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  1. Another delightful Cobraman crreation
  2. Excellent refresh and I really like your photography
  3. Very well-presented Deuce Coupe - love the garage setting, the gorgeous green paint and the wheel/tire combo.
  4. Thanks guys - The body is now in primer so final painting will soon begin. I attached the side trim before final painting as I predicted too many possibilities of disaster if doing it afterwards. Even at that I cut it in three sections at the door gaps. Plus the area inside the trim will be white so should make masking simpler. I also have the Cadillac V-12 ready to install. I am sure the original ignition wires were not green, but it was all I had on hand, and it should look good with the main green exterior colour.
  5. If no one has already claimed the #4 Chaparral Grand Sport, I will plan to build it.
  6. OK - if the #4 Grand Sport is still available, I will build it. I am still curious about your Cobra Daytona build -Do you have to lengthen the wheelbase or shorten the body because of you increasing the length of the bonnet?
  7. If these cars are still available, I would like to join in with the Lotus Cortina being my first choice and the Grand Sport my second.
  8. Andrew - I was surprised to find out you had to lengthen the bonnet on the Harold Bradford Daytona. Back on page 9 you say that the wheelbase was correct so unless I am missing something, does that mean you now have to shorten the body?
  9. I mocked up the interior in a convertible body to see how it fits and looks. The seats and side panels are from the Revell '49 Mercury. The front seat now has a one piece back. Some extra rolls and pleats were added to the rear shelf. On the door panels I added some hardware and arm rest. The custom steering was made from two '49 units with a clear lens in the centre. I have attached some interior photos of the car as it looks now. In later years purple was added to the top of the dash and the rear seat got painted black. A Mexican blanket covers the well-worn front seat upholstery.
  10. I agree totally with Misha's comments - "Great companion piece to the D’Agostino’s Olds! Always enjoyed his kustoms the best of all the builders. Congrats on your build,"
  11. I came across this looking for history on the car I had a ride in. This is the car back in the day at Grant King's shop here in Victoria. Can't make out the exact year on the license plate but likely the late 1950's
  12. This is one delicious custom. Excellent work. John D'Agostino had so many beautiful customs built over the years. I wonder how many have been built as model cars. Same goes for Richard Zoochi's customs.
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