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  1. Absolutely outstanding. I am reminded of being in Sienna in 2011 when a classic rally passed through.
  2. For a Mustang guy, you sure built a fantastic Camaro !!
  3. Great seeing another Cobra Daytona especially with a non Shelby livery. I saw this one in action at a Monterey Historics a number of years ago, I have a Gunze in my stash with plans of building a Dan Gurney raced version
  4. Fabulous. The whole package looks gorgeous but the wheels are the icing on the cake.
  5. Fantastic models Alan. Sunday was the last race forever at the Victoria BC Canada speedway which was the successor to the speedway where Grant King engineered many victories early in his career
  6. An exceptionally well built Willys.
  7. Thanks Daniel - I totally agree. I have a new project on my bench of a dragster I first saw in 1963 and saw again last weekend. I could not resist trying to build a model that at least resembles it.
  8. Super nice expression of sixties goodness.
  9. Thanks Carl Thanks Benton Thanks Craig. I have to admit that the early 60's was my favourite era of rod & customs to it was fun trying to recapture some of those trends Thanks Alan for for your description - sixties goodness. I like that phrase very much
  10. Thanks Duncan - Yes I have checked Tam's Old Car Site many times over the years Andrew - Great idea for a group build. I will have to give a 64 build some thought.
  11. Super nice. Can I go for a ride !!
  12. Looks wonderful. Great livery. Would be fun to mount on a slot-car chassis and take it for a few laps !!
  13. Thanks Larry Thanks Steve - Great looking slot car. The body is very well done. I contacted Ernie with photos of my model. He very graciously replied. Seems like a really nice and enthusiastic guy. Thanks David
  14. Very impressive Lindbergh IMC hybrid Daytona. Very handsome.
  15. Excellent looking Deuce 3W. It might be time for an exclusively Deuce 3W thread !!??
  16. Thanks Claude - Always good to hear from you Thanks Trevor. Great observation - the 1:1 is itself a "parts-box" creation Thanks Larry. I am amazed myself that I sort of able to make it happen Thanks David. There is a lot information and photos regarding the car on-line such as Old Yeller II (oldyeller2.com) Thanks Carl Max would have been a very interesting guy to meet in person as would the current owner Ernie Nagamatsu who has kept the memories alive by preserving, showing and racing the car as it was.
  17. I assume you sat in the driver's seat but sometimes a passenger seat is installed which I contemplated putting in the model Thanks Gary. I hope your pulse has returned to normal. Thanks Glen - I have always liked that term - primo Thanks Chris, It was a very enjoyable project.
  18. Thanks Bill - I know Old Yeller is one of your favorites so I am very pleased you appreciate the "spirit" of the build.
  19. I can’t call it a replica but I did try to make it at least resemble Old Yeller II. I have been aware of Max Balchowski’s and his Old Yeller’s since I was a kid who loved hot rods and then developed an interest in road racing. These “junk yard dogs” successfully took on Ferrari, Maserati and Jaguar and were raced by elite drivers such as Dan Gurney and Carroll Shelby. In the 2003 there were classes for American Road Race Specials at both the Monterey Historics and the Pebble Beach Concours. By chance I got to help out in the Laguna Seca paddock for the HWM Stovebolt Special. I have always wanted to build a model of that car but could never find a good starting point. I eventually saw Old Yeller II at a subsequent Monterey event. After watching an episode of Jay Leno’s Garage featuring Max Balchowski’s Old Yeller II, I could not resist trying to build a model that would at least resemble Old Yeller II and incorporate many of its unique features. Some think Shelby was inspired to build Cobras after racing Old Yeller II so I came up with the idea of trying to modify a Revell 427 Cobra to resemble Old Yeller. This project combines my two favourite aspects of car modelling – body work and trying to create a model of a subject not otherwise available. I started the basic modifications in 2021 and did not get back to it until the hot days of late July 2022 when it was refreshing to escape to the cool of my basement hobby room. The project almost got shelved again as I found it a challenge to get it back on track. At one point it seemed my initial concept would not work so would be a waste of time to pursue. After some contemplation I arrived at a way forward which involved a lot more bodywork. BODY - The Cobra body was chopped up, narrowed, ground down and puttied. Front “fenders” were fashioned from a discarded set of Deuce fenders. The lower side body was extended using a body section from a Group C race car with some added louvers. CHASSIS - The chassis is pretty much directly from the Cobra. For ease of construction, I did retain the independent rear suspension which was not used on the real car. ENGINE – The engine block and transmission are from the Cobra but the 427 Ford has been “converted’ into a Nailhead Buick with parts from the Revell Model A. The carbs and trumpets came from the Revell T-Bucket Rat Rod while the valve covers are from the Revell Tony Nancy 22jr T-Bucket dragster. The headers were fabricated from Evergreen tube and rod. The paint is Mr. Kolor light green. PAINT – Tamiya Chrome Yellow topped with Semi-Gloss Clear
  20. This definitely blows my mind to use a term from the dark ages of car modeling!!
  21. Your post made me go back and have a look at my post for the Dan Gurney Lotus I built 9 years ago. I built it for a friend so have not seen it since then. I found it a very interesting and enjoyable project.
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