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  1. Eazy E ain't quite rollin' down the street in his six fo' now it seems.
  2. Very good work Bruno! The colour combination is just right!
  3. Whats not to be satisfied about? That is one very clean paint job and model! Fantastic job.
  4. Very very smooth and clean work. This is going to look awesome...scratch that, it's already looking awesome.
  5. Very clean work. Welcome to back to the hobby and welcome to the forum also!
  6. A stunning build shown by stunning pictures!
  7. Fantastic build you've got here Cruz! In one of your pictures, I saw that you had a nice display case. My dad and I are looking for one, what brand is the one in the picture? It's the one with the Porsche in it. Thanks.
  8. Man, that's all made out of paper? Wow! Must be pretty fiddly. Amazing job!
  9. Very nice AE86! Paint goes very well with the wheels.
  10. I sure is I guess!

  11. Excellent work Niko! Do you have any colours in mind for the body?
  12. Nice one! That turned out great for your 2nd model!
  13. Very nice colour combo. Great Bel-Air!
  14. Ok, thanks. The model does look pretty good considering it's age.
  15. I can't find a suitable picture to copy, so here's a link to one on Ebay: http://cgi.ebay.com/FORD-CAPRI-1-20-MODEL-KIT-BANDAI-JAPAN-/370493951998
  16. Very nice Honda. I like the paint colour.
  17. Hello, my Dad just found his old model of this Capri (un-built), and we were wondering how good it is. Thanks in advance, RS Sport.
  18. How are Tamiya and Aoshima kits? Also, how are the Revell, AMT and Monogram kits? Thank you very much for the help. Thanks for the website also, that will help a lot. Thanks for the help! I'm the person that's going to build the kit, I'm only 11. Thanks for the replies everyone, I am now a proud owner of a Fujimi Koenig Testarossa!
  19. Thanks for the replies everyone! How good of quality is the Fujimi 1/24 Ferrari Koenig Testarossa? Is it simple? Thanks in advance!
  20. Thanks for the comment David!
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