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  1. jfh added a post in a topic who makes thirties' Ford chasses?   

    OK, I'll "try harder" to break it loose. This area--i.e., the shell/radiator/'body surround' was the only spot I had to deal with some warping--and I apparently did not hold everything tight enough and in alignment at the 4-6 minute period.

    Meanwhile, I did get out the Revell 37 PU chassis--and it does give me the replacement for the Revell 37 Street Rod chassis. I'll also compare the two sets of chassis parts closely--but for sure, the engine mounts will now work with the FH V8, and I can easily use stock-type suspension instead of more modern components.

    Jim H.
  2. jfh added a post in a topic 1949 Mercury   

    Like the others, I'll add my praise. Thank you, Bill.

    I'd also like to suggest that, as you get this further down the road, perhaps this thread can be edited into a new one that has only your posts in it--IOW, a true how-to-thread in 101 modelling, with the consistency of one builder and one model from-beginning-to-end.

    Jim H.
  3. jfh added a post in a topic who makes thirties' Ford chasses?   

    Art--thank you! I have both those light truck kits on hand, but hadn't inspected their chassis yet. Meanwhile, I also just got in a Revell 1940 Standard kit--and had just 'discovered' the LOA factor. I must be learning something--this kit looks beautifully done.

    I've now built one sample of the Revell '36 3W coupe Street Rod, but got it over to stock configuration with parts swapping. It's at the 95% completion point, but I do have a flub: My grill shell ended up glued on slightly crooked--and I used 5 min. epoxy glue Any tips on breaking it loose for a reglue? Once that is squared away, I can rub down / touchup polish, and do the final assembly.

    Meanwhile, I've got another '36 coupe going--the AMT 'Dick Tracy' 5W. I am finally getting more adventurous--I'm using the Jimmy F. 36 TuDor Sedan body, so I am in the course of learning about resin. I've got that body fit fairly well, but I will need to do a two-stage glue down--rear fenders first, to fit them in properly. Does that make sense?

    I sorted out final build specs today--this TuDor will be a mild fifties-sixties rod with a hopped-up FH, dropped axle, that sort of thing. I have ordered in Early Years 36 ford wheels--both wide and reversed / shallow and some axles and engine parts. I haven't been able to figure out a stock sedan interior, however--the (Revell) '37 kits I've seen so far have custom interiors. The Revell '32 2-in-1 interior is obviously too narrow, among other issues.

    However, other than realizing I need to get the interior in before the fender glue-down, I am a bit bemused about a good workflow--i.e., doing a final paint job after window / interior assembly.

    To avoid getting carried away--i.e., extravagent plans, then having builder's block re perfectionism rising up--I'm simply going to do the coupe interior, with some Early Years truck seats, and the coupe rear shelf chopped off. Then, I will put in tinted windows and leave the rear empty for now.

    The AMT molded-in exhaust is now gone, and the cleanup is acceptable at my skill stage, I think. It might be a good excuse to try weathering at a later date. Other than some detail wiring right now, and dry brush / rattle can paint skills, there'll be no extensive work.

    Any tips or observations from anyone will be most appreciated.

    Jim H.
  4. jfh added a post in a topic 1949 Mercury   

    Bill, thank you for doing this thread--it fits right into where I am at while I build up my skills.

    It's now the 'No.1' link in my tips and tricks folder.

    Jim H.
  5. jfh added a post in a topic who makes thirties' Ford chasses?   

    Thanks, Lyle. Now I know where to look / what to use.

    I hadn't gotten far enough in my 1:1 research to figure out which years had the same specs, and my knowledge about kit characteristics is still limited.

    Jim H.
  6. jfh added a topic in Car Aftermarket / Resin   

    who makes thirties' Ford chasses?
    I want to build up more factory stock models. Right now I am working on 36-37 versions.

    So, who has frames?

    --presumably, without molded-in exhaust, and complete for stock axle / suspension mounting....


    Jim H.
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  7. jfh added a post in a topic '34-'36 Ford Hendrix Resin bodies go with--   

    Thanks, Tom.

    Then, about those AMT '34 Ford kits--#s 38405 / chopped, or the 5W / 8214--

    Do they have any die relationship to the pickup? IOW, could one of those possibly be a donor kit?

    Jim H.
  8. jfh added a post in a topic '34-'36 Ford Hendrix Resin bodies go with--   

    update: Steve Koehler (Star Models) advises me the that the Lindberg 1934 Ford Pickup kit is the donor.

    Any comments on using this kit--i.e., which version, etc?

    Jim H.
  9. jfh added a topic in Car Aftermarket / Resin   

    '34-'36 Ford Hendrix Resin bodies go with--
    which kits? That is, what is the donor kit the Hendrix bodies will fit?

    I'm interested in building up a '34 Panel Delivery, but I haven't found the information for the donor kit anywhere. I'm also looking at other Panel and Sedan builds down the road...


    Jim H.
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  10. jfh added a post in a topic I think I want to learn to cast--   

    Thanks, you guys, for the latest responses. I've been studying the links, but I am not at the spot to sort out a resin purchase list and a first subject yet.


    I have now gathered a number of the Thirties' Ford kits that have flatheads in them. (Actually, they range from the Revell '32 Ford Sedan all the way up to the Revell '48 Ford convertible.) Two of these kits are 1:24; the others are 1:25.

    Obviously I have a fair number of different engine parts--i.e., various headers, manifolds, carbs, distributors, etc., and now I have to do my kit selection for the build. Once I get that sorted out, I can figure out what I may want to do to the parts for that engine so it will be a bone-stock build.

    I have some free time coming up over the next three days, I think, so I may be able to get the casting knowledge enough into my head to ask some real questions.

    Jim H.
  11. jfh added a post in a topic I think I want to learn to cast--   

    Faster responses than I thought I'd get. I like the feel of this board already--

    I'll ramble a bit more here. I really am getting back into the swing of 'serious' model-building, I think. I'm more-than-a-bit of a tool guy--have been a remodelling contractor, computer-case-modifier (had an online VAR business for awhile), and most recently a gunny-type reloader and do my own handgun amateur gunsmithing. At any rate, I am now semi-retired and heading back into fun stuff as well--like building models. I have a decent set of small-craft tools, and even some specialized model-building ones. (Including an used compressor and air brush).

    I'm about one cut above an amateur, I think, and I am still learning good fundamentals. For car kits, I've finished up a '67 Mustang, Datsun 510, PT Cruiser, and a couple of Cobras I started about five years ago and then set aside when perfectionism reared up and I wasn't courageous enough to run a rattle-can. At least, these kits are at the 95% level--still need paint cleanup and polish, and maybe some details.

    Right now I am working on a couple more Cobras--and concentrating on those fundamentals. However, I also discovered 'detailing'--and the wonderful resources for all those neat items--but: I'd rather learn how to do some stuff myself. My dashes now look OK for an amateur, and the seat belts are coming out OK, I think--and the other funky details I had in my 1:1 vehicles I've even scratch-built--e.g., mudflaps, maybe, and a console box, add-on gauges--that sort of thing.

    For example, while I work on building up parts boxes, I now will shift gears slightly and start on some thirties' fords--but I want to stay with flatheads, I think. Kits I am gathering may not include flathead engines--or may have non-stock engine parts, etc., etc.

    Is it realistic to consider doing my own casting for some of these parts--for example, exhaust headers, or a carb? Air Cleaner? I know I can buy them, but learning to cast for me would fit into that category of 'teaching someone to fish....'

    That's the overview for now--please chime in if you think you can help direct me a bit here.

    Jim H.
  12. jfh added a post in a topic I think I want to learn to cast--   

    thank you. I'm already adding favorites and printing instructions to read....

    Jim H.
  13. jfh added a topic in Car Aftermarket / Resin   

    I think I want to learn to cast--
    but I need some help in reading up on doing it. IOW, the posts here are more knowledge than I need right now, it seems to me.

    googling on the 'net itself hasn't helped; or at least I don't think they help--I really am not interested in learning to stick four-leaf clovers into amulets; I may want to make, for example, flathead v8 engine parts.

    But, I am starting at ground zero, so if anyone has a recommendation on what / where to read, etc., I would appreciate it. Once I get going, I can then ask the more-typical newbie questions, I think....

    Jim H.
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  14. jfh added a post in a topic Ford flathead V8s? Did I see   

    Thanks for the tip on the "Wanteds" section, Foxer.

    I've been running site searches in the "Resins" and "Tips and Tricks" forum and starting to read up. It looks to me like what I really need first is a good how-to-book or article. That is, some of the information in "resins" is just beyond my need as a rank amateur (but an experienced tool-user--at least in carpentry / remodelling, and as an amateur pistolsmith) looking to learn to cast model car parts.

    I have an R&M Md catalog, and other online catalog links--but I really am trying to use this little niche to build some more personal skills and knowledge.

    I think I will post a help-wanted / links to beginner books, or whatever, request in resins.

    Jim H.
  15. jfh added a post in a topic Ford flathead V8s? Did I see   

    thanks, guys.

    I did manage to find the article--and I just can't find my copy of the magazine.

    Based on the article, I have gathered up a few kits with the flathead V8 in it--and now I am thinking about maybe trying my hand at learning how to cast.

    We shall see....