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  1. Very nice to see a built Midget, Cannot remember when I last saw one. Yours is certainly very nice as are your photos. Vic Edelbrock had a similar combination in his museum.
  2. I enjoyed viewing this Corvette evolution. You will have to add a silver C8 when the kit hopefully becomes available
  3. Very, very cool custom. I was a real fan of Starbird creations back in the day and a fan of your custom now !!
  4. Beautifully built Z06, great photos and the other two are also look extremely nice
  5. Beautiful very well done model. All the best for your operation and recovery
  6. Super sweet Deuce. Gorgeous in all respects.
  7. Thanks Jim Thanks Larry
  8. Bob also raced a brand new 65 Mustang which continued to be raced very successfully for a couple of years by John Hall. The team also raced a Cooper Formula Junior and an MG A
  9. This is the Revell slot car kit from the early 1960's
  10. Thanks Pat Thanks Rich Thanks Dann Thanks Gary - A friend is arranging a meeting with a guy visiting Victoria who raced against this car in another 23B so that will be interesting.
  11. This model is a tribute to the Lotus 23B raced by Greater Vancouver resident Bob McLean before he was tragically killed in a Ford GT40 at the 1965 12 Hours of Sebring. I started with a Monogram Scarab and tried to make it at least resemble a 23B.
  12. Impressive model and fantastic photos. I have yet to see a full scale new Supra in the flesh. This is almost as good.
  13. Gorgeous. One of my all time favourite cars. Looks great in grey. Always wanted one of these kits and it is such a shame Italeri has been unable to reissue their great Ferrari kits such as this and the 275's and even more surprising one of the Asian model companies has not found a way to do so. Someday I will build my AMT kit as a facsimile 250SWB.
  14. Top notch build of an interesting subject
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