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  1. alan barton added a post in a topic Another newbie from Sydney Australia   

    Can never have too many Aussies on here!
    Welcome Matt, you're in good company with these guys!
  2. alan barton added a post in a topic Dry-lakes scratchbashed '29 Ford/Ardun: stupid mistake   

    Thanks Bill, glad you liked my Niekamp!  Your Kurtis version reminds me very much of a beautiful white and blue 29 lowboy that I photographed at Bonneville back in 1992.  Apparently it had been racing since the fifties and I believe it is now fully restored.  The grille was more early Ferrari style but your build really brings back memories for me.
  3. alan barton added a post in a topic Dry-lakes scratchbashed '29 Ford/Ardun: stupid mistake   

    Hey Bill, if you ever get to making copies of this little rocket, I would be happy to trade you for a full set of vacformed  components to build a replica of the Niekamp roadster that was in your B&W reference photo. I built one 20 years ago for the Model Car Museum in Salt Lake City and a slightly different version for myself.  Your Kurtis and my Niekamp would make a great couple!
  4. alan barton added a post in a topic What's YOUR opinion on "Theme" contests?   

    We have run themes at our NNL in Perth Western Australia for at least ten years and they are very popular.  I acknowledge that you are talking about contests here Greg, but these comments are regarding a true non-competitive NNL. One trick I stumbled on early was to offer 4-5 themes a year and see which ones fly.Makes it a lot easier than trying to read everyone's mind.  Commonly, one gets twenty to thirty participants and a couple only get two or three - no problem.
    Some of our most successful ones have been, in no particular order
    Towed - anything towing anything
    red ones go faster
    Tom Daniels models
    Dog in a ute ( a popular pastime at country fairs in Australia)
    Tow trucks
    Scaley mates - (which is a kinds derogatory term for your friends who you question having some times!) a 1/64 partner to a 1/25 scale car (either could be a copy of either)
    Long roofs
    Cars you owned.
    Magazine cover cars
    Record cover cars
  5. alan barton added a post in a topic Returning to modeling with Model King 65 Mustang Modified   

    Hi Lloyd,
    I'm not a home to be able to give you a part number but one of the Slixx Mom and Pop sheets has  three Gulf discs if I remember correctly.  I did a Corvair modified based on the same chassis you are using under your Mustang using those Slixx decals - they are very thin but a joy to use!
  6. alan barton added a post in a topic First in-depth look - Revell's new '30 Model A Chopped Five Window Coupe kit...   

    No worries, Bill, happy to be of help.  I always enjoy your comments about the hot rod/street rod aspect of our hobby - I have  a vested interest with what is in my garage!
    After posting I did think of something else, however.  For a chopped 29 coupe, I think the new 30 roof section combined with either the AMT or Revell roadster body would be a good start.  Reworking the door pillar and rescribing the door lines shouldn't be a deal breaker.  Whether a modeller wants to commit to the reshaping of the rear quarter panels depends entirely how much inaccuracy he is prepared to live with, and that is fine.
    One last hint, the 29 sunvisor is a very basic folded flat steel unit, quite straight when looked at head on while the 30/31 sunvisor is a stamped panel with elaborate swage marks and a noticeable curve when viewed from straight ahead. Having said that, it is not unusual to see someone use a 30 sunvisor on a 29 for a classier look (although I prefer the 29 myself.)
  7. alan barton added a post in a topic First in-depth look - Revell's new '30 Model A Chopped Five Window Coupe kit...   

    Having a 1:1 29 roadster in my shed and a dismantled 29 five window coupe put away for a retirement project, I can tell you a few of the differences.  I haven't yet worked out the best way to get an accurate 29 5W in 1/24 or 1/25 but hopefully this info may help.
    The cowl and lower cowl panels are identical between 29 roadster and 29 coupe but are entirely different in every contour and dimension to a 30. Whilst a 30/31 body will easily fit a 28/29 frame, absolutely no body components are the same. They are as different as the first VW Beetle and the last Superbug - similar but different!
    The front door pillars or A pillars on a 29 coupe are noticeably thicker and flatter than the detailed ones on a roadster. Not a hard fix but work none the less.
    The doors of a coupe are about 4 inches longer than a roadster.  They are the same length as a Tudor, so if you have an original AMT 28 Tudor in your stash, I would build a coupe by using the Tudor cowl and doors joined to  shortened roadster rear quarters. If you choose to cut down a Tudor rear roof quarter to make a coupe, be aware that the window openings have a different shape quite apart from the obvious difference in length.
    The rear half of the car is where things get tricky. Just sticking with the 29s for a start, the coupe quarter panel is shorter behind the door and the curvature drops off noticeably quicker than a roadster when viewed in profile. This is because the passenger opening on the coupe and roadster, where it wraps around the seat, is identical.  As the Coupe quarter panel is shorter, due to the longer door, the side curve has to start later and drop off quicker.
    To use an AMT or Revell rear quarter, you would first have to carefully cut horizontally away the interior opening from the top edges of the body, shorten the quarter panels at the door jam and then reposition the unmodified roadster cockpit opening to suit. You would then have to sand off the roadster swage marks and fabricate new lower ones from Evergreen.
    Also, for some strange reason roadsters have a swage mark along the lower edge of the quarter panel while coupes do not!
    The tulip panel behind the passenger opening is narrower than the roadster for the reasons mentioned above.  The truck lid/rumble seat lid is identical but on the coupe it is located lower down the rear curvature, resulting in a narrower beaver panel underneath it as well.  Haven't worked out whether it would be easier to rescribe the trunk lines or simply cut it free and relocate it.
    The roadster and coupe bodies are identical lengths from the bottom of the firewall to the rear extremity of the quarter panel. Also, the rear fenders are identical from coupe to roadster.
    Whilst a 30 coupe would offer up proportions similar to a 29, they are different and look noticeably bigger than a 29.  Oddly, a 30/31 roof is higher than a 28/29 roof by about 1-1/2 to 2 inches. Usually cars got lower with each new model.  I have seen it done by Chris Dansie in Australia using the Monogram 29 pickup and 30 coupe and it is by far the best conversion I have seen .  You have to remember to change all the body pressings and swage marks because they are much simpler on a 29.
    Hope that helps those of you considering such a conversion.  Remember, Google Images is your friend!
  8. alan barton added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    Vince, I am fairly certain that that chrome sprue is from the AMT ramp truck body that Model King reissued some years ago.
  9. alan barton added a post in a topic Empty kit boxes?   

    Everything becomes old with time and will be good to look back on so I cut out the tops and put them in clear sleeves in a lever arch file, by kit manufacturer.  I'm up to four files after fifty years of building.  I also keep the end caps and have ideas of making a collage one day but that plan is well down the list!
  10. alan barton added a post in a topic A Detailed Preview of Revell's Upcoming '30A Chopped Five Window Hot Rod....   

    Tim, as always your reports are a fantastic preview of what is to come.  Thank you for taking the time to put so much detail into explaining the features of the 30 coupe.  The 32 grille, skeleton interior and stock wheel arches are great news. .  The choice of components sounds perfect to me and swapping stuff in and out is all part of the fun.
    It will probably be Christmas before we see them however.  I got my first roadster off the net back in September 2015.  I just bought four more from my local hobby shop and NNL sponsor in late February.  I don't know which end of the supply chain is at fault but we seem to wait for an eternity to get new products in the southern hemisphere.  Local price is $49.95 but I saw a games shop the other day with the roadster for $59.95 - ouch!!!!!
    I can see getting at least 5 coupes - the potential in these kits is huge!
  11. alan barton added a post in a topic You CAN polish a tur.....Lindberg!   

    There always seems to be a lot of confusion about the AMT and Lindberg pickups, perfectly understandable when you think that AMT and Lindberg had one each, then the AMT became a Lindberg and who knows might become an AMT again one day.
    So to clear things up, here is , first, the AMT 34 pickup in orange and brown (don't hate me, I built it in the early 80s!) followed by the Lindberg in metallic blue/mauve.They are obviously different creatures.  The AMT is an infinitely better tool and the cab of the Lindberg is all rounded off in a way that doesn't really match any factory Ford pickup offering.  It's really more like a cut down 32 sedan (not that that wasn't done in real life from time to time, especially here in Australia where farmers during the war could get more gas rations for a commercial vehicle tan a family car). And in case you are wondering, both these models are built with box stock bodies.
  12. alan barton added a post in a topic You CAN polish a tur.....Lindberg!   

    Thanks guys, I appreciate the positive comments.  Bernard, most of the decals I use come from the various Slixx Mom and pop series sheets - they really are a must for early drag and short track racers.  As you worked out, the parts are basically in the kit. Fortunately the frame on the altered disappears pretty much - it is really ugly!  I left the side boards off the pickup bed and made a little aluminium tonneau cover.  AS you can see from the rear view, it wouldn't hurt to tweak the fit-up between the bed and the body but that wasn't where I was heading when I first tackled these guys.
    One thing to keep in mind - the T bucket in either guise looks pretty big alongside any of the offerings of the other manufacturers.
  13. alan barton added a topic in Under Glass   

    You CAN polish a tur.....Lindberg!
    As I explained in the Lindberg 34 roadster pickup thread in the reviews section, I got fired up on my Christmas break to slam some old Lindbergs together.I was pleasantly surprised to find that by working on the stance, wheel and tyre issues, steering wheels and headlights, they come out alright.  So for anyone thinking of buying them (cheap, I hope!), here's what they can come out like.
    First, the T Bucket.  Very awkward proportions - every other T bucket mould, AMT, Revell, Monogram, MPC or Aurora is WAY better - but it has a certain charm.  If your great aunt gave you one for Christmas, it would still be worth a shot.  This one is painted in Tamiya Candy Lime straight from a rattle can and fitted with mags and whitewalls from the Edmunds supermod.
    Second, a first issue red plastic T bucket resurrected from a glue bomb but using some of the fresh optional parts from the green car.  You're not meant to use the front mounted blower with the wedge nose but I wanted to so I did a bit of whttlin'. If you want to build this version, be careful to note that there are two sets of body mounts and engine mounts on the frame to allow for a setback setup.  If you don't want to build the kit you could always use the frame to build a railway bridge! Wheels and tyres from the parts box made a world of difference!  I like this version way better than the street rod.
    Thirdly, the 32/34 closed cab pickup with 56 Vicky wheel covers, AMT Firestone whitewalls and Parts Pack slicks and the lights from a Revell deuce.  I had some paint issues with this puppy so don't look too close! Almost box stock apart from an attitude adjustment!
    Finally, the roadster pickup with Whitewalls and baby moons, better lights and steering wheel, and the bed cover from a Revell Willys pickup.

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  14. alan barton added a post in a topic 1934 Ford Roadster Rat Rod   

    I had the old reissues of Lindberg rods hanging around on my shelf for years and I would have to say I had little or no respect for them.  However, over Christmas I was in a bit of a rut and decided to slam them together purely as an historic example of early Lindberg kits, nothing else.  At first they were going to be box stock but the wheels and tyres are average, the steering wheel seems to have come from a English bus from the thirties, the stance is woeful and the headlights are just plain goofy!  And you could say that about every Lindberg hot rod, 1/32 or 1/25th, and I've got ém all!  So I decided I had better help them along with a few tweaks.

    Then something amazing happened - they started to look really cool!  To say I was caught out is an understatement.  If I had realised how good they could look I would have scribed recessed door lines, filled the holes in the cowl and fabricated a floor for the otherwise hollow bottom of the car.  Too late now, it was painted so I just soldiered on.  The tarp is from the Revell Willys pickup - perfect width and the bit you chop off to correct the length does a nice job of filling the dip in the tailgate! Headlight buckets are from the kit with better rims and lenses from my parts box.  Headlight bar is a bent pin. Another pin was cut up to form some bumper brackets so that the rear nerf bar isn't glued to the tailgate.  I left the dumb big rig exhaust pipes off. Apart from wheels, tyres and steering wheel and these few mods, it is out of the box.
    So here is the (alleged) 34 roadster pickup.  If I find another one cheap I might have another crack at it with the afore-mentioned improvements. Does anyone know if the rat rod reissue includes the full fenders?

  15. alan barton added a post in a topic With that new Model A Roadster out from Revell . . .   

    Greg, if I remember correctly he said it was just in respect to his father.  I will have to re-read his autobiography to check.  Thanks for your kind comments - I'm glad you liked my model!