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  1. alan barton added a post in a topic Palmer '70 Vette - what to do?   

    Tom Geiger, I was expecting you to post an opinion on this puppy, knowing what's in YOUR basement........
  2. alan barton added a post in a topic '25 Chopped Coupe - Street Rod   

    I've had a brain fade but this reminds of a very cool drag car from the early sixties - two brothers if I remember correctly and they later built the Durachrome Bug funny car.  Gunter Bros?
  3. alan barton added a post in a topic '29 Ford Lakes Roadster UPDATED: 9/6/17   

    This is looking magic, Dennis.  After seeing this last night, I got all my Don Montgomery books out and got back into a Monogram 32 hiboy project that had stalled year ago.  I love how you have nailed a period correct stance on this model ( and all your others for that matter!)
    Make sure you trace that interior firewall template before you glue it in! Work like that is no easier the second time around and a lot of the cars from the era we love had setback firewalls.
  4. alan barton added a post in a topic better chassis for builds?   

    Two I've used are the Revell Thunderbolt chassis under the AMT 65 Fairlane stock car - fitted like a glove.
    The other one is Revell's 65 Chevelle chassis under the AMT 64 and 65 El Camino and Station wagon kits.
  5. alan barton added a post in a topic Knock off kits..common?   

    As a kid in the seventies I bought a Blue Beetle knockoff by Bandai. The obligatory poseable front wheels and hump in the floor for a Mabuchi motor were hideous and the grille shell lost something in the translation but as I recall the rest was OK.  My failing memory recalls they may have done the Green Hornet and Black Widow as well.
  6. alan barton added a post in a topic K&R Kustoms+Rods "barn find" dry lakes belly tanker   

    Mate, I've never met you but I reckon if I did we would get long like a house on fire!    This is absolutely magnificent!  The fact that no particular part stands out because they have all weathered uniformly - that is EXACTLY the patina you find when you crawl into some old shed and dig something out - and believe me, I've done that plenty of times  Aussie shed patina is exactly the same as American barn patina. 
    You are dead right abut the 10 pounds of potatoes in a five pound bag - if I remember rightly that is why I stopped building mine years ago.  I've got no excuse now!
    Thanks fro sharing this with everyone - it is a true masterpiece.
    One last thing - I love that you used that plate out of the Revell chassis parts pack - I have had several of these over the years and for some reason it is still one of my v favourite parts - it just speaks to me.  Great to see it in use.
  7. alan barton added a post in a topic K&R Kustoms+Rods belly tanker update: 8/12/17   

    This is looking fantastic Rodney and like Bernard said earlier, not many people get a belly tanker right!  I am very much looking forward to your finished project. 
    Looking at that unidentified dash you spoke off, I am fairly certain it is from the AMT Grant King sprint car or its derivatives.  The big switch between the two gauges is the clue. That sprint car steering box is from the same kit.
    I produced a vacform for one years ago but never did get it finished - one day! The images that you and Dennis have posted are inspiring me to get back onto mine!
    By the way Dennis, that slightly funky car you referred to looks to me  to be a replica of the very first tank, the one Bill Burke built as a front engine car before he started on his rear engined versions.
    Here's how far I got before I got distracted!

  8. alan barton added a post in a topic Convert racing kit into stock - street car   

    You certainly could just use flat plastic but getting a nice even edge on the wheel lip would be challenging for me.  I've done it but........
    Also, another old trick that I have used successfully is "welding" the replacement body parts or plastic sheet from the back with a soldering iron.  There is far less chance of the plastic breaking out while you work it if you use this technique.  I would do it outside - it gets a bit smelly!
    Good luck
  9. alan barton added a post in a topic Comfort Models, Ya Have One?   

    Hands down the Monogram 32 Ford Roadster.  I've built five and have another five in the works.  The first hot rod kit I ever bought with my own money was Son of Ford. I've never understood the love for the AMT 32 as the Monogram builds a far more believable rod.  It takes a little work to do fenderless, but will look light years better than a fenderless version of the AMT!
    AMT 57 Chevy and AMT Model A roadster would be up there too.
  10. alan barton added a post in a topic Convert racing kit into stock - street car   

    Fredd, the hardest part of this conversion will be completing a nicely finished set of wheel arches.  Can I suggest that you look around at other models to see if there is one with similar shaped and lipped openings?  You could then cut these out of the donor body, oversize, and carefully trim, file and sand them until they are a perfect fit in the holes left by removing the racing flares.
    Without having a lot of knowledge of this era of car, maybe something like  a BMW or a Mercedes might give you the correct shapes? Or a modern Japanese car?  Let Goggle be your friend.
    This type of work does not take lots of skill, just lots of patience.  I wouldn't expect to get better than one corner finished per session. I would draw clear fine axle centre lines on both bodies before I did any cutting and then I would redraw them from time to time as they wear off with handling. Use these centrelines to keep the body and the filler section lined up.You don't necessarily have to cut them out in a curve - you can just as easily saw and score a square section out of each body and sand to fit.
    If you take the time to make the new section of body work fit into the Alfa body as precisely as possible,, you will not risk damaging the wheel arches with aggressive sanding of filler material.
    Hope that helps
  11. alan barton added a post in a topic revell 51 FORD ANGLIA   

    Pete, I just checked my Doyusha Bob Riesner Invader kit, the Oakland roadster show winner with two engines, and the transmission you wished to identify is right there!
  12. alan barton added a post in a topic Lindberg Century Coronado Box art Build   

    Scott, I say go for it!  It's really not that bad. Set an evening aside that you are not going to do anything else and do it.  I fully intended to put this one back in the box but once I got started it was pretty straight forward, more so now that you now about the speedbumps along the way.  The roof fits brilliantly , as does the windshield, big as it is. I'm hoping to get paint on this weekend if it's not too cold.
    Once it's painted I expect it will only take an hour or so to finish.
  13. alan barton added a post in a topic 34 Ford convertible, early iron monogram   

    That's one of the tidiest examples I've ever seen of this model Dave.  I am really enjoying your catalogue of classic kits from the late sixties early seventies.  Keep 'em coming!
  14. alan barton added a post in a topic AMT 51 Chevy convertible customdone   

    I built this model years ago and yes, the windshield posts do look thick.  A reasonably easy fix is to carefully saw the windshield in half and spent an hour or two with a file and gently file it down until it is a perfect fit in the windshield opening rather than behind it.  I have done this on a few notoriously thick local fibreglass aftermarket bodies and it makes a massive difference.  It is easier to do it with the kit glass than to cut new stuff from acetate as it is very difficult to invisibly glue the thinner stuff when mounted in this manner.
    Love the colour - it looks stunning.  Mine is the old Testor's metallic blue with white seats - sort of like brothers from a different mother!
  15. alan barton added a post in a topic Lindberg Century Coronado Box art Build   

    Thanks Alan, I will try and get some updates done this weekend.