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  1. I was given this kit by a good friend, 64comet404 (Ken Nesbitt), who is also a forum member here. I am always pleasantly surprised by the wide variety of kits that you build. If and when you get to this one, i will gladly follow along.
  2. I'm partial to the art of those Aurora 1/32 hotrod kits as well. They were some of my first ventures into plastic modeling.
  3. I'm really glad that this helped. Inventorying the contents was a good idea. Replacing both the instructions and decals/stickers would be ideal. Minimum the decals/stickers.
  4. Scott, here is a link to download page for the Porsche instructions. https://downloads.revell.de/Manuals-Modelkits/07679_%23BAU_PORSCHE_356_TYPB.PDF
  5. I'm curious as to why the OP has not responded or chimed in again. 🙁
  6. Based on past threads, I'm not sure if they would be considered reputable. http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/132958-discounts-on-tamiya-products-poof-gone/
  7. https://atlantis-models.com/ Took less than a minute with a Google search.
  8. In my mind, the two most significant LHS for the Greater Toronto Area are: Wheels and Wings Hobbies 1880 Danforth Avenue Toronto, ON M4C 1J4 and Dailey Hobbies 9 Carlow Ct Whitby, ON L1N 9T7
  9. Tom, I've got a small surprise to give you as a gesture of thanks for all of the years of enjoyment that are associated with this event. I know there are hundreds(?) of individuals with involvement, however you are the"face" of the event to me.
  10. Greg (NOBLING), I guess that I must be somewhat on the other end of the spectrum from you. I do enjoy going to swap meets, flea markets and using coupons. However, a group of us make the pilgrimage to the NNL East on an annual basis. We do buy numerous kits and resin pieces there. When you factor in meals along the way, hotel expense and cost of gas, we really are overspending for the items we buy. Going to the NNL East goes way beyond buying kits. It is the fun of an extended road trip. It is the wonderful experience of the NNL and the hospitality of the Tri-State model groups (Diversified Scalerz as well) and all of the fantastic people that you might only see once a year. So in this respect, a few of the kits that I have purchased have been a little bit on the expensive side of things! LOL
  11. Thank you for the replies. Nacho Z, I used to participate on Facebook, but have not for quite some time. Maybe I should reboot my Facebook activity by updating/modifying my settings. There is, no doubt, a lot of good information that can be obtained through Facebook. Tom, all of the points you mentioned are excellent and seem to be grounded in common sense. I am familiar with the Tamiya kit that my friend Peter is building, and fit should be no issue. I also know that he and I went on a shopping trip to Dailey Hobbies so that he would have the Tamiya LP paints required. Since this is his first foray into this event, I am wishing him all the best. Again, thank you for sharing your thoughts, and I will be cheering on all those individuals and teams that hit the start button on Saturday!
  12. I am not partisipating this year, however a good friend of mine is (peter31a on this board). I believe that Tom has a "system" that works for him. Are there any hints/suggestions/pointers that some of the 24h veterans can offer up for new guys trying this daunting task?
  13. The exterior paint and interior color choice compliment each other. A clean build that could pass for the real thing. Well done.
  14. Nice looking Prowler. Great choice of color for the flame treatment. It gives them an icy appearance. Also, good job on shoe-horning the 340 into what amounts to a very limited space.
  15. I have a variety of paints from many mfgs. Most of my spray cans are from Tamiya. Bottles from Tamiya, Gunze, Humbrol, Testor, Bob's, Splash and others. Lately I have been buying a lot of artist's acrylics, mostly Golden brand. It is interesting that the pricing structure for these acrylics is based somewhat on the cost of the pigment itself. I do not know this for a fact, but it seems that the quality of the pigment in artist's acrylics is better than those found in hobby specific acrylics. Thinning them is to the same consistency that you would for any acrylic in order to spray through an airbrush.
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