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  1. Well done Steve. It is always fun to get way out in left field sometimes.
  2. Absolutely excellent. The 49 has always been a favourite of mine. This might be the ultimate.
  3. Agreed. Well done restoration and enhancement of a model of a beautiful racecar
  4. WOW Beautifully built model. I am a Villeneuve fan having seen him race Formula Atlantic at Westwood near Vancouver and F1 at Spanish GP 1979. He would have been World Champion in 1982 if he had lived
  5. Excellent model of a beautiful racing car. Have always liked the Surtees livery
  6. Thanks for posting your ASA projects. I have one of the #84 kits of which I was very pleased with what's in the box. It can obviously be built into a very nice model.
  7. Very good looking interior. Is that back seat area detail scratch-built?
  8. Thanks for posting these pics Tim. I really enjoyed seeing them I haven't build a ski boat model in over half a century but your builds have got me thinking.
  9. That checks all the hot rod boxes. Very well built. Really like the Pontiac engine.
  10. Great looking model in any scale but outstanding in 1/62
  11. I have been planning to get the new kit but would use it to build a 69 Boss 429
  12. Yes I did complete this project and was quite pleased with how it turned out although I always regret not paying more attention to firing order when I wired the distributor and plan someday to correct it but other projects keep getting in the way and with the hood closed it is out of sight out of mind
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