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  1. I always like seeing builds of Dan Gurney race cars and yours is fabulous.
  2. This is my most recent Deuce roadster built in preparations for the Deuce Days in Scale Model Car Show in Victoria BC Canada July 17. It is a tribute but not a total replica of the McMullen Deuce.
  3. Really like the combination of the neat rear bumpers, side pipes and big diameter wheels/low profile tires a basically stock body.
  4. Cool traditional mild custom with very today wheels
  5. I gotta say the patriotic tri-color looks very good on your Deuce.
  6. Great project. Looking forward to seeing the parking lot filled with cars.
  7. Thanks Gregg for sending a replacement 212 for the one that got lost in the North America postal system. Great issue. Looking forward to 213.
  8. Very well built vintage stock car. Well done.
  9. Beautiful model Tim. I certainly agree with your statement "one of the very most talented model car builders to ever pick up an X-Acto knife, Mr. Juha Airio. " I was introduced to his models at a GSL many years ago. Do you know if he is still building?
  10. Thanks Bruce for your great comment.
  11. Thanks Adam Thanks Bill for your comments as I definitely consider you and Dennis very knowledgeable rodders Thanks Tim - I always appreciate your perceptive comments. Now that the model is completed and on the shelf I am beginning to see it in its own right more than a replica perhaps because of its own distinctive flames.
  12. I am wondering if there are other Canadians who have not yet received #212. A friend who lives not far away got his a couple of weeks ago so I am worried mine has gone missing. I have been a subscriber since #1 so I do not want to miss an issue. I have emailed the magazine but have not got a reply.
  13. Radical for sure and extremely well executed.
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