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  1. As a giant s10 fan, I'm super sad about this reissue. If I wanted to build another syclone I would from the kits I already have.

    I wanted the stock non turbo 4.3 and 2wd front suspension. (Or a proper 4x4 s10 with a non turbo 4.3) I hate to complain, because its nice to have the s10 grill and bumpers back but the rest is syclone. I would have rathered they reissued the syclone instead of this hodgepodge of random s10 parts...

    Literally the only thing this kit represents is the prototype syclone(that had a s10 body). Which was a 1of1 prototype.

    Guess I'll have to build my og issues after all. Sure ill buy a couple for parts, but it miss represents such a popular truck. 

     I was really excited for this reissue but not now. 😞

  2. Just finished my Tamiya GT4 mustang, excellent kit and basicly fell together as most tamiya kits do.

    Paint is all Tamiya spray bombs, French blue and white for the stripes. Wet sanded and buffed the clear.

    I went for more of a "street" car that was converted over to a race car. Box stock other then the paint changes.

    I cannot wait to see what Tamiya brings out next.

    20200902_194606 20200902_194616 20200902_194637 20200902_194654 20200902_194733 20200902_194754 20200902_194807 20200902_194815 20200902_194819 20200902_194834 20200902_194846 20200902_194922 20200902_194958 20200902_195028 20200902_195121 20200902_195213

    Thanks for looking.

  3. Well my revell '68 is finally finished. I started this one in April lol.

    - added a vinyl top
    - wheels/tires from the amt 70 Baldwin motion camaro
    - modified rear suspension to sit higher
    - wired engine

    Basicly I decided to build this as a "day 2" car circa 1970ish. I felt this car needed some additude and I'm happy with the final result.

    Now I need to reorganize the hobby room and then onto another lol.

    20200722_174105 20200722_174115 20200722_174137 20200722_174244 20200722_174306 20200627_081728 20200722_174359 20200722_174447 20200722_174537 20200722_174543 20200722_174711 20200722_174752 20200722_174812 20200722_174828 20200722_174526


  4. My latest W.I.P. The revell/monogram '70 trans am.

    Basically a box stock build with some minor extra details. I love these old monogram kits. My only gripe of this issue is the "trans am" decals are missing. Other then that smooth sailing so far.

    I Pinned the mirrors, shaved the mold lines on the engine, and a couple other items. The nose cone fit very badly, but I took care of that with some sanding.



    IMG_20200327_223334_665 20200327_195159 20200327_195535 20200327_203443 20200328_002422 20200328_002419 20200328_091319 20200329_140815 20200329_140848 20200329_140902 20200327_210954 20200329_160944 20200328_171833 20200328_171746 20200328_171755 20200329_163039


    Next up is to finish the engine and wetsand/buff the body.

    Thanks for looking.

  5. This is Lindberg's 1996 caravan. It started life as a glue bomb i picked up and had sitting around for awhile. I threw some wheels under it and the build was on its way lol.


    - Body is shaved and lip kit added on the front and rear bumpers

    - Mini truck style plate frame

    - Aoshima wheels

    - Grille cut out and mesh added

    - Roof cut open with "sliding" rag top

    - 2 tone paint with a water drop effect and fade on the bottom

    - Interior color matched

    - Custom sub box

    Im sure there is more im forgetting, but here is the final build. 

    20200322_155931 20200322_155935 20200322_160009 (1) 20200322_160032 20200322_155959 20200322_160106 20200322_160043 20200322_160021 20200322_135314 20200322_135322 20200322_135222



    Thanks for looking.

  6. I've been working on this one for the last week or so. Started as a built up kit I bought in a box of other models. 

    The windows were a mess, but I was able to removed the the paint with tamyia acrylic thinner and polished the glass afterwards. 

    I'm going for a southern cali/minitruck style build. The body is coming along well but still needs some work in some areas. 

    I still have more body mods to do also. 

    20200110_233317 20200110_233347 20200110_233356 20200110_233401 20200110_233335 20200109_211200 20200109_211208 20200109_211233 20200109_211240 20200105_204234 20200105_204240 20200105_205928 20200104_225657 20200104_225710


  7. I've wondered this for years. I really hope it comes back soon because the prices are crazy. I built the syclone, wave rider as a pro touring ls swap, and one of the stock ones as a s15 sonoma 4x4. I have 2 more to build and a bunch of syclone kits lol 

    Anytime I post some pics on instagram I get bombarded with messages about selling the ones I have. So I believe the demand is there.

  8. Wow I've been waiting so long for this. The kit has alot of inaccuracies (front end is all wrong, has a sle bumper but the truck is a sls, the front fenders are miss shaped ext..) but I love these trucks lol.

    And I hate the box art. I'm really hoping those correct wheels are back in the kit and not the awful incorrect 4x4 wheels lol. I just finished the original issue this weekend. 

    20190817_192532 20190817_192553


  9. On 7/1/2019 at 11:03 PM, espo said:

    Nice looking paint work. Didn't you post pictures of your 1:1 Sonoma some time ago ? 

    Yes awhile ago i did. 


    On 7/18/2019 at 8:14 AM, Cpt Tuttle said:

    Was this paint available on the full size trucks too? I recall seeing something similar on a Silverado or Cheyenne I think? Quite a nice looking brown anyway.

    Yes it was but it was extremely rare. 

    And thanks everyone else! I have finally made more progress. I have managed to get it wetsanded and buffed, the black trim painted and the decals installed(25 year old decals sucked to apply lol). I was going to edit these stripes and make them pewter/gold but from what I can find for reference pics the white is correct on this color for this year so I went with it. I still have a few areas of black to spray also.

    Now onto the interior and engine.


    20190721_004925 20190721_004935 20190721_004951 20190721_004910


  10. So basicly I'm going to be traveling 2.5 hrs to a 1:1 show this week with a couple models including my 1/12 camaro. I'm sure I can get the model there in one piece but I'm worried about the model sitting in the truck till I can check into where I'm staying. The truck has no a/c and I have a few places to stop before I can unload the kit. I have limited room in the truck only two seats.

    Any suggestions to make sure I dont have melted models when I get there ? Or traveling with models?

    I've only gone to local shows lol.

    1/12 scale revell 69 camaro z28.


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