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  1. Bruce, if I may, the wheels and tires look like they may be from Scale Production. They look like the Torq Thrust II.
  2. I stopped at Pizza Nova to pick up my order and this Porsche (993?) was in the parking lot.
  3. I found a pdf of the Instruction Manual. Each part of the set has an identifying number, the instruction sheet as well. the numbers range from 7807140 through 7807144. I could not identify which number goes with which part , except for the clips. It looks, however, that the only part that you can purchase separately are the clips (7807143).
  4. Mark, thank you for the advice in your post. This progression of fitting parts makes a lot of sense. i am going to save these steps, as a general guideline to myself, when I am undertaking drag racing subjects. I like drag racing kits, but have minimal experience when building them. Bill
  5. When searching Amazon, I found a listing selling various diameter stainless steel balls by weight. 500 g for about $30. The amount you get varies with the diameter. I bought the 3 mm size ( 1/8 in. ). 500 g of that size equated to a little over 4000. I have a lifetime supply and it was free shipping. I made some packages of about 100 and gave them to my modelling friends.
  6. Greg, I bought my set after seeing Daniel's initial post. The link that Joe provided, sadly does not ship to Canada. The best price I could find was through Amazon.ca. Going through my purchase history, I have this link: https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B007WQQKTU?psc=1&ref=ppx_pop_dt_b_product_details They are worth it, especially when replicating tube frames or roll cages.
  7. Bob, I really like the first line of your signature.
  8. With kits of this vintage, you have to ask yourself which is more important to you, the journey, or the destination. For me it's the journey or the process of building. For others it is all about the destination or final product. These are not always mutually exclusive. Sometimes you have both, sometimes not. LOL
  9. IndyCals sells a set for the Wyer Racing Gulf 917. The set is for the 1970 Spa Francorchamps winner. I believe they are for the Fujimi kit. Your title says Fujimi, but the post says Heller. I believe these are two different kits . Here is the link: https://www.indycals.net/decals/lemans/70gulf917k24spa.html
  10. Just to clarify Tom's response, Paasche refers to the tip sizes for the H as 1, 3, and 5. These numbers to not correspond to either inch or millimetre values Tip 1, as Tom said is 0.45 mm. Tip 3 is 0.75 mm, and Tip 5 is 1.05 mm Tip 1 should be adequate to spray large areas, such as a car's body. If this does not deliver sufficient paint, go up to Tip 3. Tip 5 would be overkill. LOL
  11. 19 Weeks, 4 Days later, this detail-up set finally arrived. I had cheaped-out on shipping and had given up on having it arrive at all.
  12. Car model section starts at about 21:25.
  13. Interesting, an H & S with a Vallejo label on it. I like H & S. I have an Evolution Silverline as well.
  14. Thanks Luke. I will take a look at what colour shift combos SMS offers. I'm looking for a dark green / bark blue for the Tamiya SONAX DTM car
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