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  1. Very well built vintage stock car. Well done.
  2. Beautiful model Tim. I certainly agree with your statement "one of the very most talented model car builders to ever pick up an X-Acto knife, Mr. Juha Airio. " I was introduced to his models at a GSL many years ago. Do you know if he is still building?
  3. Thanks Bruce for your great comment.
  4. Thanks Adam Thanks Bill for your comments as I definitely consider you and Dennis very knowledgeable rodders Thanks Tim - I always appreciate your perceptive comments. Now that the model is completed and on the shelf I am beginning to see it in its own right more than a replica perhaps because of its own distinctive flames.
  5. I am wondering if there are other Canadians who have not yet received #212. A friend who lives not far away got his a couple of weeks ago so I am worried mine has gone missing. I have been a subscriber since #1 so I do not want to miss an issue. I have emailed the magazine but have not got a reply.
  6. Radical for sure and extremely well executed.
  7. WOW - what a show - incredible models - thanks for the photos
  8. until

    Hi Paul - That is an interesting idea which I will have to give some consideration.
  9. Another great looking hot rod by Boyd doing double duty as a tow vehicle for that neat looking midget.
  10. I built an Ala Kart last year and corrected the engine issue and a few other issues.
  11. The Replicas & Miniatures Auburn dash was definitely a great addition for a roadster.
  12. Thanks Mike. I look forward to eventually see your version.
  13. Very nicely built Roadster. I recently got a Coupe kit but really want a roadster.
  14. You are doing a fantastic job back dating to traditional with your amazing 3-D parts. I really like that the 3-D parts are a darker color making them so apparent when installed.
  15. Thanks Oliver Thanks Bills Thanks Greg - Yes I agree it is surprising Fred Cady did not make decals for the McMullen. He was such a fabulous decal maker. I have used many of his decals for racing cars and have a good collection for future projects including the California kid.
  16. Excellent build and so well photographed
  17. Great job. I like your enhancements to the engine. Cool collection of cars.
  18. So far so good. You have made a great start on this project.
  19. I really enjoyed reading your post and seeing your model. I have always considered the lightweight the best looking E-Type
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