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  1. Remember this one ?

    Patrick, the biggest difference between the kits shown here and the Blue Beetle, Green Hornet and Black Widow is that they never had a stock variation of any description - they were purely a rod from the get go. The Blue Beetle is easily up to the standard of the other Model As but the Green Hornet and Black Widow are a little oversized and a little toy like in some areas. They can still be built up into a really nice model however. Hope that helps Cheers Alan
  2. Remember this one ?

    Yeah Greg, I'm a big fan of all the Monogram 1/24th scale models from this era. While in Pomona about five years ago I walked into an antique shop and found the original 6 in 1 box for the Model A coupe/cabriolet. When I opened it, the original builder must have wanted a stock Model A because all the original hot rod parts were left in the box, mostly still on the sprue! For $10 I practically skipped out of the store! I used an unbuilt EAarly Iron series phaeton and a gluebombed Cabriolet to build up these two versions with those fresh parts from Pomona. I scratchbuilt the tonneau for the cabriolet style roadster body and have recently obtained an original set of decals so I hope to soon repaint and apply the decals a little more carefully and the original builder.
  3. Where did that Li'l Coffin come from ?

    Often overlooked is the Aurora 1/32nd scale rendition of Dave Stuckey's car. Issued as the 32 Skidoo and as you can see, it is surprisingly accurate except for the 409 that appeared in all but one of the Aurora range. Aurora then did some chopping up of it's own, adding a gun turret to the roof, a unicycle mounted in the front fender and some sort of mount on the running board, not to mention pink plastic. I built the candy red version about 20 years ago . The pink glue bomb from a friend in Adelaide a couple of years ago. I never did get around to painting the roof insert on the original model and don't have any special plans for the pink one just yet.
  4. Hi everyone, Just wanted to announce the date for this year's show to all our Aussie modelling friends. After twenty years of fabulous fun, we have decided to make SMCS#20 the Grand Final so if you have been one of those guys who has said "I must go to that one year!" then 2018 is the year. We will look at running a different format show in the future but for now we are going to take a break. We still, however, want to go out with a bang so lets make this the best one ever. Can we crack 100 entrants? Can we crack 1500 models? Let's give it a good Aussie go! PM me for entry forms and details. Super Model Car Sunday West Coast Street Rod Clubrooms 12 Cusack Road Malaga Western Australia 8th July 2018 9a.m. til 4 p.m Adults $8, Children under 16 free Entrants $5, Children under 16 free Cheers Alan
  5. '32 Ford Hot Rod

    Nice job Scott. I did a blue one about two years ago and other than bigger rear tyres and an aluminium floor pan, I built it from the box. For me, it was all about the history of the model rather than the accuracy. Certainly the cutaway style hood did appear on a number of real cars in the fifties/early sixties. Snake, if you cut down the doors for elbow clearance and added dual Brooklands style screens, I reckon you'd be there! Cheers Alan
  6. Game of "Name that Part"

    The double door and the artillery wheel may both be from the Revell 37 Panel Delivery. Can't think of anything else they could come from - the MPC gangbusters 32 Chev panel had separate doors. Cheers Alan
  7. Hillibillies coupe

    That is a very creative build, Vesa! You have burred the line between rat rod and T.R.O.G. racer and come up with a totally believable roadster. It's great to see how many of the Hillbilly parts you were able to use. The white tyres are the finishing touch - I wouldn't have thought of that but they are they make the whole project work, especially with your great choice of colour. Cheers Alan
  8. 36 chevy

    Sheer genius! Why didn't I think of that? What a natural conversion! I have a spare 34 3 window coupe body from the modified series - I'm going to have to see how that shapes up now! Excellent vision you have sir, and I love the other cool projects you have on your bench. Is the 60 El Camino an SMP or did you convert a Revell 60 convertible with an AMT 59 Elky? Cheers Alan
  9. Ford Escort RS1800 - '79 RAC Rally

    Fantastic job! My brother was heavily involved in rallying in the eighties here in Western Australia and after destroying a few Mk 1s he upgraded to a Mk2. I know these Mk 11s well. Went for a wild ride with him in the bush one night - your body finds it hard to believe the G-forces you can pull on a dirt road. Believe it or not, an Englishman now living in Perth has built a stunning replica of this car. I saw it at a book signing by the guy who was the Ford rally team manager - it was very impressive. Cheers Alan
  10. 25 Oldsmobile Roadster - finished ( or nearly!)

    Thanks everyone. I took a bit of a risk on this one so it is nice to see so many people appreciate it. When I get the improvements done I will be sure to post an update. Cheers Alan
  11. Coca-Cola Show Rod - (Vending Machine)

    You did a great job of hiding your issues, John. I have never looked twice at this as the box art doesn't do a lot for me but seeing a professionally finished version like yours has changed my mind. And not onyl does it make a great show rod, it would be an excellent start for one of those low slung T buckets that Greg was showing over in the General pages. Quite the parts n=mine this one. Thanks for going to the trouble of sharing this one with us all - it's been quite the education. Cheers Alan
  12. 1967 Mercury Puma GT

    I've always loved the early Cougars so I can't wait to see your results here. I would definitely look at some alternative quarter window treatments, just to separate the visual cues from the Mustang. Good luck in your endeavors. Cheers Alan
  13. 25 Oldsmobile Roadster

    I appreciate your thoughts Patrick. I'd had the colour in the Testor's one shot lacquer range for a few years and it really spoke to me for this model. By the same token, a more subdued colour with the round headlights could work as well. If I find another Beverley Hillbillies truck I will be grabbing it because there are so many possibilities. Cheers Alan
  14. So here she is. Obviously I didn't built it in five days but I get sidetracked on projects sometimes so I thought I would wait til it was nearly done before posting build photos. Overall, I am quite happy with the finished project. It matches the picture in my head and I think it reflects the era, even if it has a more contemporary colour scheme. I think it would look right at home at Pleasanton. I enjoyed the fact that I used nearly all of the original kit parts (not counting the oddball Beverley Hillbillies bits.) Since taking the photos there are a few things I need to go back and fix. Originally I planned to use the stock Olds windshield but it just stuck up way too high. It is a beautiful piece, however, so rather than cut it down I am going to save it for a future T bucket project. Instead, I cut down an AMT 32 roadster windshield frame. This is an ugly piece that you would never use on a Deuce but with a bit of work it seems to suit the Olds. As the photos show however, the fit isn't as precise as I first thought so I need to go back and fix that. Finally, I chose to leave the wire wheels in the plastic they were molded in but as I still have a spare one, I think I will experiment with some washes to see if I can get rid of the plastic look. I've also noticed that a front tyre has popped askew on its rim. Need to fix that, as well as a plug lead that has popped off. Hey, new rods always have teething problems, right?
  15. 25 Oldsmobile Roadster

    I took most of these photos a while ago so after this post I will switch across to Under Glass for the final project. By the way, I found Googled a photo of the original Barris Mail Truck and the 1:1 Woodlites looked exactly like the photo in Mr NNL's post. Looks like MPC wasn't too fussy back in the day. Not sure what they measured because they sure look different to the real thing! While on a recent trip to the USA I visited Hobby Lobby and picked up a bunch of colours of embossing powder. I read it about it here for ages so here is my first attempt. For flock or powder, I am a big fan of a thick wet coat of gloss enamel to sprinkle onto, rather than glues or adhesives. You can usually shake it off straight away and it seems to hold better in the future. I also added some very basic plug leads to the little four banger. They're a bit fat but I liked the colour of the insulation so went with it.