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  1. alan barton added a post in a topic '32 Ford Full Bellypan Lakes Roadster - Updated 05-20   

    I like where this one is going and I would kill for a set of those wheels!  What a natural choice!
    Looking at the side view, is there any chance of getting the nose down just a smidge? I think it would really show off the bellypan is there wasn't so much air beneath it.
  2. alan barton added a post in a topic 1938 Ford Tudor Sedan from Lindberg Custom Van   

    I was wondering if this might work - I wonder no longer!  Nice job mate.  It also looks like a natural for a 36 Ford Tudor conversion.
  3. alan barton added a post in a topic Late 40's Traditional '29 Ford Roadster on '32 Rails   

    Here's the only rear shot I got. At our regional Nationals in Busselton last year I managed to get 13 28-29 roadsters lined up side by side. You can just see in the first photo that it has black headlights like yours as well.  The 32 grille, flathead and brown interior are the only big differences. between the 1:1 and the 1:25. 
    That's my sixties style red roadster alongside the brown one - it's now in its 33rd year of constantly on the road as a daily driver.

  4. alan barton added a post in a topic Late 40's Traditional '29 Ford Roadster on '32 Rails   

    I am really enjoying your traditional interpretation of hot rods Dennis, and this one is a knockout!  The engine bay detailing is phenomenal and I love the way you grafted the 40 X member int the 32 frame.  I thought you might like to see this local car from Perth Western Australia.  It has been on the road about two years now and has striking similarities to your model.In real life the colour is a bit closer to the shade on your model.  Hope you like this touch of deja vu!

  5. alan barton added a topic in Contests and Shows   

    Super Model Car Sunday Perth Western Australia
    Hi everyone,
    July 9 will mark the 19th running of Australia's largest display of hand built model cars, trucks and bikes. Last year saw over 1000 models ranging from 1/64th scale to 1/8th scale. It's a great day for anyone with any interest in models and it is the social event of the year for all model builders.  Details are as follows 
    Fantastic model cars, trucks and bikes!
    Awesome displays!
    Slot car racing and R/C demonstrations!
    Real hot rods outside!
    Demonstrations and Trade stalls!
    9 a.m. til 4 p.m. Sunday 9th July 2017
    West Coast Street Rod Clubrooms
    12 Cusack Road Malaga
    Western Australia
    Adults $7.00.  Kids under 16 free
    Contact Alan on 9448 0110 for more details
    or email at ausbodies1929@hotmail.com
    Follow us on Facebook!
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  6. alan barton added a post in a topic 1934 Chevrolet Master 5-Window coupe.   

    Pat, congratulations on getting this far on your epic project.  Sure, there might be things that annoy you or that you would do differently next time but considering that a '34 Chevy is probably THE most underrepresented classic American car in all facets of modelling, from HO scale train accessories to 1/64 diecast to 1/43 collectibles to 1/25th scale plastic to 1/18the scale collectibles, well, you get the picture, you have created a genuinely unique model and it is a solid representation of the real thing in the garage. That HAS to put a smile on your face every time you look at it!
  7. alan barton added a post in a topic New Aussie   

    Heaps of Aussies here Michael, welcome aboard.
  8. alan barton added a post in a topic AMT 39 Fordor Sedan   

    No worries, mate.  One other thing I just thought of - while I have been working on all thee forties, I stumbled on two separate running boards in AMT tan plastic.  I don't hahve the kit but am wondering if these came on the Diamond in the Rough version?  That could solve your running board problem!
  9. alan barton added a post in a topic AMT 39 Fordor Sedan   

    Hi again, Bernard, I had another look at the new frame and new fender unit.  The stock Revell frame definitely DOES NOT touch the AMT  crossmember. it doesn't need trimming at all.  The interference is entirely between the floor versus the fender unit.  At around the rear seat mount area it clashes with that cross member.
    I don't have any spare Revell frames to start a new conversion (Revell kits now run about over $50Aus, or at least $38 US so buying donor kits is a bit prohibitive at the moment) but if I was to do this again, especially with regard to your running board removal, I would try it this way.
    First, I would trial and measure to cut the rear of the floor off at the point where it interferes with the central crossmember. 
    I would then deal with the front half of the remaining floor.  From my checking, I don't think it would take very much trimming to get the Revell floor to fit neatly within the inner edges of the AMT fender unit. Once I was happy with the fit I would glue it in tight and do any remaining bodywork to clean it - I am guessing very little.  Now your fender unit would be nice and stable.  I really can't visualise how I would tackle the rear part of the floor but I am guessing cutting it up into two or three section and doing lots of trial and error fitting. When all of this was locked in I think you would then be in position to safely remove your running boards.
    Hope that helps
  10. alan barton added a post in a topic AMT 39 Fordor Sedan   

    OK after investigating I found a few things I did.  You're right, Bernard, I did need to cut out the centre crossmember of the Tudor fender unit, the one just forward of the rear fenders.  But what I had also forgotten was that I lost the Revell floor (which I found after finishing the model!) so instead I used a sheet of self adhesive brushed/polished aluminium paper (from a scrapbooking store) to cover the bottom of the interior tub.  I took another piece of the same paper but did not remove the backing sheet.  I trimmed it to fit the rear half of the Revell chassis, folding a return into the front edge where it butts up with the interior unit.  I then used superglue to attach the rear section of this paper to the downwards sloping section of the top of the front rails, leaving the front half of the paper free.  When I drop the chassis into the fender unit, it all snuggled together nicely. I then glued an AME fuel tank in place.
    I suspect that not using the Revell floor is probably why I didn't encounter some of the problems you did, Bernard.  Who knew misplacing the floor could be beneficial?
  11. alan barton added a post in a topic AMT 39 Fordor Sedan   

    Sorry Bernard, I missed our post when I made the last reply. Yes, I definitely used the AMT Tudor fender assembly. I did the body to frame conversion several years ago and don't remember making any cuts at all.  I have just painted another Revell 40 frame and I have a raw 39 Tudor sitting out at the moment - at our big model expo next weekend our club is doing a Before and After theme to educate the public so my build room is littered with Forties this week!  Anyhow, I will go and have another look at my finished four door and also at the two new components and see if I can clarify anything.
    Yeah, the wheels get me guessing all the time.  I used to think I was indecisive, but now, I'm not so sure!!!! The odd thing is, of the twenty or so models I have with different wheels on each side, I usually end up preferring one side over the other.  However, other modellers who see them often have preferences for the opposite side.  On my tangerine pumpkin, both sides are talking to me at the moment.
  12. alan barton added a post in a topic AMT 39 Fordor Sedan   

    Thanks guys,
    The colour was Plasti-cote Odds and Ends Tangerine over white primer. I really like it - it has a very clean bright look to it and covers brilliantly.  No clear applied at all, just a bit of Tamiya fine polishing compound on the roof.  Only one hardware store in Perth ever carried this paint and it is long gone now but all the colours were awesome.  If you can still get it in the USA, I strongly recommend it!
  13. alan barton added a post in a topic AMT 39 Fordor Sedan   

    Darn, missed that!  I was aware of the '39 having a chrome windshield frame as distinct from the fixed, rubber edged screen in a forty.  Removed the wipers for that reason. I have several more 39/40s in the  works so I will keep that info in mind for those versions. Glad you all like it!
  14. alan barton added a post in a topic AMT 39 Fordor Sedan   

    I figured someone would spot the wheels, Jay!  It's just a quirk of mine.  I only have  a limited number of my favourite wheels, and also I like the effect different wheels can have on a rod.  So, when I'm building low fat fendered rods or fifties and sixties classics, I sometimes run different wheels on each side. By changing the direction of the front row of my display cabinet, I have a whole new collection to show off! (And it never ceases to amaze me how many people do nit notice!!!!!)
    I wouldn't dream of doing it on a hiboy for example.
    And mike 51, right is right!
  15. alan barton added a post in a topic AMT 39 Fordor Sedan