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  1. Tamiya Ferrari F1 kit for trade

    Hi Droogie. Do you have any specific open wheel cars or GT/Prototypes in mind. I may have something in the stash. Any kits that I might have would be sealed/bagged inside. I have not done a lot of trades, but most recently have traded with both Renegade and Matija.
  2. Finished my first model

    Great result on the Fireball car. You are off to a great start. Thoughts on how to proceed with future builds and a positive attitude are both great assets for your future modelling endeavors.
  3. 1/24 Dunlop/Denloc in white

    Hi Brian, I just checked the IndyCals website out of curiosity. Under the sports car tire decals, it has "Duns - Coming Soon". You might want to email them to find out if this is still true, and if so, how soon.
  4. Question about me new TCP Master TC-20-T Compressor

    Mike , is the compressor that you bought? If so the on/off psi values are factory set. The pressure regulator/water trap is on the left in the picture. You lift the knob on the top and then turn it to either increase or decrease your pressure. Do this while your airbrush is attached, and the compressor is on, and you have the trigger depressed. This will give you a more accurate reading of the psi that you are spraying at. Hope this explanation is clear and makes sense.
  5. Hasegawa lancia kit questions

    You are correct. The Lancia 037 Rally 1983 Sanremo Rally has full engine detail. The Lancia Delta HF Intergrale 16V '91 1000 Lakes Rally only has the bottom portion of the engine molded into the chassis plate.
  6. Hand painting

    Quentin, I realize that nobody wants to have to buy an additional product to make painting possible. Tamiya has a product called Paint Retarder (Acrylic). It come in a glass bottle the same as their Extra Thin Cement. The cap is turquoise in colour. It is an additive which slows down the drying time. It allows the paint to self level. Tamiya acrylics are great when airbrushing, but somewhat problematic when brush painted. Decant a small amount of paint to a separate container, and then ad a drop or two of the paint retarder. Hopefully this will help. Thinking of Snake's response, acrylic paint retarder could help with most craft acrylic paints. It may not even be necessary to buy Tamiya's product. Many art supply brands have their own acrylic paint retarder.
  7. TS-16, Yellow, is the closest to Lemon Yellow. TS-34, Camel Yellow, is much more of an orange-yellow. The Renault colour that you are looking for is definitely yellow, as opposed to orange-yellow.
  8. MCM T-Shirts, New Colors/Sizes

    Will they be available at the NNL East?
  9. As always Adam, this reviews is informative, and even better humorous! Thanks for great start-of-the-day read!
  10. Splash Paints LLC Order

    That was an obvious oversight on my part. Here you go ... https://www.splash-paints.com/ I have not sprayed them yet. I am waiting for a change to warmer weather in my area
  11. Splash Paints LLC Order

    Samuel, that is great information concerning how to achieve a semi-gloss finish. I had been thinking about that very issue! LOL
  12. I placed an order with Splash Paints LLC last Friday, March 23. It just arrived today. The order was contained in two USPS Priority Mail boxes attached together. The contents were protected inside with foam peanuts. Besides being extremely fast, the cost was more than reasonable at just over $15. All of the colors I purchased are flat, base-coat in nature. They come in 1 fl.oz. plastic bottles with metal ball agitator. They should be clear coated. They are airbrush ready and just require shaking the bottle before use. Here are is a list of the products that I purchased: Viking Blue SP-031 Green H*ll Magno SP-029 Racing Yellow SP-006 Rubystone Red SP-016 Grigio Titans SP-027 Solarbeam Yellow SP-026 Miami Blue SP-024 Ultra Violet Purple SP-021 Giallo Triplo Strato SP-022 Arancio Atlas SP-003 I also purchased Gloss Clear (2 fl.oz.) and Flat Clear (2 fl.oz.) The Gloss Clear comes with Activator (0.5 fl.oz.) and thinner (0.5 fl.oz.) Ratio 4:1:1 The Flat Clear comes with Activator (0.5 fl.oz.) Ratio 5:1 On top of all of this, a dozen pipettes were included free of charge! At this point, I am a very satisfied customer with the service that I received on this order.
  13. Most Used Paint Color?

    Easily Tamiya Semi Gloss Black, both X-18 and TS-29.
  14. 1/20 Tamiya Lotus Type 79 Martini

    Scott, this looks great so far. The Mr. Metal Color Aluminum looks a lot less grainy than the Tamiya acrylic aluminum.
  15. Isuzu Gemini

    Andre, Wheels & Wings has the first few in this new Tamiya line of bottled lacquers. They will be adding to the range as it expands.