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  1. Fantastic first post. Someday I hope to build a model of the 65 split window sunroof van I owned in the early 1970's which was only in slightly better shape then your model.
  2. Thanks guys. I appreciate your comments.
  3. WOW - like a modern day Darrell Starbird custom. Very cool.
  4. Well done sixties style panel paint job. This looks like it might be based on the Big Deuce ?? I also notice the flat spoke mags, nice set of headers, independent front suspension and maybe opening doors.
  5. I took these photos so I thought I may as well post them. I built these three models during the three month primarily stay at home period starting in mid-March. All three models had been previously started to some extent but three model completions in three months is above average for me. I do have another previously started project on the bench but I do have out of door activities planned for the next three months so might not make much progress on it. All three of these models have been posted separately Under Glass but I do like seeing them together - Revell 40 Ford with Deluxe front end with IFS from the Revell Willys street rod, a SBF under the hood and Replicas & Miniatures interior - Revell 40 Ford Convertible with Standard front end – chopped, channeled and sectioned - Revell 48 Ford Woody on Wagon-Rod chassis with an LS-1 engine. Real wood paneling
  6. Great model, great paint, great photos !!
  7. Fantastic looking model. This may be the kit of the year !!??
  8. I wonder what kind of tape they used to tape to close off the front hood scoops. In this photo and all other photos I have seen it sure looks like the hood openings were molded closed. It seems too smooth with no detectible edges to be tape and in this photo there is even a bit of reflection on the left edge. In the book Corvette Grand Sport by Paddock and Friedman it does say on page 84 that the "hood scoops have ben taped shut" and on page 93 there is a photo from practice at the same Sebring 64 event with open vents ahead of the scoops.
  9. Very impressive especially that you used up to the minute technology to produce a classic. Well done.
  10. Thanks Al - The "Carson" uptop is actually the kit convertible soft-top that I chopped below the rear window and smoothed out a bit.
  11. Thanks Rich - Here is the 40 with another early style custom - this one a channeled 41 with a chopped hardtop
  12. I like this a lot. Would make an awesome 1/1.
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