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  1. Fantastic looking TROGster and very well done. I like it a lot.
  2. I bet your brothers were very pleased to get their Mustangs back. Very nice gifts.
  3. Thanks Chris. It was great to talk to Tom Gloy and have a close examination of his car and be able to point out the similarities I was able to incorporate in the model Thanks Steve
  4. Nice looking model of an obviously very good kit. Great to see the areas that would be hard to get a good view of with the body on and sitting on a display table.
  5. Thanks Guys - I appreciate your comments. As much as I like to see my previous builds in the display case and be able to hold them; I have become content to look at photos of them.
  6. Looks like you were at Deuce Days in Victoria BC - the biggest Deuce show in the world. Did you make it to Deuce Days in Scale - the model car show the same day?
  7. Thanks Craig. It was a very interesting project and I was pleased and surprised I had all the parts in my stash to pull it off.
  8. Great looking Deuce and very impressive parts from Drag City
  9. Super nice build and excellent photos.
  10. Great lookin and well done. Don't know if I would want to own or drive the real thing but this one very cool and well executed model car.
  11. This technology blows me away and you are obviously very good at it. Amazing engine.
  12. A chopped 5W with fenders is my favourite Deuce I have yet to build so looking forward to seeing your build progress
  13. Definitely agree with some other replies that it is very cool to see the Futura and Batmobile side by side. I knew they were related but very neat to see how closely related.
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