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  1. The shade of green closely resembles British Racing Green (BRG), a staple of many British sports cars.
  2. Ultimately I'm hoping that Red Bull, not only is made to be directly responsible for remedying the situation, but also has to make a very public apology for their bad judgement and entitlement. I don't want this to end up a "throw money at it" to make it go away sutuation. Unless there is a significant consequence, it will be the same as giving permission for future ill conceived actions.
  3. My first name and a version of my last initial, made famous by Bob and Doug McKenzie's Great White North on SCTV. Eh? is also very appropriate as I am extremely hard of hearing... if I'm not wearing my hearing aids, I won't hear you. LOL
  4. Dave, it looks like you made some vendors very happy! 😄
  5. I'll measure the distance from the blade axis to the surface it sits on. Looks like there is plenty of room for increasing the area of the blades! LOL Guess I better get an additional kit!
  6. I got this kit yesterday from Amazon.com. I'm not positive, but I think it is a knock-off an original Gakken kit. The title on the box says Wind Power Beast. The manufacturer is Cute Sunlight, kit no. 2141. I'm not sure of the scale, but I'm guessing 1/100. The miniature is based on a original piece created by kinetic artist Theo Jansen. His was called the Strand Beest. He has made many iterations of his first creation. It was fun, although sometimes frustrating. The English was error free. However, they sometimes used the wrong terminology when describing the position of one piece in relation to another. Having done LEGO was definitely a help, as the illustrations were very precise. If you have an inner geek, I highly recommend it. And yes, it walks sideways when you blow on the fan blades.
  7. The woman portrayed, has more than a striking resemblance to the late Dame Diana Rigg, from the 60's TV show, The Avengers. I'm not sure about the male driver in the illustration. Sorry, I just refreshed and realized that I am way to late to the party!
  8. My good friend, Ken Nesbitt, shared these over a club Zoom meeting. They just arrived today from The Hobby Centre, in Ottawa. I have been buying a lot of paints in the 10 ml jars recently. The paint caddies, on the left, hold 32 bottles each. They are on a swivel base. This will help reduce the foot print that paints occupy. The item on the right holds three Tamiya masking tape dispensers clamped side by side, and has a mechanism built in to attach to a desk surface. The Fujimi Porsche 911GT3R is a kit that I should have purchased when it first came out. Most places online either say out of stock, or prices north of $100 C.This was very reasonably priced. Maybe Flying Lizards livery....
  9. Best of luck. I hope you find one.
  10. Jim, if you do eBay, there many current listings for this kit. https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2380057.m570.l1313&_nkw=Moebius+Death+Dealer&_sacat=0
  11. I was trying to catch the maker of the Lola kit. I believe it was a Scale Productions kit. Although he only used the upper portion, he did an amazingly realistic job. I learned something about slot cars as well. I never realized that the front wheels/tires were mostly just for show. Thinking about it after watching the video, that makes perfect sense. LOL
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