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  1. Definitely the G25 show. Undecided about the London show. The London show is the same day as the Ottawa show.
  2. My new and improved model bench

    Nice work space Cale. I spy a Rat Roaster. Those were pretty hard to come by here in Canada. Lucky guy! LOL
  3. In somewhat chronological order: Tweed (Belleville), Orangeville, Oakville, Waterloo, Burlington, Toronto, Windsor and finally various other locations throughout Toronto. Since everywhere that I have lived has been within Ontario, I guess that means that I am not that adventurous in nature! LOL
  4. GSL announcement for final contests

    Kurt, I received the same message today. I have only been once and it was certainly an amazing experience. If my traveling partner and I decide to go again, our chances have been narrowed down for us.
  5. Revell web site back on

    Thanks Rob. The concept of additional security I understand. The part about utilizing port 443 as opposed to port 80 goes well beyond my scope of computer knowledge. LOL
  6. Revell web site back on

    I discovered something new here by exploring the link that Rob Hall posted and the link that was included on the rocketfin website as linked by Model Truck Shop. I am always curious about things and tend to pursue them to find out answers for myself. I guess that in hyper text terms https denotes a different address/location than http i need some schooling on this! LOL
  7. Revell web site back on

    Sorry Al, no criticism was intended. I applaud you for the solid recommendation. I have used rocketfin in the past as well. Since the initial posting revolved around Revell, I thought what the heck, check out the Revell link on Rocketfin. That is when I made the discovery and pointed it out. I did not mean to deter you from participating. This ia a great site to follow and participate on. Lots of smilies to indicate my positive intent with this response.
  8. Revell web site back on

    I'm not sure if you are aware of this, but the Revell-Monogram link at rocketfin.com does not work. The difference being http:// as compared to https:// I not know enough about hyper text protocol to understand the difference. LOL
  9. Modelhaus Inventory Sale!!!!

  10. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    Chris I am extremely envious of you for all four of those kits. This is the first time I have EVER seen a kit of the Toyota 87C. Drool...
  11. Audi R8 - DONE, AKA unmitigated fiasco

    Dennis, MotoMaster is the house brand name for Canadian Tire products.
  12. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    I know how difficult it is to polish out blemishes in windshields. I can't imagine having to remove ejector pin marks from a clear body! LOL Please get Tina to post it when she is done. I only have one Tamiya Clear View kit. It is a 1/20 Brabham F-1 kit. It will not be done in the intended form.
  13. Great Traders List

    Back at you iamsuperdan! It is nice to have regular, clear communication with your trading partner, all through the trade. A great, straight-up individual to trade with. And most definitely, thank you Dan!
  14. How many kits do you buy in one day

    I don't have an exact number, but usually it is around 10 kits +/- and it usually happens at the same time each year ... NNL East Saturday! LOL