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  1. I just watched the Hirohata sell. The bidding started at 400000. The reserve was 1000000 and it sold at 1950000 !!
  2. Phildaupho


    Excellent quartet of awesome looking Gassers. I like em all but especially the Shoebox Ford
  3. A very attractive 1951 Merc traditional custom [pictured below] failed to reach reserve today with a high bid of $65000. It is a more recent custom and of course does not have the provenance of the Hirohata. The Hirohata was for sale privately for many months represented by Wayne Carini who I am sure approached all the likely buyers. At the auction on Saturday the Hirohata will have a reserve so it may not sell. If it does sell at or above the reserve, it will be big money. That being said, the family does want to sell the car. Wayne Carini is a wise and realistic man when it comes to car values so the reserve must be an amount he feels is achievable with a hope of exceeding. I am guessing the reserve is between $500,00 and $750,000. It is going to be fascinating to see what happens.
  4. Check out this YouTube video in which Chasing Classic Cars' Wayne Carini who is representing the car at the Mecum Auction gives a great walk around of the Hirohata Mercury
  5. Hard to beat the looked of a chopped and channeled 3-W Deuce. Very interesting seeing the two versions. Excellent use of the recent Model A chassis and Hemi engine to enhance the old Deuce Coupe body.
  6. You are doing a great job so far on your classic Deuce. Maybe you should plan a trip to Victoria in July for Deuce Days and the Deuce Days in Scale Model Car Show !!
  7. You are the Pro-Touring Master. Can hardly wait to see this awesome Camaro Under Glass.
  8. Thanks guys - Maybe this will stimulate more builds of the Vette-Agin. A very cool model could result from adding body parts of 1/24 '57 Corvette.
  9. Thanks Alan - I bought my first Danbury Mint model recently - an Auburn Speedster - a car I have always admired. I started building an Auburn model from a Lindberg re-issue of the Pyro list. It was such a poor kit that I ended up throwing it in the garbage can.
  10. Thanks Steve - I hope to start painting the body this coming week.
  11. The Hirohata Merc is going to be auctioned Saturday January 15, 2022. Check out 73 photos of what the car looks like now. It is going to be interesting to find out how much it goes for and where it ends up. I am going to record the auction coverage. It is on Discovery/Velocity in Canada and Motor Trend in USA. The auction can be also be viewed on-line. All cars being auctioned have a great set of photos which can be very helpful for model car builders. 1951 Hirohata Mercury Custom | S152 | Kissimmee 2022 (mecum.com)
  12. You have an amazing production line turning out top notch cars of such a wide variety
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