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  1. '58 Bonneville Hardtop Back on the Bench! 3/20/18

    Awesome work and attention to detail as usual John! I started back at page one and got caught up on this project again........love it!
  2. '32 Sedan Delivery Newstalgia Hot Rod: Updated 3/18/18

    Awesome work on modifying the wheels Dennis! I can't wait to see more.........as usual!
  3. Still slicing and dicing

    I like the '70 Impala; and with the side windows (quarter windows) reshaped like that I can see it being a 'phantom' precursor to the '77-'79 Impala/Caprice. Giving it an aerocoupe back window instead of a fastback roof line might balance things out better and not make it look top heavy towards the rear........if it bothers you. I like your work! Now I want to try this out and see what it would look like! Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki
  4. AMT '65 Ford Galaxie

    Just a straight up swap for an unbuilt 'average' kit...............not looking to trade for a vintage kit here. I am looking for a Revell '56 Chevy Del Ray or the '90's issue of the Revell '67 Corvette coupe (silver on the box); but am open to other kits if you want to pm me a list of what you have to trade.
  5. Revell A.G. die-cast front tires

    Nope, I got the tires from that one already! LOL!
  6. Revell A.G. die-cast front tires

    I would be happy to get just one pair of the front tires at this point if someone would be able to help me out. If need be I might be willing to trade for the entire kit.
  7. Fast Trax Resin '61 Falcon

    Well, not all casters do. I don't slush cast (never have); but I have been casting for over a decade without a pressure pot. If you know what you are doing you can get good results without one.......not that I have any problem with using one. In fact, I have one in the shop; but have not been able to acquire the rest of the parts and equipment I need to get it up and operational......like a new air compressor. It does limit how many times you can make a pour (casting) in a day though depending on the type of resin you are using. Norm (Replicas and Miniatures) told me that his resin takes 24 hours to cure; and I know he is using pressure pots. This means he can only make one casting out of a mold a day; where I can make 2 or 3 if I'm in a time crunch.
  8. My cars over the years

    I really appreciate you sharing these old photos with us! You had some really cool rides back in the day......and diverse too!

    O.k......I just took some myself again today that are a little better in lighting; and then remembered the ones you sent me when I uploaded them to the computer. I figured this instruction sheet is probably bringing stupid money!
  10. DELETE

    Elvin, I have photos of the Big Drag instructions that I took with my digital camera if that will help you out? You can e-mail me at lowcab36@epix.net
  11. AMT '65 Ford Galaxie

    I am putting this somewhat original issue AMT '65 Ford Galaxie hardtop built-up up for trade. As far as re-builders go this one is in real nice shape.......not a glue bomb. The rear panel below the deck lid is busted; but should be a straight forward easy fix. There are some extra parts like another chassis; but some suspension parts are missing. The glass looks good...just dusty in these photos. The body is painted white; but looks to be enamel; so it should strip cleanly. Included is the last resin teardrop hood I have for this kit. I had planned on building it like the 1:1 car pictured below; but have decided to move on to other projects now. Drop me a line if you are interested in working out a trade. Thanks! Ed
  12. 22JR decals needed

    I guess he forgot to make a post to let others know you were already helping him out? I guess I will save a stamp for the time being unless Robert ends up needing my set as well. Robert, pm me in the future if you end up needing the decals I have. Ed
  13. 22JR decals needed

    Mine is too....already sealed up! LOL! My sheet is perfect by the way Robert......double checked before closing everything up.
  14. chopped '37 Chevy coupe....last call

    I wanted to let you all know that I am running a special on these bodies now through the end of the week (the 25th to be exact). The sale price is $25.00 (plus shipping). The discount alone will cover the greater portion of the shipping costs in most cases! Feel free to send me a pm or e-mail (preferred) at lowcab36@epix.net if you are interested. Again, this body is discontinued at this point; and I am selling off what I have left in stock. Thanks, Ed
  15. 22JR decals needed

    I will double check the sheet in my kit; but I am fairly certain it is perfect or near perfect. I just had it out last night. I'll get back to you on that.