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  1. Hi Casey, here are my three versions. They have been on here before but may be of interest to people who want to know more about this kit. All are essentially box stock bodies except that I have removed the "fabric" insert on the jalopy and the showcar. If you want to build a stock bodied Tudor, the phaeton is the best donor kit as it ahs the correct length interior tub. The Vicky tub is noticeably shorter. I also find that the AMT "factory section" is not as visible on full fendered cars with dark paint! Cheers Alan
  2. Wow, I missed this the first time you posted it but this is really something exceptional. There is so much pressure on getting it right when you tackle something as iconic as the Hirohata Merc. I like yours significantly better than the DM. Don't have a problem with DM, have four of their models in my collection, but yours just works. Magnificent! Cheers Alan
  3. Like Dennis said, nothing looks out of place. What an amazing combination of parts you used to achieve this total look. Easily the best Ohio flames I've ever seen on a model! Beautiful work! Cheers Alan
  4. Looks magic so far, Jim. The rear axle is very nice. I wanted to buy the new kit but already have a built Mooneyes from a decade or so ago. Seeing that top mounted blower makes me think I will definitely buy it and will be building a second one! Cheers Alan
  5. Looking good there, Bernard. I had a good year for building but my tally always varies from year to year so I just take it as it comes. This year I completed some thirty plus year builds and a two week build so who is to say what is a good year or a good number? But I can see a blue channelled 32 in my future after seeing yours! Cheers Alan
  6. James, that is one righteous chop! I guess there finally is an advantage to AMT giving us a rear window insert! I am going to have to study this one - I don't have any 34 coupes planed for the bench right now but I need to copy this before I forget it - wow, that looks so right! And that little duck tail rollpan - ahhhhhhh! Are you thinking of sectioning the 37 grille to get the hood line down? Are they the original Revell Anglia tyres up front? Cheers Alan
  7. OK, paint is curing so it was time to get a few other details squared away. I wanted the powerplant to have a bit more six appeal and the best way to do that was with exotic induction. Now I've never worked for Edelbrock or Kinsler so I have no idea if this 3x2 injection could possibly work. Fortunately, the car is plastic and will never get fuel run through it so I'm just going to assume it could work - hey, hot rodders have been fabbing up backyard manifolds since the very beginning so why stop now? i found a Ford manifold, FE perhaps, in the parts box and trimmed it down to fit the V6. I then reworked the runners a bit before making a base plate to suit the injectors. The final shot is a mockup using three sets of Monogram sprintcar injectors and aircleaners, and I'm pretty happy with it. All I have to hope is that it clears the hood! Cheers Alan
  8. There was definitely something weird going on with the longer interior tub. There was a period in the nineties I think with that dreadful hiboy box art, where they included a way-too-short Vicky interior instead of the longer phaeton version. I believe the most recent issue then ended up with he correct interior after all! Cheers Alan
  9. Unfortunately not that easy Greg. Believe me I thought of it and I thank you for your suggestion, but just looking at the pillar is enough to snap it so there was no way I was going to get a groove carved inside it. I did glue strips of Evergreen in there but alas, one of those snapped as well. It is what it is. Cheers Alan
  10. You and me both! I thought they were a misguided attempt at a Cragar S/S but turns out I was wrong! Still might put Cragars on a proposed new build for 2022. And yes, that first issue definitely had the small sheet of blue tinted acetate. I got mine for my 13th birthday in 1970 and thought it was the coolest thing ever! I need to dig out the SAE with your build in it so that I can get the details correct and do it justice this time around, over fifty years later! You wouldn't know the date of that issue by chance, Tim? Cheers Alan
  11. How about "Six in the Head", a play on "Sick in the Head"?
  12. Hi guys, Just a quick update but no photos for now. I got paint on the body today but got a bit heavy handed on the tailgate with the Tamiya pink primer so I am going to give the lower half of the car another day to gas out before sanding it smooth. The cab, doors, hood grille and roll pan are now in Tamiya Italian red and looking great. Will get some clear on the colour on the weekend. Before final assembly, I still have to get induction and exhausts finalised but then it should be smooth sailing. Except.... That I decided to hinge the doors. Using a bit of Rockin' Rodney's technique and a bit of my own. I must be a glutton for punishment because I have broken the A pillar at least four times now. It even broke where I had already re-inforced it. Did it ever occur to Revell, back in the day, that if they looked at what the other guys were using, they might have been able to sell more kits? Sheesh, you would think it would be easier after putting these things together for over fifty years but Revell plastic from the sixties, seventies and eighties is as still as fragile as glass! Wish me luck! Cheers Alan
  13. Here's my black and brass version with a handmade solid wooden recessed dash - just because I wanted to see if it could be done!
  14. I have a few built 1/8th scale rods, mostly box stock. I have a bunch more to build but I am saving them for when the eyesight won't play nice with 1/25th scale! First, a Big Rod survivor model - just have to add some repaired four bars.
  15. That is a very nice street rod there, Oliver. I do like the chopped Tudor - you have given it a more aggressive chop than most full sized rodders and it has really amped up the attitude. Cheers Alan
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