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  1. Neil Woolway added a post in a topic How many layers   

    Hi thanks for your reply i am using Humbrol rattle cans.
  2. Neil Woolway added a topic in Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials   

    How many layers
    Hi guys can u help i am brand new to modeling as i have said in previous post. I am currently making a Ferrari fiorano 595 gtb, and have just brought some ferrari red spray paint for it (rattle can). How many coats do you think i said do?, also i have read that people put clear coats over the top is this nessercery? also how long should i leave it between coats?

    I have some of the other articals i guess i just dont understand some of your terminology so basic as possible please.

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  3. Neil Woolway added a topic in Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials   

    Which Paint
    Hi guys i about to begin painting on my first evert model as was wondering which paint do i use, i have no airbrush so was thinking i would use spary(rattle cans) on the body, interior and chasis, and hand pain the rest with emnamls.

    My question is which type of rattle cam paint do i use is it Acylic paint, which is the one i use.

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  4. Neil Woolway added a topic in General   

    Hi all

    Can you guys tell me do most of you build your models straight from the box or do you all add different parts to make them custom and better. If so where do u get the additional parts and r they there for all models and makes.

    Also what do you mean by the term curbside?
    Can you get photo ecthed parts for all vehicals.

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  5. Neil Woolway added a topic in General   

    Aston martin
    Hi does anyone if they have produced a 1:24 model for a Aston Martin DB7, or similar. I cant find one anywhere.
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  6. Neil Woolway added a topic in General   

    Hi all first of many silly questions i would expect. Can you tell me what is the best way to go regarding painting my model. Someone briefly metioned about it in my first post that i should use spray paint, i take it they mean small cans like the airesol variety. Or do you think i should go for one of those cheaper airbrushes i take they use the pots of paints, although this method is quite an expensive start i and dont know if i will keep the hobby up (depends how i get on ).

    Also when painting do i spray on primer fist (how many coats, and how long between coats), then spray paint, then do i use a clear finish spray.

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  7. Neil Woolway added a post in a topic HAPPY 4TH OF JULY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   

    Happy 4th of July to all you Americans. From England
  8. Neil Woolway added a post in a topic New Here   

    Glad you enjoyed your trip to England Fuji, i am actually for Devon which is about a 3-4hr drive from London so quite far. But to someone from the states it would'nt seem that far i guess.
  9. Neil Woolway added a post in a topic New Here   

    Hi guys

    Thanks for all your welcomes and advice its nice to know i am not on my own in this. I am tyring to find a decent model shop around where i live but its proving quite difficult so i may have to use the internet to buy my tools etc. Can you guys recommend a good online store where i can get some basic tools etc, remembering i am for England.

    Thanks again guys
  10. Neil Woolway added a topic in General   

    New Here
    Hi everyone

    I am new here and new to modelling the last time i did one i was about 8 years old so basically no nothing about this. To cut along story short i was given a 1:24 kit Audi R8 and want to start building it. I have no tools not clue what to do (apart from build it), no idea abot painting do you guys brushes etc.

    AS you can i am totally green can any u guys help me out and do me like an idots guide, where to start etc. it would be much appreicated as i can see myself getting really in to this.

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