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  1. i have that one too was able to purchase it when it was at new at NAPA for WIX filters in the old days. Great find you will enjoy owning it!
  2. Their 1/18 and their 1/64 even their 1/43 always better what's the problem you think when they try 1/24? Maybe the only decent 1/24 would be the 74-75 Monaco
  3. Always thanks for looking and sharing too!
  4. A-Team van by greenlight. Check it out.
  5. I took a look at this car, has body issues very odd looking but presentable too. What do you all think?
  6. migace

    1978 VW SCIROCCO

    i foiled the scrips and the blackwashed them they look like decals though!
  7. migace

    1978 VW SCIROCCO

    tires have a scrip on them i think will have to take another pic, yes car has engine it wouldnt load the pic for some reason.
  8. Built this nice VW. Goes together well just need to take your time and test everything just like older AMT’s need to. Paint by model master lacquers. Thanks!
  9. Here are my current ones I purchased, I love these things, also looking forward to the new ones Ill coming out Ill post them next!
  10. This is a video of the recently put out GreenLight 1/18 scale Dodge Monaco, its a real beauty. I already taken it apart and detailed the interior a little bit, I also bought the 1/18 scale 1975 Plymouth Fury, these are great vehicles!! Also they are going to be releasing the 1977 Fury as well, and it will be in an Army Military Police version for the A team Line also they will have a 1977 Fury New York New Jersey Port Authority car too.
  11. Again try to keep them simple and clean. I really like the stance on this one. Testors Nassau blue met.
  12. Those wheels look awesome they would really spruce up my greenlight Monaco’s. Also the color on the truck is testors lime ice.
  13. Thanks everyone I really like green on the 70,s stuff
  14. Hello everyone, haven't posted in a while but I have some built kits I have been building hopefully that I will post soon! Used the Lil Red Truck, was a fun build I love the older AMT MPC stuff! I used parts pack tires, resin wheels from Scenes Unlimited love them too, they are the GM rallys, but then i put the Chrysler caps on them the looked like the Chrysler police wheels so painted them to match and makes the truck look like a nice muscle truck. I cleaned up the drip rails and used some strip styrene to make all the trim for the two tone. paint was testors model master lacquers.
  15. Saw this listed on Tower. One was also listed with molded color version too. You all think it will be full detail or a showroom series version like the Corvette and 2010 Camaro from AMT. http://www3.towerhobbies.com/cgi-bin/wti0001p?&I=LXFXHE&P=W
  16. looks like you can turn the key and take off, that is one nice ford
  17. Supurb wow fantastic job well done
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