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  1. Phildaupho added a post in a topic Memorial build #1, Chaparral 2D Daytona   

    The Chaparral 2D may have been the most modified racecar over one season ever. It still is owned by Jim Hall in the final configuration that it raced and won in Europe. Do a Google image search for Chaparral 2D Daytona and lots of photos of all configurations will come up.
    I did a conversion to replicate the final configuration which I took to the Monterey Historics the year Jim Hall and the Chaparrals were being honored. I was pleased to have Jim Hall autograph the bottom of my model. Before all the Chaparrals were set up for display I managed to get this photo of my model and the real 2D.

  2. Phildaupho added a post in a topic '26/'27 turtle deck T hot rod kits requested   

    Not sure how I lost your text but I agree an Ardun equipped V-*-60 is a very cool looking engine and would be an excellent choice for a '27 T track-roadster

  3. Phildaupho added a topic in Car Kit News & Reviews   

    '26/'27 turtle deck T hot rod kits requested
    As suggested by Matt and Tim Boyd, I for one would love to see new '26/'27 turtle deck T hot rod kits both as a Roadster and a Coupe with the option of building full-fendered with hood or not. The only styrene kits I am aware of from the past were the AMT '27 Phaeton and the Revell Buttera Sedan/Delivery. I am also aware of a few resin 27's. I think a '26/'27 turtle deck T kit would be very popular. Maybe if enough of us post our desire for  a '26/'27 turtle deck T kit, it just might happen.
    ‘26/‘27 turtle deck T hot rods? With period-correct drivetrain and suspension? Oh yeah. "
    Matt....not this weekend, at least, but I'm pushing this one really, really hard with one of the kitmakers.  Others are doing the same. 
    Recommend you (and anyone else who agrees with Matt) to let the kitmaker of your choice know of your desires now....
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  4. Phildaupho added a post in a topic 1933 Bugatti 50 T - Heller's classic 1/24 kit after fixing (hopefully all) its conspicuous shortcomings   

    Not only do you build fantastic models but your photography is outstanding. How do you make the background disappear?
  5. Phildaupho added a post in a topic SEMA 32 FORD all about stance   

    Definitely a very cool wheel and tire combo. Tell us more.
  6. Phildaupho added a post in a topic While we're at it, a chopped '34 5-window too: MO' BETTER Nov.6   

    Geez. I was just going to comment how much I admired and liked your stretch!!
  7. Phildaupho added a post in a topic Revell 1932 Ford 5-window coupe   

    I really like what you did with your Deuce 5W.
  8. Phildaupho added a post in a topic Mazda MX5 RF Club SE   

    Beautifully done model of a very attractive car. I currently drive a 2007 MX-5 retractable which I love but every time I see one of these new ones I like them more and more.
  9. Phildaupho added a post in a topic Danica Patricks Aspen Dental Fusion   

    I have to say I am very impressed with these new Revell NASCAR kits and you have done a tremendous job building them.
  10. Phildaupho added a post in a topic Corvette SR-2 - fin & interior mods - Nov 5   

    This would be a great project for you. The Earl car originally had the low center fin and rear fender bumperettes with exhaust exits like this road car. After the Mitchell car was built, the Earl car received many of the updates although the elimination of the bumperettes and change to side exit exhaust came much later.
    Since raising and lengthening the fin I have been looking closer at photos of the real car and think the headrest/fairing/fin on the model should have been narrower and taller overall but I am going to stick with what I have. 
    I have a very close Humbrol Metallic Blue for the body and I am thinking of darkening down Testor's Pontiac Engine Blue for the interior.
  11. Phildaupho added a post in a topic Corvette SR-2 - fin & interior mods - Nov 5   

    -                Made the fin slightly higher and longer
    -         Lower front “lights” opened up as brake vents which will be filled with mesh
    -         Taillight lenses from Revell ’59 Corvette [I lost one of the Mini-Exotic resin lenses]
    -         The seats are modified Revell 427 Cobra. 
    -         Rear bulkhead fabricated
    -         The steering wheel was modified to have solid spokes. Center gauge panel came with Mini Exotic kit. Need to find a tachometer to mount       between steering wheel and speedometer
    -         The distinctive door panels modified to have recesses which were made from the side coves of the donor AMT Corvette
    -         Head rest thickness reduced by about half and scribed to represent pleats
  12. Phildaupho added a topic in On The Workbench   

    Corvette SR-2 - fin & interior mods - Nov 5
    This project combines the Mini-Exotic resin kit with the AMT 1957 Corvette kit to produce a replica of the blue SR-2. I started this 14 years ago and hope to get it finished before spring.

    The first SR-2 was modified from a stock 1956 Corvette for Harley Earl's son who wanted to go racing. This car became known as the Earl SR-2. Although originally painted red it later became better known for its blue color. The Earl car started off with a small central rear fin but was modified later to the headrest fin configuration. The second SR-2 was built from scratch to be a racecar under the direction of Bill Mitchell. This car has become known as the Mitchell or the red SR-2. The Mitchell car did not have the small scoops on the top of the fenders and had a license plate recess under to trunk. A third SR-2 was built strictly as a road car.

    -         The headlight cones were removed to be replaced by the plastic custom taillights from the AMT "50 Ford Convertible.
    -   The front fender top scoops replaced with ones from the   AMT '57 Corvette.
    -         The cove scripts and nose emblem were removed to be replaced with Model Car Garage photo-etched items.
    -         The dash required that the top be cut away from the plastic body to fit under the cockpit fairing. An extension was added to the centre part of the fairing.
    -         The headrest pad was cut off so it could be given pleat detail & painted separately
    -         Stock gas filler door lines filled
    -         Filled the cowl vent
    -         A small vertical tab was added to the body between the seats ahead of a fabricated rear bulkhead.
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  13. Phildaupho added a post in a topic 29 Model A 823c   

    With each photo as I scan down my attraction to this model increases. Very well done.
  14. Phildaupho added a post in a topic Split-Personality Chopped '34 Ford 3-Window. UPDATE: IFS, Ford 9", etc.   

    This is going to be one very tough looking hot rod. I really like the way you incorporated the NASCAR rearend. The Phantom Vickie wheels are very appropriate seeing as you are using the IFS from the same kit. The wheels would look less conspicuous if you painted or dull coated them which would give them a crossover look blending traditional and modern.
  15. Phildaupho added a post in a topic Dick Thompson 1962 Corvette   

    Good to see a solid axle C-1 Corvette race car. I have a few on my to build list.