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  1. Well I got some work done on this one. I got the cabs glued together, interior tub lengthened, and chassis stretched. Now I have to attach the roofs together and start shaving the extra door handles and body lines. I am going to shave the tail gate also because that is something I want to do with the 1:1. I am also going to work on the rear ext cab windows because the opening needs alot of work to appear correct. Now I need to find a set of mirrors like this in scale, I recently put them on. Now the model:
  2. Thanks guys, it's the revell of Germany kit. So far it's going together pretty good. The doors take a bit of work to align properly but I think I got them adjusted correctly.
  3. Well I started this a little bit ago but never posted it. This is my first big scale kit ever and so far I'm liking it. I couldn't leave it stock so I found some tires, modified the suspension and this is where it sits now. The rear wheels I increased the diameter because they were too small for the lips. They need a little more work but they fit alot better. and what I'm thinking for colors. Off white for the wheels and sides of the car, and rootbeer for the rest of the body.
  4. Thanks guys. I had alot of problems with both the front and rear suspension, I agree the front sits way too high but it was a pain just to get it together so once it was on four wheels I wasn't touching it lol. Glad I didn't offend you steve
  5. Still working on this one very slowly. The cab still needs some more work but it's getting there. Haven't done much to the bed either. I did start on adding the ssr interior to the truck and did some engine bay work.
  6. I just finished this one, it's the original issue. It's box stock except for the wheels and tires. I really didn't like the kit at all because I had alot of fit problems and that rear suspension decided to fight me alot. It's missing some things but I really just wanted it done. The car did turn out better then I expected. It is still just a mustang. (I'm a Gm/camaro guy).
  7. Thanks guys! Yes it is a bravada bumper, which is extremely rare here in Canada because they never sold bravada's here so I was very surprised to find one in the junkyard. My truck was a bare bones truck, but I added the power/heated leather seats(though the heat don't work), has no ac, no power locks/windows, really it's a base model truck with the sls package. But I love it because the color is pretty rare and I keep doing more things to it to improve it all the time.
  8. Thanks guys. I am Really excited to get going on this one, been a long time waiting!
  9. I just started this and it's going to be a LONG project. I'm building my 99 Sonoma in scale. There is alot involved to make amt's 2nd generation s10/sonoma kits into a 98+. I'm going to scratch build the whole front end, and highly modify a 99 silverado dash/door panels and much more to look like my truck. Since my truck is an extended cab I also had to use two cabs. I might make the doors function, but we'll see when I get there. I am going to build the model with a few things done to it that I haven't done with the 1:1 yet(new mirrors, lowered suspension). My 1:1: Model: The rear bumper still needs ALOT of work also. Dash so far: I'm going to take my time on this and make it as close to my truck as possible. Not sure how I'm going to do the front end yet but we shall see as I move along.
  10. Thanks guys. So I have been working on the roof and frenching the headlights into the fenders. I also added the ssr tailights and I am going to add the door handles too. It still needs alot more work especially on the roof.
  11. So lately I have been away from the bench. So I started to dig through some old stuff I started and dug up this amt 50 Chevy pickup I cut the top off of and chopped the windshield. I found the top and it will be chopped and reattached. By the end of the day and one SSR kit later I have this: now the fun part: color: So I am going to build the truck with the ssr chassis and drivetrain. It fit SO well all I did was cut out the rear fenderwells of the ssr chassis and removed the inner fenders from the ssr interior tub. I'm going to update the truck but it will still look like a 50 pickup.
  12. Thanks. Yep I bought some ridler 695's in June, same style as the bosses, just a bit different. Yours will look awesome Stock floored.
  13. What can I say I'm addicted lol. Keep adding more to mine every time I look at it,
  14. Nice builds man! I actually recognize your truck from s10 forum. I'm on there too actually. Brown99sonoma. Keep up the good work and your noma is nice, Wish mine was that nice lol.
  15. Thanks guys! It was a good build.
  16. Thanks, came out better then I thought it would.
  17. This is my second build of the Manx. But this one I decided to use a corvair engine from an amt parts pack. This was the first: This build:
  18. I finally finished this one. During assembly I modified the suspension to lower it but it seems to me it did not do anything to lower the car once it was all glued together other then that it turned out good and I'm glad to have it done. overall this was a excellent build, except for the ride height issue.
  19. I've had this one in the works for awhile. S10 Xtreme, no body kit, c5 corvette z06 suspension and engine. And other stuff to come. Going to build a cage for it too.
  20. Thanks man! I got the interior done. Now I need to finish the chassis/engine and I can call this one done.
  21. body pretty much done, just needs side windows and mirror glass. Now I need to get to this stuff:
  22. Thanks guys for the advice. I actually found multiple 1:1 2 car trailers online with a flat deck and only two axles, but I think I will add the third. I need to find some wheels now.
  23. So I wanted to build a trailer for this Dually I bought awhile ago. So I started to build a 2 car gooseneck style trailer. It's probably far from correct but it is my first trailer build ever. My goal is to make it as realistic as possible, so any tips would be great. The Dually, going to actually paint and detail it once the trailer is done: the hitch, still needs more details: and the trailer so far, I still have alot to go and nothing is 100% yet, just trying to get an idea as I add stuff to it. so thats what I have so far. I want to start on the hitch part of the trailer next but it might be a bit till I have a chance to work on something again. Thanks for looking and let me know what you guys think.
  24. I got the front suspension pretty much done, but the rear still needs some more lowering.
  25. Thanks man, and I agree. After putting them on I am glad I did because it breaks up all that green.
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