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  1. Phildaupho added a post in a topic Lou Sell Eagle   

    I like this a lot. The F-5000 was a great series with the cars that sounded so good.
  2. Phildaupho added a post in a topic Revell '29 Roadster Altered   

    Lookin right some good there by!!
  3. Phildaupho added a post in a topic Red Runner 32 Ford cabriolet   

    Beautifully unusual. Great assembly of unique parts. Well engineered engine. You brought everything together to make one extremely appealing Deuce very well presented with photos and descriptions.
  4. Phildaupho added a post in a topic ANOTHER '32 Ford...   

    Very nicely detailed Deuce Sedan. I really like the brown roof insert and running boards.  All the photo-etch looks great but I especially like the hood latches & handles. The amber driving lights are also a nice touch. This is the sort of model we are looking forward to seeing at Deuce Days in Scale in Victoria BC July 24.
  5. Phildaupho added a post in a topic '32 Ford 3 Window - Late 50's Hot Rod   

    Channeled Deuce Coupes just look so right especially with whitewall slicks!!
  6. Phildaupho added a post in a topic Deuce Days in Scale Victoria BC Canada July 24, 2016   

    The 1/1 Deuce Days taking place at the same time as Deuce Days in Scale is going to be the largest gathering of Deuces in the world. Of the 1148 cars officially registered, 558 are Deuces!! Cars are coming from all over North America as well as Australia, new Zealand, Finland and Sweden. Deuce Days in Scale will unlikely match these statistics but will easily exceed the scale of the largest Deuce model of 1/8 scale and more likely be heading for 1/4 scale.
    It is going to be a very busy weekend in Victoria so if you want to attend you should make your travel plans sooner than later. If you are traveling to the Pacific Northwest for an extended time you could also take in a Goodguys event the following weekend in Puyallup Washington
    For more information on Deuce Days in Scale check the website
  7. Phildaupho added a post in a topic Tamiya LaFerrari   

    Very good looking model well presented by top notch photography.
  8. Phildaupho added a post in a topic AC Ace Bristol - 5/22 Update   

    Great project. I really like the way the exhaust headers look on this AC owned by an acquaintance.

  9. Phildaupho added a post in a topic Deuce Sedan - chopped/highboy - six color choices   

    Thanks for your comments. I decided to play around a bit more with photo shop to see what the model would like in different colors. I think I like black best.

  10. Phildaupho added a post in a topic Deuce Sedan - chopped/highboy - six color choices   

    A couple more photos. Showing suspension. Cannot remember where I got the coil overs.
  11. Phildaupho added a post in a topic Deuce Sedan - chopped/highboy - six color choices   

    I added a couple more photos as lead in to the post.
  12. Phildaupho added a post in a topic Deuce Sedan - chopped/highboy - six color choices   

    Not sure why you are having a problem. I checked using another device and all the 5 photos I posted show up.
  13. Phildaupho added a topic in Under Glass   

    Deuce Sedan - chopped/highboy - six color choices

    This Goodguys Deuce Sedan model is a tribute to Gary Meadors the founder of the Goodguys Rod & Custom Association who passed away late last year. The huge car shows Gary staged were instrumental in the growth in popularity of street rodding. He was also a big supporter of the model car hobby having model events in conjunction with the Goodguys car shows. His Deuce Tudor became the symbol of the Goodguys. Both the Revell 5-Window Deuce Coupe and Deuce Highboy Roadster eventually featured the Goodguys logo on their boxes and had Goodguys decals inside. So it is very appropriate that Deuce Days in Scale pays tribute to Gary Meadors.
    Gary owned the Deuce Sedan since the early 70’s. It has had three different configurations and is said to have travelled over 700,000 miles as street-rod. The basic current version is 30 years old and was painted by Sam Foose and a youngster named Chip. Although it is of a style that is in many ways dated, it wears it well and has achieved iconic status. There was a later day updated version built by Kindig it Designs as a give away car. Gary once said his Deuce may have been the most photographed hot rod of all time but most of those photos were taken in the digital era so I really had to search to find photos of the interior and back end of the car. I never did find a good photo of the engine or rear running gear.

    Top chopped about 3 scale inches
    Roof & hood top smoothed
    Cowl light and door handle mounts filled
    Grill photo-etch mesh Buffed Titanium Metallizer
    Taillights cut in
    Side mirrors from Revell 37 Ford Coupe
    Tinted windows
    Front & back seat bottoms lowered. Centre console fabricated
    Dash simulates wood grain and digital gauge panel
    Testor’s Wood Tan over Fabric Tan Lacquer
    Bobbed front & rear
    Rear roll pan molded
    Suspension from kit but mostly dechromed & lowered
    Fronts from AMT Double Dragster
    Rears from Deuce Highboy
    The real car appears to have a SBC but because the model will be displayed with closed hood, the model has the kit supplied SBF.
    PAINT – The paint is supposed to be Tamiya Chrome Yellow TS-47 which I have used before and should have been very close to the real car’s lemony yellow but it turned out more like Camel Yellow TS-34. It is almost like the can was mislabeled. Of course I did not notice this until the model was completely assembled. Side graphics extracted from a low resolution photo and converted to ink jet decals.

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  14. Phildaupho added a post in a topic Revell's new Corvette Racing C7R   

    Awesome model of an incredibly cool racecar. It is well worth the extra clicks to view the photos.
  15. Phildaupho added a post in a topic NNL EAST #30 Photos   

    Thanks for the photos of this awesome event which unfortunately I probably will never get to in person. So many incredible models.