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  1. Great looking Slant-Back. The Smoothster chassis and powertrain are sure a nice fit.
  2. Hi Steve - You asked for them so here are my two 300's built shortly after the kit came out. On the grey one I added front chin and trunk edge spoilers, a mesh backing to the grill, tube exhaust tips and some photo-etched emblems. On the green one for fun I added front and rear body parts from the '57 300.
  3. Great project. I always thought that kit had a lot of potential and built a couple myself.
  4. Good looking Hi-Boy. I really like the wheel/tire combo and SBC.
  5. Very attractive Lo-Boy. I hope you will be able to make it to Victoria next summer for Deuce Days and the model car show.
  6. Big Daddy would definitely approve. Far out man.
  7. It is the Revell Curbside Snap kit I sure hope it will happen Thanks everybody There is a comparison of the 63 Stingray and new version in the Current Road & Track
  8. Super well built. Cannot not imagine one any better.
  9. Your custom touches have really made for an interestingly unique and attractive Cobra.
  10. Thanks guys. All these cars made a real impression on me as a kid so for me they were must builds. Maybe that's why Candy Apple Red cars were always amongst my favorites at car shows. My next project involves attempting a House of Kolor Candy Apple Red paint job.
  11. Super nice Deuce 3W. A very good demonstration of what a great looking hot rod can be built from the Revell Deuce kits directly from the box with well done paint and careful assembly. Spark plug wire are maybe the most essential detail item on any model car.
  12. I have not been able to track down any info on what became of the 63 after it appeared in Rod & Custom Thanks Bob Thanks Jim
  13. On the cover of the May 1963 issue of Rod & Custom magazine was Big John Mazmanian’s Candy Apple Red 1963 Corvette Stingray Split Window Coupe. Almost new it was mildly customized. In addition to the paint job, the front bumpers and most emblems were removed, two additional taillights added, the interior was reupholstered and it rode on polished Torque-Thrusts. I have not been able to find out what became of this car and other than the color R&C cover there is only one black & white photo I came across on-line. I do have a copy of the May 1963 R&C for remembrance and reference. This has always been a car on my to build a model of list. Having just completed the Mazmanian Willys the time was right to finally build this Corvette. I still had a couple of AMT ’63 Vettes in my stash but I had been saving a Revell snap kit specifically for this project. My modification followed the Mazmanian formula. The two additional taillights are aluminum tube housings with AMT lenses. The front grill is made from Evergreen styrene strips chromed with Bare Metal Foil. The outside door handles were opened up. Here is the Stingray with two other Mazmanian cars. The '61 Corvette was built 16 years ago with a body combining the front of a Revell '58 Corvette and the back of an AMT '62 Corvette. The Willys was recently completed and is pretty much box stock.
  14. Great to see a full detail engine compartment in 1/24 in your very attractive GT40.
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