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  1. Resin cast copy of Jo-Han Max Wedge Crossram Intake

    Sure thing Kevin! I can't wait to get your little 'gems' in my hand! Coupled with Joseph's carbs they're going to dress up any Wedge or Hemi engine like a girl on her prom night! LOL!
  2. Resin cast copy of Jo-Han Max Wedge Crossram Intake

    Simply awesome parts there Kevin! I should really get some off of you for a couple of my personal projects.
  3. Resin hoods back on-line!

    I used to offer these particular hoods that you mentioned; but am testing the waters by bringing back this 'batch' of hoods first; which were some of my better sellers over the past 15 years. If sales don't amount to much there's no sense in grabbing more from my pile of hood masters to bring back on-line. I have around 30 other hoods that I would entertain molding again; while many others are not coming back for various reasons.
  4. Resin hoods back on-line!

    No interest here?
  5. This is one of our latest custom tuck’n roll interior conversions. It is designed for the AMT 1953 Ford F-100 pickup kit; and may very well work with the former MPC (now AMT) tilt nose ’53 Ford pickup kits as well. It consists of a reworked bench seat with pleated pattern and piping along the perimeter, two 100% scratch built pleated door panels, separate door handles, window cranks, and arm rests that can be pinned to the door panels for ease of assembly and painting, and an optional template should the builder decide to make a simple filler piece out of sheet stock to hide the back side of the firewall area on the inside of the cab. As usual, feel free to drop me a line at lowcab36@epix.net with your questions or to place an order. Thanks! Ed..........Drag City Casting.
  6. The louvered conversion package for the AMT '36 Ford 3 window coupe (or convertible kit) is finally available to order again! You can send me pm or e-mail (lowcab36@epix.net)......or check out our Facebook page (Drag City Casting).
  7. Resin hoods back on-line!

    These hoods are now back on-line after being unavailable for many years! All fit AMT kits: '49 Ford teardrop hood '55 Chevy L88 hood '55 Chevy teardrop hood '56 Ford teardrop hood '57 Ford teardrop hood '62 Bel Air teardrop hood '63-'64 Ford Galaxie teardrop hood Send me a pm (or e-mail) to get your order in now while the molds are fresh! Keep in mind there is only one mold for each hood. If sales demand a second mold be made in the near future I will take the time to do so; but please be patient with me in the meantime. If everything goes well as far as sales I will start bringing back some more of my old hoods. I have around 30 of my old masters set aside that I could see bringing back; while some of the others weren't great sellers, were made for obscure out of production kits, or the masters are in poor shape due to age and storage (body filler shrinking or cracking, etc.)
  8. I am now down to the last 8 '37 Chevy coupe bodies in stock. If you are interested in getting one of these don't hesitate! I've molded this body 3 times over the years; and sales dictate that a 4th time is not prudent. This body uses the AMT '37 Chevy coupe (stock roof) kit or the AMT '37 Chevy Cabriolet as a donor. Just swap the bodies out; and you are good to go! My chopped coupe resin body sells for $30.00 plus shipping. Send me a pm or e-mail me direct (even better) at lowcab36@epix.net. Thanks! Ed Here are some fine examples of what others have built (or started building) with this body!
  9. Drag City Castings- new items added 10/22/18

    I am sorry to disappoint, but I do not sell that hood. These fine models were built by John Goschke . I do plan on offering a louvered hood for the AMT '40 Fords hopefully soon; but have been stretched a bit thin lately as far as time to work on new masters myself.
  10. Drag City Castings- new items added 10/22/18

    Here are a few other recent additions to my catalog if anyone is actually reading this thread?! These are molded from original issue parts that have not been available in the AMT '40 Ford coupe and sedan kits since the original issues. The hoods ('40 and '39) are technically from the sedan kit. The only difference between the '40 Deluxe coupe hood and the '40 Deluxe sedan hood was the center hood trim on the front. It is slightly different; but very tough to spot; especially if you don't have one of each to compare. These were molded since almost all of the reissues (starting with the earliest reissues) had fitment issues; and the side trim has gradually disappeared........something still not fixed on the latest retro box art reissues.
  11. Binghamton, NY Swap Meet

    You might have........I wasn't paying attention to what pants or shorts other guys had on though! LOL! I was set up at the end of one of the middle isles with red table cloths if that helps jog your memory any.
  12. Ladder Traction Bars

    I offer these in resin......from the Monogram Badman '55 Chevy kit. There's just some thin flash inside of them.......easily removed.
  13. Binghamton, NY Swap Meet

    I will be set up there.
  14. 1928 Ford Sedan 60's Style Altered UPDATED 2/10/19

    You already know how I feel about this one Dennis! It just has the right look! Have you thought about (or tried) mocking up the reworked SWC Willys seats you got from me in this one by chance? I think they'd be perfect.......and traditional for this early '60's era build.
  15. Drag City Castings- new items added 10/22/18

    I wanted to let you guys know that I have added more parts to my line-up lately such as this tuck'n roll interior for the AMT '53 Ford pickup kit. Feel free to e-mail me direct at lowcab36@epix.net if you see anything in my Fotki albums that interests you; or if you have any questions such as pricing and availability. Thanks! Ed https://public.fotki.com/drasticplasticsmcc/member_dealer_directory/drag-city-casting-/