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  1. Phildaupho added a post in a topic Lola T70 MKII 1/24   

    Thank you everyone for your comments which have made this project all the more gratifying. For George I am adding a few more photos. The engine was such an integral aspect of making this project possible.

  2. Phildaupho added a post in a topic Lola T70 Mk2 1/24 scale- Under Glass   

    Finally completed and posted Under Glass. Thanks for looking.

  3. Phildaupho added a topic in Under Glass   

    Lola T70 MKII 1/24
    This model is a replica of Dan Gurney’s 1966 Lola T-70 MKII Spyder which he raced to Ford’s only victory in the Can-Am series. The construction of this model is completely documented On The Workbench  http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/115922-lola-t70-mk2-124-scale-under-glass/ But to summarize it started life as a Tamiya slot-car body and now sits on a much modified Fujimi GT-40 chassis with an MPC Eagle Indy engine block, transaxle and rear suspension. Thanks for the Gurney-Weslake heads go to Steve Roullier who did the masters and Stephen Miller who did the casting. Items no longer available from the original sources are the Mini-Exotic white-metal wheels and Fred Cady decals.  The paint is a custom mix of Testor’s Arctic Blue Metallic enamel and Metallic Black.
    This has been my most involved and documented model car project to date. It has also taken the longest but I have really enjoyed the process including all the research and the challenge of attempting to replicate as many details as possible.
    For all the photos of this model - http://public.fotki.com/phildaupho/dan-gurney-scale-ra/1966-lola-t70/

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  4. Phildaupho added a post in a topic 40 Ford Coupe.   

    40 Ford Coupes are such gorgeous cars and your model is especially so. I really like the look of the dull Halibrands with the wide whites.
  5. Phildaupho added a post in a topic Larry's '62 Renault 1093 (a factory hot rod) in his words   

    This is a very impressive model of an unusual subject. I always took notice of Dauphines as their name is so close to mine. My family never had a Renault but did have Peugeots in which I had a number of adventures during my early driving years.
  6. Phildaupho added a post in a topic 1965 Mercury Comet Cyclone (update 2/20/17)   

    You are really going all out on this one. Doing the modifications has always been my favorite aspect of model car building also the most challenging, interesting and at times rewarding.
  7. Phildaupho added a post in a topic 1928 pickup   

    This is a good looking, well thought out and constructed hot rod.
  8. Phildaupho added a post in a topic Lloyd Ruby's 1970 Mongoose Indy Car   

    This is a very interesting project. I cannot say I remember the real car but was always a fan of Lloyd Ruby Who I had the pleasure of meeting 
  9. Phildaupho added a post in a topic 1:18 E Production MGB Roadster   

    When it is completed, having a model of your old racecar will make it all worthwhile plus you are going to have a lot of fun along the way. You have certainly made a good start.
  10. Phildaupho added a post in a topic Olds powered traditional '29 Ford model A Coupe   

    WOW This is a fantasticly beautiful transformation
  11. Phildaupho added a post in a topic Lola T70 Mk2 1/24 scale- Under Glass   

    Thank you everyone for your comments and encouragement. This should be my final post for the Lola On The Workbench. I know I keep working and do the final painting, assembly and decaling of the body but have found myself making excuses and I even broke my New Year’s resolution by starting a new project before completing all my unfinished projects.
  12. Phildaupho added a post in a topic Lola T70 Mk2 1/24 scale- Under Glass   

    Essentially everything expect for the outer body is now completed, although I can see in the digital photos there are a few things that need tweaking.

  13. Phildaupho added a post in a topic 53 Ford Hardtop Kustom   

    Very well styled. One of the most attractively incorporated continental kits I have seen. Sleekly swept back.
  14. Phildaupho added a post in a topic Kurtis Sports Car (Update 1/27/17)   

    Great to see this very interesting project back on the workbench and I am sure the results will be worth waiting for.
  15. Phildaupho added a post in a topic Porsche 356B 2000GS Convertible   

    Gorgeous model of a beautiful car excellently photographed.