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  1. migace added a post in a topic 77 Chevy Monte Carlo   

  2. migace added a topic in Diecast and Resincast Models   

    1979 Scout Traveler And Scout Terra WOW~~
    Love it! Cant wait Here are some pre production shots. Maker is one of my favorites in diecast First Gear.
    Also these are in 1/25 scale!!

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  3. migace added a post in a topic AMT 1965 GTO   

    this trans kit looks very tempting might need this!!! bandit resins

  4. migace added a post in a topic AMT 1965 GTO   

    What a great concept looks like that Safari wagon was made from grafting the chevelle wagon onto the pontiac body. Often times forget the GM intermediates shared many similarities
  5. migace added a post in a topic AMT 1965 GTO   

    Also any photos of these 1965 GTO's with the better parts?
  6. migace added a post in a topic AMT 1965 GTO   

    Oh that history lesson is fantastic. I love a challenge!
  7. migace added a topic in Car Kit News & Reviews   

    AMT 1965 GTO
    I recently gotten an older release of an AMT 65 GTO. The 1986 brown plastic version. Been adding details to it etc. One thing that really is bad on the car is the front headlights are all wrong. They protrude from the headlight housing. So I started to scratch build the headlight buckets, but wanted to pick up another bumper assembly as a back up. When I was online I noticed that in the later editions it seems that the box art car had newer improved headlights that looked better and more correct. Did AMT revise the part or did they just photo shop the picture. Here is what I mean. pics below: Should I just go ahead and get the newer version of the kit? Also looking at the original castings from the first releases and the promos from 1965 the headlight housings also seem to be correct. Although I would never go the expense of getting one of those originals. Thoughts please. I know there are you guys that know the real story. Thank you all for your help!

    Newer one

    Older version headlights (they come above the housings):

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  8. migace added a post in a topic Chinese Jeep Cherokee XJ 1/18   

    you have brought up a very untapped source of revenue for who ever would kit this subject. it is about as popular if not more so than people who are into fox body mustangs. Think about all the people who would buy multiples of this to do various subjects.
  9. migace added a post in a topic 1977 Firebird Trans Am Rockford Files Special   

    ill check the can again but a dupli gold of some shade
  10. migace added a topic in Under Glass   

    1977 Firebird Trans Am Rockford Files Special
    Built from those wonderful build your own Promos that were out for a short time in the 70's. I always thought James Garner should have picked the Trans Am or even a Formula instead of the Esprit trim. So here is a what if car.

    Comments welcome!





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  11. migace added a post in a topic One more raptor   

    love the truck and color, i bet with so many of us experienced modelers buying and building this kit someone might come out with a real decal sheet for it.
  12. migace added a post in a topic 1958 Chevy Suburban with factory Napco 4 wheel drive option   

    I love that Suburban, I too share your interest in these vehicles, and I must say I wish that was in my collection!
    You did a wonderful job
  13. migace added a post in a topic 68 Dodge 9 car hauler   

    wonderful i love it!
  14. migace added a post in a topic Revell SVT Ford Raptor   

    Thank you for the comments sorry for the poor pics