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  1. Time For a Workbench Makeover!

    I should have guessed! When you were doing Bench Racer we were very much on the same page as far as short track builds go. And I love your A modified. Another thing I love about my glass top is that I can be a complete slob with glue, paint or putty and a few seconds with a scraper and I am looking sweet again! Cheers Alan
  2. How many ways could this thread go ?

    You know what, they are just fun! Anyone who looks at these two can't help but grin. No rare classic cars were cut up to build them and it wont start some crazy new trend. It really doesn't matter if they run or not, they are just to look at and enjoy. I'm a hot rodder but I think he did a better job on the Kombi but hey, it's a personal choice. Cheers Alan
  3. Time For a Workbench Makeover!

    That came out great Drew, but before you get paint and glue on that nice white surface, go and get a sheet of glass cut to fit, with a polished front edge for safety. You are a racecar and hot rod builder like me, and glass is the only way when you are trying to fab chassis, setup suspensions, keep the wheels upright and all fours etc etc etc. You will never regret the very small investment. Cheers Alan
  4. Holden Monaro

    Hi guys, Glad you love our Aussie icons! Yep, even as a Ford guy, I think the HQ coupe was the prettiest car we ever made. There are hundreds of show cars and street machines built from these and though their older brothers , the HK, HT and HG get more dollars, they are still a very desirable car. There was a facelift with the HJ, HX and HZ models but they looked like a Monte Carlo and frankly, were square pegs in round holes, or blunt square noses on a sexy flowing body. Those later models did have upgraded front ends that made them handle much better than the HQ - I once owned an HQ ute and I never understood how a woman could have parked one - the non-powered steering was heavy as a truck! The HX and HZ front subframe (think Camaro) is a popular bolt on swap into an HQ. Fun Fact - every HQ,J,X,Z Monaro coupe came with a tinted band rear window - why? Because they pinched them off early seventies Chevy Caprice - for a low volume market like Australia it was a cost cutting exercise using the GM parts catalogue. And TomZ, if I can speak on behalf of Jason and Michelle who are great friends of mine and run TPB to support themselves and two boys, can I discretely say that the lack of identification on some of their parts reflects the need to avoid spending huge dollars of their income on heavy licensing fees - get my drift? A little google searching will reveal what their parts are for. An unfortunate fact of the modern business world. Not much help to an American but every Aussie car guy knows exactly what a "red motor" is, it only refers to one make and generation of Australian engine and easily the most popular of all time. it was in production for at least 30 years that I can think of. "Red Engine" is their way of not treading on toes yet telling Aussie modellers, at least, what it is. Again, Google is your friend Cheers Alan
  5. Double Kit Custom 32 Sedan

    Made some progress on the weekend with the frame. I fabricated a new torsion bar lever arm to replace the broken one - it's just bits of plastic. The engine is glued in so that I can start getting the exhausts repaired and aligned. I found a suitable replacement for the broken rear shock ( I was amazed at how similar it was!) and got the rear end in place. I still have to add some details to the front axle such as king pins and hubs and backing plates - it's just a bit toylike in that area. And just for giggles, I dropped the Vicky body on for a mock-up but this is only temporary - more news soon!
  6. Mickey Thompson 69 Mustang Mach 1 Funnycar x 2!

    You're right there, Goatguy, I couldn't get the smile off my face when I saw them. It takes a lot of stress out of the build. There is still a lot to do but I am very happy with the chassis - front and rear axles are the next bit of scratchbuilding to contend with. The engine is going to look after itself but I made need to scratchbuild the injectors - I have a found a few parts that are close in shape but too small. I heard a few more interesting stories from Greg on the weekend. One of the ways that he was able to identify that the sandblasted and generally neglected body was in fact the Mickey Thompson car was by the rear marker lights. Ford supplied crates and crates of parts for this effort in order to promote the then new Mach 1 Mustang. Somehow they inadvertently sent Mercury marker lights instead of Mustang ones - that is what went on the car and the spacing of the holes helped confirm it! You can also still see evidence of damage to the right hand windshield pillar (underneath) that occurred during an accident. Once I get the front and rear axles sorted and the frame sitting on wheels I think it will start to build itself. Hopefuly I will have more photos by the weekend. And Codi, thanks for your comments. It is your approach to scratchbuilding simply everything that has inspired me to tackle this project. I wont meet your levels of metal mastery, even in plastic, but I will try to use your approach to keep me on track. Cheers Alan
  7. Bubbletop Shelby Cobra

    Green is a suitably alien colour for this one - cool concept! Cheers Alan
  8. Suicide ‘29 Ford Roadster

    It always hurts to go backwards, especially on a beautiful black finish like that. Earlier this year I went to polish out a very small blemish on a black 32 roadster. I had a major brain fart and started polishing with Tamiya PUTTY, not Tamiya COMPOUND. Similar tubes, radically different results! You've got some stunning proportions on this little roadster. I'm a big fan of suicide front ends but they are not easy to get looking right and this one really hits the high notes for me. Love the half tonneau as well. Good luck with the repairs! Cheers Alan
  9. Double Kit Custom 32 Sedan

    Believe me Bob, I'm thinking about it! The AMT wire axles would make it fairly easy to do. I often build full bodied or full fendered cars with different wheels on one side to the other (I used to be indecisive, but now, I'm not so sure!) but fenderless cars, well, it's kinda hard to disguise what you are up to! I got the instructions off the Drastic Plastic website today and they show that I am looking pretty good as far as parts go. I doubt whether I have the taillight assemblies but there are many other options - 49 Merc custom units, C2 Corvette, Corvair, all could be made to work. I'm not pedantic about getting every single part as per AMT but I do want to maintain the spirit of the model. After all, it is no beauty queen but it does accurately represent an era in both hot rodding and modelling history - that's what I want to preserve. Cheers Alan
  10. AMT 32 Ford sedan-from double kit

    I'm kinda late to the party but wow, this is a stunner, Mike. As I am now in the process of building the same model form leftover parts, your photos are also a great reference source as well. You also have me seriously re-considering my choice of wheels! And Craig, love that Vicky! That was my plan (B) until I got a very generous offer that I will reveal in my thread when it arrives here in Australia. Cheers Alan
  11. Double Kit Custom 32 Sedan

    Thanks for the link Casey. Somehow I missed this one entirely ( and I never skip a hot rod post, not sure what happened there!) It is a beautiful model, a real inspiration and a great reference as well. Only problem is, I am now confused with wheels. I had intended to keep the kit wheels purely from an historical aspect but Monogram whitewalls and five spokes are my favorite wheels of all times and look killer on that Deuce. Ahh, decisions, decisions! Cheers Alan
  12. Double Kit Custom 32 Sedan

    A little bit of progress last night. I got home from work and pulled the interior tub out of the caustic path and it was spotless! I was very impressed as black often is very tenacious and can stain the plastic - the fact that it had never been sanded would have helped a lot here. I can't get over how pure white the 50+ year old plastic is! I also cut some fine mesh to make a backing for the grille and I'm pretty happy with the look. I also got some gold paint on the engine and rear end and some white primer on the firewall - but that may change - stay tuned! Cheers Alan
  13. Beach builds Woody and '32

    Great to see you got these done! Never, ever give up! I'm a big fan of woodies and it is amazing how different they look just with a change of colour. Nice work! Cheers Alan
  14. Double Kit Custom 32 Sedan

    Not a bad idea, Steve, but I have something in the wind that could be even better! I am going to keep working on the frame for now and will let you know when I have it. Cheers Alan
  15. Double Kit Custom 32 Sedan

    Thanks for the interest , guys! I have been talking to Muncie who has been full of information and assistance and he told me that the original headlight bezels were in the Blueprinter Grilles Parts Pack. Opened it up and there they were along with an Edsel grille which is apparently slightly different to the Double kit unit. So I went looking for the original nose and as I expected I found it on this long stalled 3 window. This is the old Monogram Beachboy's coupe (I think Snake45 would call it a backbirth!) but it was the only thing available when I started it. It is intended to be an east coast show car. I will concoct something new for the coupe - I always thought the custom headlight units form the 66 Corvair would make a startling custom nose piece so we will see what happens there. Cheers Alan