pics being the priority.
  2. KISS .model forum=model talk. I got cable for all the other ######. Thanks
  3. 1. What does trans kit mean? 2. Are there any hearse kits or assesories in resin av available? Thanks
  4. I ll give ya $ 17,500 for it.
  5. Looks like its all there. Are you going to duplicate clolrs on box?
  6. For me its a 1200 Harley with straight pipes Then the cam like Dave mentioned.
  7. Long live Joe Pa !!! Not a bad place to live and work I bet. My 17 year old daughter is college bound next year. Trying to point her in the direction of penn state(but since its my choice it isn't hers) actually were going to Temple(great school too) tomorrow for a walk through since they have a pharmacutical program. As of now my 15 year old daughter is leaning towards psu so maybe happy valley will be in my future after all. Unfortunately I missed out on college except on saturdays! Do you get to any football games? Or any sports events? They have an awesome girls volleyball team as well
  8. Everything is top-notch,imo. The work truck really stands out to me. I make my living in the roofing industry and want to do a old school tar truck one of these days.
  9. Mustang: check Fastback:check You have the formula for beauty! The wheels,paint,motor and blacked out grille look great
  10. I'm with Steve, Transporter 1. All of them had good chase scenes tho.
  11. Imo stock is a great way to go. Color is nice also. Is there a website to purchase those tires? Thanks
  12. This is model #11 for me.My first atempt at foiling,what a difference it makes imo.The exterior is Duplicolor medium Grey Metal and interior is Rustoleum multi-color texture.I put aftermarket wheels on,hope you enjoy.
  13. Thats a nice ride and beautifully done.I hate to see oldsmo go,always liked them myself.
  14. Nice paint and rims. I think anything else will just be overkill
  15. Great build. The wheels and color combo are a great match for that application. Any special info you learned from your first time mod you want to pass on?
  16. IMHO you can't go wrong with triple black vert. Its what I wanted on my 1/1 but I ended up with white with double black! Still mulling having the body painted. Looks good,thanks
  17. If it wasn't for the lack of running lights I wouldve said this model was perfect. Now I can only say 99.9 percent perfect. Lol. Looks great
  18. I guess if you say its a dodge pickup I have to believe you. . Lol. Not that it matters cause I'm liking it anyway. Looks really cool especially with those meatty tires and decals
  19. Thanks everyone. This is #10 for me and I'm happy with it. Promod, your right, I was in the middle of a Gibson nitro 429 for another project.(That's my story and I'm sticking to it)lol Marcos thanks for the sound advise. I've been meaning to build a photo box just can't spare the time from building! Also my photo skills are weak.I think I have a decent camera but all my closeups are blurry.
  20. Had some trouble with this one. Not hapy with the paint and I did strip it once only to have more poor results.I should have left it primered as I like the look.Beautiful car either way and the kit was pretty cool to build.I painted all the trim gold and used 19' gold T's by Pegusus.Paint is Sapphire Blue Metallic by Testors.Also my first attempt at anything other then oob with the wiring,little crappy but its a start.
  21. I love everything bout this truck right down to the Cobra 429.The bike is a rice burner taken fron the MPC Class Action Monte Carlo.I did this model while I was stalled on a 61' Impala and when this was done I was able to seemlessly transfer to the Impala and finsh it. Paint is Model Masters Black Metallic w/ Testors One Coat Laquer w/ 4 coats osf Testors Glosscote.Thanks for looking.
  22. Nice color and I like the way she's sitting. Looks fast sitting still.
  23. You did a first class job and did that benz justice.
  24. Real noob question. I've never been to a car show. I'm going with my Dad,Brother in law,2 nephews and my son this sunday. I figure a lot of cars of course. Just wondering what else to expect and if there's anything for the lil ones respectively 6,7,9. Thanks
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