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  1. Show Your T's

    My Big Rod resto with three 1/24th scale buckets for comparison, plus a heap of 1/32 scale Pyro, Lindberg Monogram and Auroras.
  2. Comparing the AMT and Revell 1940 Ford Coupes.

    You know, until I read this thread it never occurred to me that the Lindberg WASN"T the MPC snapper. I guess I just assumed Lindberg grabbed some old molds (pretty much their modus operandi) and pumped them out. You learn something everyday. So to help out here, I just grabbed some quick piccies of my old assembled red plastic MPC snapper . This is the street rod issue ( the first issue I believe) and I built it while using up the last ten minutes on a parking meter about 35 years ago! Obviously the windshield and to a lesser extent the rear windows, have some issues. Mine is destined to become a dirt tracker so it won't be an issue - I will probably be hogging out the windows anyway. Not a deal breaker but why would you bother with the MPCwhen you have the far superior Revell and AMT offerings. And as much as I love my Monogram 40 convert, (haven't built a coupe yet) you can't beat the fun factor of the AMT. It gets my vote every time. Finally, Tulio, I love everything you build! I am unashamedly a hot rodder, but your showroom stockers could turn me, one day!
  3. 1928 Ford Sedan 60's Style Altered

    Great to see someone building this beautiful kit. I have a three to do, one mint and two survivors. I really like the use of the SWC rear assembly - looks period perfect! And the set back engine is pure 60's porn! Cheers Alan
  4. 1936 Ford 5W Coupe - James Hetfield´s "Iron Fist"

    You did a great job of capturing the essence of the original car with your model, Oliver. You're a braver man than me scribing that new curved trunk outline! Kudos for a job well done. Cheers Alan
  5. Chassis mods are great, engine choice and setback are perfect, wheels and stance spot on but one thing is glaring at me. It's not your fault, and I am not sure I could change it myself with my skills BUT after the caster finished his chop, he tidied things up with that really heavy gutter. Is there any chance it could be sanded/filed/scraped into something closer to Henry's original contours? Just a thought. On the other hand, it might disappear with a darkish paint job. Love the car, mate. Cheers Alan
  6. 60's Banger Geek '27 T Touring - Updated 10/13/18

    Doh!!! You said in the first post it would be metallic my short term memory gets shorter by the day!
  7. 60's Banger Geek '27 T Touring - Updated 10/13/18

    Your work continues to inspire and amaze me, Dennis. I love the way you are completing each part totally so that when it comes time for paint, this thing is going to go together like it came out of the box that way. I have a number of traditional and not-so-traditional projects on the bench at the moment and they have all benefited from your very tight approach to planning and execution. Looking at the Tub itself, there are so many things to like. The injection is a great upgrade for that banger revolution period you mentioned. I have suspected for years that those Revell wheels were a) real but I didn't know where and capable of looking far better than Revell's early silver frost chrome or their modern ultra shiny chrome. I must have eight sets or more of these and I have yet to use them - that will change very soon! Like you I am already using some of the awesome spares from the Revell Model A kits. I am so glad I bought a bunch while they were available. I just wish they were available when I did the interior of my still unfinished Revell T tub project - your interior looks much nicer than the one I am locked into at the moment. And it might sound silly, but it hadn't occurred to me to shorten the Deuce frame like you have. I am putting a resin A tudor body on one and it just looked wrong - now I see an easy solution. So thank you again. Can't wait to see this finished. I'm seeing either metallic or flake - am I close? Cheers Alan
  8. '32 Channeled Nailhead Roadster UPDATED 10/13/18

    That's gonna work! Cheers Alan
  9. Scale Survivors

    Wow, that is even uglier than I remember! Do those two models share the same custom front clip or did AMT have two models with a similar theme on to different cars? And to think this was BEFORE psychedelic drugs became popular! Say Hi tp the guys at the club for me! Cheers Alan
  10. O.K., stop laughing, probably the world's ugliest toy deuce but Motorific did have a one size fits all policy - a 63 Cadillac and a Karman Ghia both fit the same chassis this Deuce is riding. But, I collect toy hot rods irrespective of how ugly they are so I I just laugh and live with it. Here is a before and after I did for the guys at my model club. The chrome on both headers had been rubbed back to black. The LHS is before, the RHS is after. Says it all really, and once again, no prep!
  11. I love my Molotow pens, all three sizes. Haven't done any airbrushing as yet. I have a large toy hot rod collection and they are awesome for touching up damaged, worn or faded chrome on old toy - can make a roughie look brand new. I have also used the 1mm on chrome trim on a Motorific slot car body - these are somewhere between 1/32nd and 1/43 . One quick swipe and they look brilliant! My trick is to always shake the pen and give a few pumps on the nib before you use it so that you get bright wet chrome on the first go. I have had Molotow job in the cabinet for over a year and they still look great. The Imperial below had very faded silver paint trim - you can still see some on the lower edge of the windshield frame. The top edge of the frameand the wiperes are Molotow 1mm, no masking, the windshield is still in and in fact, the only prep was a quick wipe with my hand. This chrome is about 14 months old. On the rear of the Imperial, the fender top spear is OEM chrome, the side spear and rear window trim is Molotow. Impossible to tell the difference. Again, the window was not removed and there was no masking applied. And, I shake like a drunk epileptic on an ice rink! I would however agree with all posters that I probably wouldn't be brave enough to tackle a full length trim on a fifties classic. But I would and will be cheerfully attacking a 1/25th scale windshield trim shortly. I love BareMetal but hate wrinkles I often get on the corners of windscreen trim and the quarter vents.
  12. 60 Chevy El Camino conversion

    Yeah, that rear view is pretty scary when you compare it to the real one! Kinda glad I didn't go chasing one now. I know of one SMP Elky hear in Perth but it was heavily customised so the owner just tidied it up and put it on his shelf. Cheers Alan
  13. '32 Phanton -Foose build -update 2/11/18

    I'm sure you've seen it already, Rodney, but just in case you haven't, the latest Rodder's Journal has a detailed article on a baremetal full fendered display car. I love how this is working out - your surgery is beautiful! Cheers Alan
  14. 60 Chevy El Camino conversion

    Thanks Rusty, you're right, I didn't notice that! I will add it to my list! Thanyou, Dominick, for t he photos of the SMP. All this stuff adds to the information available to make a 60 ElCamino as accurate as you wish it to be. Here are some photos I took of a beautiful red example at the Shepparton Motor Museum in Victoria on the other side of Australia from me. Wish I could have got closer!
  15. 60 Chevy El Camino conversion

    Then the fun starts! The two holes that are left are NEVER symmetrical despite your best efforts. I will often glue extra plastic to the inserts and file that up nice to make up the gaps before attempting to glue all the pieces back together. In the last photo you can see there is now a bit of curvature that wasn't there before - we can fix that!