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  1. Very good looking Cobra, The changes you made are very effective.
  2. Yes I like it. I went with my parents to look at a new one in late 61 or early 62. I think the "sporty" version was called the S-22. They did not buy it but I sure liked the bucket seats. I see you are a Falcon guy. So am I. had a 65 V-8 4-speed hardtop for a few years and sometimes wish I still had it.
  3. The images are very effective. I have a GT40 on the to do list. I have everything I need to build a version of one of the Canadian Comstock Team cars. Have not decided to do it as a Sebring 66 version or as I saw it race a number of times driven by Eppie Weitz. I bought the Thunder Valley kit over 20 years ago with the intension of building a GT40 MK-I but have yet to do so.
  4. Very interesting to see your custom Woody progressing with all the traditional styling features. It is going to be stunning once completed.
  5. I don't often look at the Drag Racing category but 62 Ford caught my eye as my parents bought one new and still had it when I got my licence in 65. It was a beige 4-door which I thought was just about the uncoolist car to drive to the hamburger joint but I always pretended it looked like your model. Well done.
  6. Alan - I have really enjoyed this thread. Thanks for posting.
  7. I really like your choice of components for this traditional hot rod
  8. Thanks Russ - I am going to work on the stance and have some questions for you regarding your use of the Wagon Rod chassis under your 40 Ford Pickup
  9. Extensive modifications were required to the engine compartment to accommodate the LS-1 engine. The firewall was severely recessed meaning service to the back cylinders would need to be done from inside the car. New flat styrene engine compartment sides were installed to provide for the width of the LS-1 and give clearance for the a-arm suspension. The stock radiator was retained but twin electric fans were added. Inside the Woody a new transmission tunnel was installed. Because of the set back of the firewall into the interior and the location of the shifter pedals will be hung from the dash plus a longer steering column and bucket seats will be used. The wood panels are made from cigar box liners. When fully assembled I think it will sit a little lower in front.
  10. Very effective conversion, I believe the engines in the Series 1 were badged as Oldsmobiles. although technically the same as the Cadillac engines.
  11. I always enjoy reading your posts and viewing your models. This is going to be one handsome Deuce.
  12. Thanks David - The Wagon Rod firewall did not offer any real help so I have recessed the stock firewall. I will be using flat styrene for the engine compartment sides however. Photos to come.
  13. I am a Falcon guy so always great to see one under construction
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