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  1. Always great to see a Champ Car and yours looks great. These were really nice kits. I still have an All American Racer version in my stash.
  2. Some great modelling going on here that I am sure is going to result in a very unique Ferrari.
  3. Love that gar station photo. That car has a great stance. The AMT 49 Ford has to rate highly as one of the most significant North American kits of all time. I got my first one at the AMT Pavilion at the 1962 Seattle Worlds Fair. Pretty neat that it is one of the common kit classes for the last GSL in 2023.
  4. Your extra time spent on this project was worth it. This is a fantastic interpretation of Model A Coupe Hot Rod built with a great selection of parts.
  5. One of the more interesting looking sport prototypes from the era. Nice to see a well built little model big on the computer screen.
  6. Great looking model of a great looking race car. I just came across the program from that race but it did not include any photos of that car.
  7. Thank you Bernard for such a complete explanation. The resulting decals look fantastic on your model
  8. Great looking show rod. Just the right combination of everything. I am intrigued with your decals. How did you do the artwork?
  9. Fantastically built lo-boy. This kit can produce some great looking hot rods and you have definitely proved that !!
  10. I finally completed the interior and engine compartment so the entire inner body structure could be fully assembled. The split in front seat was cut open. Arm rests, cranks and levers were added to the door panels and a clutch pedal added to the floor board. Green trim done with .2mm archival ink pen which will look OK looking through the windows and to the naked eye. The carpet area is dark green as will be the headliner The engine compartment was built pretty much box stock except for filling the holes in the firewall for mounting a bee-hive filter. The radiator was modified for the dual flathead cooling hoses. I have to say I was very impressed with this kit in terms of the interior, engine compartment and chassis. Now on to finishing the body.
  11. This topic has generated lots of interesting points of view. As a teenager and young man I preferred Car & Driver while my best friend read Road & Track which I switched to as an adult until discovering Autoweek and Autosport. A couple of years ago I was offered subscriptions for 2 years to R&T and 1 year to C/D at price I could not resist. Before either subscription expired and only a few months after renewing long-term to Autoweek it was taken over by the publishers of R&T - C/D and now only exists on-line. After many emails I was finally offered an extension to either R&T or C/D. I never warmed back up to C/D so chose R&T. I have to agree that just like C/D, the magazine being discussed is only R&T in name. None the less, I am much happier with this substitute magazine than I am with Fine Scale Modeller. I think I will at least find the new R&T entertaining if not as informative as it used to be.
  12. I will definitely buy the DVD if it is made available and spread the news when and if it is available. Thanks Tim
  13. This was their reply on Nov 10 2020 - Thank you for contacting Fine Scale Modeler Magazine. This item is out of stock and has been discontinued. Unfortunately, the only Scale Auto DVD ROM we have available is the "Scale Auto: First 35 Years DVD ROM".
  14. There is a very nice feature called Birth of Cool on the Hirohata Merc - surprisingly in the current Road & Track magazine
  15. Road & Track is like a completely new print magazine. The current issue has a wide ranging custom car theme which includes an article called Birth of Cool about the Hirohata Merc as well as an article on Roth's Orbitron and for sports car fans there are many custom Porsche 911s featured
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