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  1. In 1956, my high school band from Bellingham, Washington was selected to march in the Rose Bowl Parade on New Years Day 1957. It was a great 13 day trip but most of all we had 3 Scenicruiser busses. They were running from Chicago to Los Angeles at the time as they were brand new but my dad worked for Greyhound and made a deal to get the 3 busses for our trip. Had to be a great PR item as Bellingham is near the Canadian border and no one north of LA had seen these.. Still a very vivid memory for me. Good luck with your model. Mike
  2. Well sir........................I really like the 3rd unit. The color doesn't appear as dull. Mike
  3. These were on the CTEMBC board. Mike Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki
  4. There is no such thing as a stupid question. There is, however, from time to time stupid answers but none here. Mike
  5. Any of the early kits will make a good logger for you. The first thing that you must do is extend the frame behind the drive tires. This makes the Peerless Log Trailer steer correctly. Everything else is primarily kit buys. Mike
  6. I truly wish that I had your talents. Great build. Mike
  7. I can no longer remember the name but these were originally built in Lyons, Oregon and hauled lumber up and down I-5. Someone on here should know something Mike
  8. Nice to see something built out of the main stream. Kind of what could have been. Mike
  9. Where did you get the nose piece in the narrow style? Mike
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