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  1. I just reread your post Michael, and reread all of the prior posts. I apologize as I believe that I misinterpreted your comment. Are you saying that the low comments to views ratio can be partially attributed to lack of membership?
  2. I am a member of the forum, but have not commented thus far. Michael, as to your post from above, I now see this message before I log in: "Join the conversation You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account." I'm not sure if this might be a contributing factor in this situation. People may comment, because they can, and then not register as forum members.
  3. Bruce, there is a member of the F1M forum who makes different sizes and brands of 1/12 F1 tires. I believe his forum name is Icon Modeller.
  4. Bruce, those will all be nice additions. I believe I now have all of Tamiya's 1/12 F-1 kits. I am partial to the McLaren M23, as that was one of the cars that I saw in my first attended GP event! Show Berger some love! LOL 🤣
  5. Bruce, nice kit acquisition. One of Tamiya's nicely detaiied !/12 F-1 kits. So, Senna or Berger, when you get to this one?
  6. Nice score on the three Rosso kits. As you said, the detail is quite impressive. I remember that the A pillars on the NSX were quite fragile when I built it. They included a metal weight insert to give it some heft!
  7. A generous thought Cameron, but read the last line of Dan's initial post.
  8. Moderators, i"m thinking that it might be time to bring this thread to a close. An individual appears to have the need to get the last word in. All it appears to do, is exacerbate the situation. All at the cost of an individual who innocently posted a wonderful new creation.
  9. Then 1/12 is probably way out of the question!
  10. Yes, it was. The Revell kit is a repop of the Protar 1/12 scale Ferrari 312T. A better choice would be the Tamiya kit which can be found easily on eBay.
  11. I don't really think that Tamiya missed the mark. They are pretty thorough in the research and description of their models. Tamiya never did in fact, a model of the Toyota 88C, only two versions of the 88C-V (Minolta and Taka-Q). The description does not say that it raced at LeMans. The 88C-V was a development of the 88C and was raced in the all Japan Series in preparation for competing in upcoming LeMans. You are correct in that the further developed 89C-V did not race at LeMans. It was not until the the 1990 LeMans that the the Toyota 90C-V competed, where the number 36 finished 6th in class and overall.
  12. Could this be the thread?
  13. I purchased this kit used, and unfortunately no decals. If anyone has this kit and would be kind enough to scan the decals, I would be sincerely appreciative. Bill A.
  14. Nicely finished. That's the first time I've seen the turbo version of this kit. I always thought that it was an interesting car in a quirky kind of way.
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