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  1. If you would only fly out to Perth, I would meet you at the airport, you could drive the roadster back to my place, and I would wipe out that silly notion once and for all! Goes like stink, sounds awesome, looks cool as- once you've had an SBC you'll never go back! And once you get that Caddy, Olds or Stude into your RP, call me and let me know where you put the steering box! Luv ya Tom! Cheers Alan
  2. Wow, that is laser sharp! I really like the crispness of the paint separation at the firewall - that must have been quite a trick. This is one very swoopy rod, era perfect and yet with a body style that wouldn't have been thought of yet. Love it! Cheers Alan
  3. Is that the Hemi from the Boothill Express? Cheers Alan
  4. Surf rod anyone? This is my favourite type of conversion. I love the way you grafted the two different bodies at the cowl, not quite factory but completely believable. I will be watching! Cheers Alan
  5. Kurt, you are working at a level that I strive for but never quite achieve! That rollcage is pristine! I can't wait to see more updates. I just had to graft a Hemi manifold to a SOHC manifold to get the correct configuration for my M/T Mustang so I know exactly what you are facing in regards to induction! Cheers Alan
  6. You've done a really nice job on a complex kit. Great to see you included Tony's signature orange bugcatcher! Cheers Alan
  7. After reading Claude's reply to Tom about resizing photos to avoid the -200 error, I thought I would give it another go. Looks like Right Click, Resize, Small, is the trick. What I don't get is that all the photos in this thread were taken with the same camera or phone in the same area with the same lighting so why it wants to throw the teddy out of the cot now is beyond me. Anyhow, here are some shots from moments before Greg packed up the car to fly with him to the USA. Windows are clear acetate but looks like the left front corner has popped - grrrr! All interior tin is done with very thin printer's plate aluminium, beadrolled with a cardboard template and a ballpoint pen. I fluked a nice finish on the parachute, spraying a Duplicolour silver metallic over a flat black base - I like it! Enough black showed through to give a realistic look to the chute pack. Polar lights wheels with Revell front tyres and AMT parts pack rears. AMT 33 Willys SOHC with Revell blower and manifold adapted to SOHC manifold. Extensively shortened and modified "late Revellogram funnycar frame and rear axle. Revellogram funnycar seat and exhausts Completely scratchbuilt front axle. Cheers Alan
  8. Just maybe the nicest channelled 32 roadster ever....... ...and the real one is not bad either! It's rare for people to get a model replica that so closely matches the feel of the real car. This looks great! And now, you have to build another one! Cheers Alan
  9. I love where this is heading, Dennis. The stance is killer and bobbing the rear fenders has a lot to do with that And I'm so glad you widened those rears - finding the right outers is often a pain but it just has to be done! Cheers Alan
  10. This is swoopy! You don't expect to see a 3 window treated this way - makes a great departure from the norm! Cheers ALan
  11. I joined a hot rod club when I was twelve and was brought up to believe that you made every part as smooth and shiny as you could. For that reason I struggle with many rat rods - why would you want to make your car look like a piece of junk? But what I see here is a weathered hot rod that could possibly be driveable, at more than walking pace around a fairgrounds. Yeah, I would feel more comfortable with the exhaust out the back or the side but this thing has believable suspension, proper brakes, reasonable ground clearance and a pretty cool engine. It's working for me! And I especially like that you used an AMT Tudor - you just don't see those built often enough! Cheers Alan
  12. Wow! This is such a fresh take on a T bucket and yet totally believable for the era you aimed for. An unusual combination of parts that works better than I would have imagined. the other two look pretty cool as well. Cheers Alan
  13. The first one is finished! After a bit of a marathon effort over the last month or so, Greg came and picked up the model tonight. He is hand carrying it to the USA to present it to none other than Danny Thompson, Mickey's son. Wile building this one I have been keeping templates and sometimes making two parts in readiness to build the second one for Greg. I always thought you need to build a model twice to get the best result so here I am doing just that. I will be making significant changes to how I go about it. Because of the unique front end which I had to completely scratchbuild, I started this chassis from the front. This ended up causing me a great deal of grief as the rollcage and rear axle location can't really be messed with so I had to make a few compromises. For Greg's model, I will start with the rear axle and wheels fitted and then work forward. I will also install the basic "short" motor and not do the heavy wiring and plumbing until everything is locked in. I had a lot of conflicts between the plumbing and the body as a result of trying to install a fully wired engine. The thickness of resin bodies in general exaggerates this problem. The good news is that Greg is delighted with the result and has offered to pay me more than we originally agreed on. I won't be dying a millionaire but it is very satisfying to know your work is appreciated by others. When I start the second car I will continue this thread so that you can see the effect of the changes in my building sequence. Late note: Sorry guys, I have been trying to post this for three days now on two different internet servers but I keep getting a -200 error. I really want to share some photos with all the people who have been following this project but my computer skills are not up to sussing out what is going on. If anyone knows how to fix a -200 error I would love to hear it. Cheers Alan
  14. I think everyone on here dreams of building the perfect model and we have now all been privileged to watch Tim do it. This is simply beautiful! Thank you for inspiring us all. Cheers Alan
  15. The thrash is definitely on. The body is almost finished but the interior tin still requires fitting. The frame is on wheels but there is some minor engine plumbing to finish. Steering column and clutch pedal to be sorted. 48 hours left til when he picks it up to carry to the USA!
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