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  1. Paris-France added a post in a topic Plymouth GTX 1971 detailing set   

    Thanks a lot for your answer !!! It helps me a lot.

    The kit exist for a GTX, there is just GTX emblem instead of the "roadrunner" emblem...

    Thanks !

  2. Paris-France added a topic in Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials   

    Plymouth GTX 1971 detailing set
    Hello !

    First, I apologize because of my bad english, but I leave in France and it has been 15 years since my last english lesson !

    I have a trouble with the Model Car Garage detailing set for the plymouth GTX 1971.

    This set is beautifull, but I don't know the place I have to pose some items : the littles circles and the two greats grilles.

    Has any modeler soon woked with this detailing set and could he tell me where I have to glue this parts ?

    Thanks a lot for reading and for your answers.
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