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  1. alan barton added a post in a topic Kit Karson's '29 Modified Roadster w/'29 Roadster Tires & '32 Deuce Sedan Wires   

    I've never seen this rod before but it looks like a great choice for a model subject.  If you are not too hung up on duplicating it exactly, could I respectfully suggest losing the cowl lights ( I can't think of a good reason for them being there!) and swap out the four bars for hairpins so that you can reduce the visual barb of that lower four bar mount. I know four bars are far more sensible on a 1:1 but you won't be driving this anywhere so it would make sense to clean up an otherwise cool design.
  2. alan barton added a post in a topic '26/'27 turtle deck T hot rod kits requested   

    Ace, I couldn't agree more about the undersized Ala Kart hemi and the Buttera smallblock.  Until the Revell 32 series arrived, the only one that looked right to me was the Windsor out of the Monogram 55 F100.  The Buttera Windsor added a whole new meaning to the term "small-block" and you didn't need a tape measure to see it!  Fortunately it looked bearable in a T or A but you could not use it in a larger car with a clear conscience. Same goes for the few V6s out there.  I also build dirt tackers and bought quite a few ASA kits - when I could I picked the V6 version because it is such a nice sized engine to use in Anglias or track T's.  The few that came out in stock kits had been put in the shrinkerator!
  3. alan barton added a post in a topic This has potential   

    Shame about the driver having to have his legs amputated!  Just joking, but I drive a stock bodied Model A, I'm about 5'11" and it's kinda like being in economy class in a 737.  Still, like me, he probably got used to it.  That thing would make a serious impression on the street!
  4. alan barton added a post in a topic '26/'27 turtle deck T hot rod kits requested   

    Would this be a different angle?  Tool up  26/27 turtledeck roadster and  coupe bodies, and then release a pair of kits sitting on the chassis x 2 from the Model A coupe roadster release and another pair sitting on the fenders and running gear from the old Buttera series.  That way you get 4 spinoffs straight out of the gates!
  5. alan barton added a post in a topic '32 Channeled Nailhead Roadster   

    This is looking period perfect and well thought out as always, Dennis.  I like shortened grilles but agree that the longer shell is perfect for this era.
    By some strange coincidence I pulled out a long stalled channelled Monogram 32 project (an old Lil Deuce) last Friday and have started selecting  the parts to finish it off as a mid to late 60's Australian channelled roadster - these were flavour of the month back then.  I'm using a Mysterion FE motor to represent the 332 or 390 Galaxie motors that an Aussie would have had available. 
    I've used the Lincoln wheels before but never thought about grafting in different centres - I will now!
  6. alan barton added a post in a topic Hot Wheels 1/25 Tribute - "Sweet 16" - Custom Corvette   

    Like everyone else here who collects Hot Wheels as well as building 1/25th, this set is a fantastic crossover between the two genres.  I love that you went to the trouble of adding a rollpan to the Vette and changing the shape of the King T to match the Hot Wheels, even if the Hot Wheels isn't the prettiest rendition ever. 
    When you have them all done, please post of a photo of all sixteen laid out together.  What an amazing project.
  7. alan barton added a post in a topic 1967 Cougar - Modelhaus   

    Such a sweet ride!  I am rapt in the glossy blue paint.  I built mine (AMT body with Modelhaus hood) in a similar style and painted in Testor's Guards Red one shot acrylic.  I like it a lot but, wow, I just keep going back to that blue paint and thinking of what might have been.
    These are easily the most under-rated pony cars. I don't understand why you don't see more real ones and more model ones.  Congratulations on a beautiful job.
  8. alan barton added a post in a topic Spoiled Rotten 36 Ford salt coupe   

    Thanks guys.  And Bob, you were right on the money.  I mocked up the car with Ice T side tanks and a visiting friend said "I could laser cut those from aluminium for you at work."  So he did!  I then filed and sanded them into a more streamlined shape but finished them with 800 wet and dry but no polish  so that I got that fabbed aluminium look rather than chrome.
    For those that are playing at home, there are at least another six significant donor models in this one. And no, I didn't notice the black rear window glass had slipped out of lace while I was photographing it!
  9. alan barton added a topic in Under Glass   

    Spoiled Rotten 36 Ford salt coupe
    With all the swoopy coupes on here lately I thought I might join in the fray.  Believe it or not, this thing spent over thirty years on the bench.  It received two front ends, two rear ends and at least three paint jobs before it got on the shelf.  It got dropped during one of those paintjobs and cracked the roof off.  It travelled with me when I took a year of exchange teaching in Alberta Canada and it even got on the primer table at the 1997 NNL West and the LAIRS show in 2010 which means parts of it have crossed the Pacific Ocean from Canada or the USA to the west coast of Australia or back no less than five times!.  It was made entirely from either glue bombed parts or leftover parts that others didn't want. I call it Spoiled Rotten because it has at least six aerodynamic aids by my count, and as a Bonneville contender it probably shouldn't have any!  It is strictly a curbside and I didn't dare tackle scribing door lines on it through all the layers of plastic and Bondo - that could have only ended in tears! 
    It started life as the lower body of an AMT 36 coupe but I want to see if you guys can identify the other bits that went into it.  Some are obvious while others are a bit obscure, .It is a pure fantasy build but if it could race anywhere, Bonneville (or Lake Gairdner here in Australia) would be the place! Let me know what you think, good or bad.

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  10. alan barton added a post in a topic Split-Personality Chopped '34 Ford 3-Window. UPDATE: IFS, Ford 9", etc.   

    I don't have a problem with late model large diameter wheels, especially these ones, but I thought the early style mags and whitewalls /slicks worked better with the aggressive chop. Just my two cents.  Have you thought about a Greer Black Prudhomme or Tony Nancy style scoop - a pointy sheetmetal style in body colour rather than a polished aluminium style?  Might work well with the chop/grille/wheel combo.
    What amazes me is your vision in seeing something usable in this car.  I have the kit myself but with a reasonable stash of AMT 5 windows, Monogram 3 windows and even a tatty pair of Aurora 5 windows, I basically hang onto it for its historical aspect.  Who knew you could do something cool with it!
    I will be very interested to see how this pans out.
  11. alan barton added a post in a topic K&R Kustoms+Rods 33/36 Coupe -update Halloween   

    This looks great Rodney.  I think the thing I like the most is that it is neither a 33 or a 36.  It's a happy blend of both. No one model overpowers the others.  That is quite a skill you have to make this thing look so balanced. The grille is growing on me so I will wait to see the finished article.
  12. alan barton added a post in a topic 1925 dodge - Body mods begin   

    No worries Pat.  I've seen your scratchbuilding skills on all your workshop machinery so I don't think you will have any problems mastering this conversion, no matter what you start with.
    Just for reference, here's what the Oldsmobile front clip looks like.

  13. alan barton added a post in a topic 1925 dodge - Body mods begin   

    I would be definitely looking at the Beverley Hillbillies kit for more parts and inspiration.  It was supposedly based on about a 24 or 25 Oldsmobile if I recall and the grille and fender shapes are close to what you need for the Dodge - better than the Model T I suspect.  I would also be using any Revell or AMT Model A four cylinder to replicate the Dodge powerplant.  (The Revell motor from a 29 Pickup or 30 Tudor/Woody/Delivery is far more detailed with more separate parts that you wont have to grind off like you would with the AMT). From your photos the block and head are very similar in shape and detail but you would be up for scratchbuilding or kitbashing a new front cover.  The Olds also comes with very detailed wooden spoke wheels that may be better than the Model items in your coupe kit. Finally, the Olds cowl might graft onto the T coupe body to get more swoop into it and to match the Olds hood. Finally, I would look at the Revell 27 T Tudor, Delivery or touring kits for the rear fenders as they have a very similar cross section to the Oldsmobile ones.
    I agree with your choice of the AMT T coupe - I think if you bulk up the sides and the top of the turtledeck area with sheet styrene you should be able to file it up to match the Dodge contours.
    Hope that helps - I loved what you did with the frame!
  14. alan barton added a post in a topic Not your average 64 Fairlane   

    Hey Nick, I know the car you used for inspiration!!!  Your model is every bit as tough as the real deal ( and yes folks, it has one of those scoops) but, for shame, you chickened out on the right hand drive dash!  That would be the final touch on an awesome replica (yeah, I know it's not a four door but the two door looks cooler anyway!)
    Fantastic job on replicating the colour, what did you use for that?
  15. alan barton added a post in a topic K&R Kustoms+Rods 33/36 Coupe -update Halloween   

    Just a wild crazy thought about the grille.  One I have never used but always wanted to is the custom grille out of the AMT 37 Chevy coupe.  It could easily be laid back a little and fitted up to your 36 style leading edge.  Bottom could be shortened, reshaped as desired.
    Like I said, just a thought.