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  1. Phildaupho added a post in a topic 1967 Trans-Am Mustang   

  2. Phildaupho added a post in a topic 1967 Trans-Am Mustang   

    They will be perfect on a GT350R. I used them on a 1/24 R/M 65 Mustang convertible that I made into a notchback A-Sedan race car
  3. Phildaupho added a post in a topic 1967 Trans-Am Mustang   

    I have used the R&M Shelby wheels on a previous build and really liked them but I am going with what I have although the spokes will be painted and centers detailed.
  4. Phildaupho added a topic in On The Workbench   

    1967 Trans-Am Mustang

    My next project is a replica of the Jerry Titus Team Shelby-Terliginga 1967 Mustang Notch-back Trans-Am racecar. I decided to build this model for a number of reasons.
    -         It was on my list of previously started projects, which I made a resolution to complete before starting something new.
    -         I long ago decided to build a grid of early Trans-Am car and have collected the kits and parts to build about sixteen models but so far have only completed two.
    -         The first weekend of July I was planning to attend the 50th Anniversary at Pacific Raceways Kent Washington of the final race of the ’67 Trans-Am Series at which Jerry Titus crashed this car in practice. He had to borrow a car for the race. Mustang beat Cougar to the Championship and Titus was the top driver.
    -         Much to my surprise back in ‘67, my father traded his beige and boring ’62 Ford Galaxie 500 4-door sedan for a brand new lime green ’67 Mustang Notchback 289 2-barrel automatic which when I rarely got to drive it I removed the grill ornament and installed baby Moons. I have always been attracted to the second generation Mustang Notchbacks.
    HISTORY – Shelby American  built 26 1967 Group II Notchback Mustangs for the Trans-Am Series. In terms of suspension, steering and brakes they essentially were very similar to the 1965 Shelby GT350R’s.
    THE MODEL - I taped together my progress so far to take to a model club meeting so I could not resist posting. My camera got ripped off recently so please excuse the quality of the attached photos.
    BODY - I started with the very good AMT ’67 Mustang GT Fastback kit. I converted the body to a notchback a number of years ago. It was my second notchback conversion. I previously built a replica of my nephew’s ’68 over twenty years ago. The conversion entails grafting on the roof and trunk from the AMT ’66 Mustang Coupe. Some additional plastic and putty is required around the rear window and at the trailing edge of the trunk to approximate the ’67 Mustang characteristics.
    In front I removed the grill to be replaced with mesh. The license plate area was opened up and the bumper mount arrangement was added.
    INTERIOR – The rear seat was removed and filled. The floor was smoothed.
    ENGINE – The rules allowed two 4-barrel carbs. I fabricated the manifold and used carbs from  Revell ’32 Ford kits which also provided the exhaust manifolds.
    CHASSIS – The front spindles were raised. The inner sides of the wheel tubs were cut, bent inwards and filled for the wider tires. The rear spring mounts were cut down and the forward end of the springs now attach to the “frame rails” to provide clearance for wider tires.
    WHEELS & TIRES – The American Racing wheel came from the Revell C3 Corvette racecar kits as are the Goodyear Bluestreak Sportscar Special tires. The wheel backs are from the Revell ’32 3-W with hubs ground off. Wheels were drilled to fit directly on axles/spindles.
    PAINT – Shelby referred to the body color as “Gawd awful yellow”. I will use Testor’s light yellow enamel and semi-gloss black
    DECALS – Will be those produced years ago by Fred Cady

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  5. Phildaupho added a post in a topic 1938 Ford Tudor Sedan from Lindberg Custom Van   

    This is one very attractive sedan. Well done.
  6. Phildaupho added a post in a topic '32 Ford Full Bellypan Lakes Roadster - Updated 05-20   

    Great start Bernard. Looking forward to future updates.
  7. Phildaupho added a post in a topic ´32 Ford 3-window.   

    Chopped, channelled, tangerine paint, blown Ardun, wide whites!! All my favorite things for a tasty hot rod recipe have checked and well prepared.
  8. Phildaupho added a post in a topic racing corvettes   

    Nice to see one of my favorite straight axle Corvette race cars in scale. Hope to built one someday!!
  9. Phildaupho added a post in a topic Larry's '51 Jaguar XK120 coupe....In his own words   

    I have always really liked the shape of the roofs on early XKs. Yours is gorgeous. Fantastic metal work.
  10. Phildaupho added a post in a topic A Lil' Red Roadster - Channeled Revell '29 Ford - 4-22 Bonus Pics added   

    Groovy looking hot rod and your photography is right on.
    Ciao Phil currently in Spain with model car withdrawal !!
  11. Phildaupho added a post in a topic Shelby Cobra CSX2260 FIA Roadster ’64 Targa Florio   

    Another outstanding Cobra model for your transporter !!
  12. Phildaupho added a post in a topic Ferrari 340/375MM - '54 Carrera Panamericana   

    Very impressed with your model built from an obviously very good kit. I have always been attracted to Mexican Road Race cars both historical and more recent. A number of years ago I saw Phil Hill race the Ferrari at the Monterey Historics. Very memorable.
  13. Phildaupho added a post in a topic Andy Brizio's 32 Ford Deuce Roadster   

    Great start Adam. I think your model would look fabulous with those decals - maybe not an exact replica but a great looking Deuce none the less.
  14. Phildaupho added a post in a topic Deuce 5ive Window Coupe   

    I really like your Deuce. Very well done chop and your choice of alternative parts and paint is excellent.
  15. Phildaupho added a post in a topic Moebius - Now that the Comet is out, What's Next   

    I'd vote for a '59 Pontiac but I also really like the idea of a Studebaker Golden Hawk or Gran Turismo Hawk