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  1. Ed Krause added a post in a topic Lindberg '34 Ford 'Custom' Pickup   

    Is this the kit that has the gray and orange customs and black stock build on the cover? If so, my kit did NOT have the additional tires and set up for the dual wheel/tires in the rear, but rather wide custom tires and wheels, and in addition to the tow truck parts, it also has the stake bed like the previous release, though these options are not shown on the box art.
    Wondering why.....


  2. Ed Krause added a post in a topic Lindberg '34 Ford 'Custom' Pickup   

  3. Ed Krause added a post in a topic Help finding Model Cars Magazine in Florida...   

    Know this is an old post, but the other day I picked up the latest issue of MCM at one of very few LHS in Albuquerque, NM and it is now the only magazine publication they now carry. When I asked why, he said all the other mags including SAE along with die cast and radio control magazines were not selling, so he stopped carrying them.

    Ed K
  4. Ed Krause added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Tale of two trucks
    Would like more information on the Tale of Two Trucks in the January 2009 issue.
    The information seemed to be lacking on what was used to extend the frame rails for the flat bed version. A picture showed where the cuts in the kit frame were made, but nothing was mention on what or how long the frame extensions were. Would have liked to see pictures of the frame modifications.

    I probably had that old issue of Car Model magazine, but with the numerous moves I made since 1972, it either got tossed or permanently misplaced, so I cannot refer to it for the how to.

    I have one of the original IMC L-700 tractors, built up, but other than after construction paint touch ups, the kit was not painted during original contruction as it was built before I started painting my builds. Did not start painting my builds until 1971, so used to have many unpainted builds in my collection, which now are down to just a handful.

    And yes, as mentioned in other posts, installing the doors was a pain, ended up glueing my shut out of frustration.


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