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  1. knightyo added a post in a topic 68 Camaro   

    Nice and clean model! Did that turn out to be a '67, or is it indeed a '68? I've tried to find a '68 kit around, but have not been successful. One of my buddies in high school had a '68 with large fender flares that was just beautiful. That's going to be my next project if I can find a '68 body.
  2. knightyo added a post in a topic Need painting help with 7-11 GTP   

    Thanks guys. I REALLY appreciate the input!!

  3. knightyo added a post in a topic Non-car related art   

    That's really impressive. Great work!
  4. knightyo added a post in a topic Need painting help with 7-11 GTP   

    Another beautiful car. Same issue is there tho regarding the white. I'm actually really looking forward to this paint scheme; it's just the white which has me nervous.
  5. knightyo added a topic in General   

    Need painting help with 7-11 GTP
    Hey guys, new member here. (I've snuck away from my period wood ship model site in order to build a car I've had in my closet for 25 yrs). (P.S. This site looks like it pretty much rocks!)

    The plastic in the 25 yr old kit hasn't decomposed yet, so I thought it was about time to put her together.

    Now my question is this: The instructions call for Monogram-Humbrol paint. I went down to my lhs and sure enough, they had it in enamels (I'd feel better with acrylics). I purchased the Satin White and Midnight Blue which were called for in the instructions. HOWEVER.... I've been reading on here that it might not be a very swift move to use this white due to bad quality and/or yellowing concerns... what do you guys think? What would you recommend? I'm completely open to using different paint mediums if it will mean a better result. I would really like this model to turn out as nice as possible.

    Action taken to date: Apparently a person is supposed to wet/dry sand any given model in order to take off the "shine" of the plastic before applying primer. I have been a good boy and have done so with a light touch and 600 grit sandpaper. I've also given it a bath in mild detergent. Now I'm just scared to proceed. Lol. I also have Monogram-Humbrol light gray primer and airbrush ready to go, but am really hesitant to do anything at the moment before I hear from the pros.

    To make the job a little scarier for me, the model has 2 colors on the body which is something I haven't done before. For this type of situation, I'm assuming the entire model is painted the lighter color first, taped off, and then the darker color applied over the the top?

    Now I realize I've probably asked some pretty funny noob-like questions here. I have no problem being made fun of for that if it helps me to end up with a better model. I am also happy to answer any questions anyone might have pertaining to scratchbuilding wooden ships as "payment" if anyone is interested.


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