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  1. Built at Wolfies Speed Shop for an ambulance driver who wanted to go faster!!!
  2. 57 from Wolfies Speed And Drag Shop.........
  3. Restored GTX from Wolfies Speed.........
  4. Found this crazy Charger in the bushes behind the shop!!!..Kinda smelled like cigars inside though......
  5. SUPER DUPER JOHN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Built last week...Real fast but a shaky ride!!!
  7. You mean this Plymouth????..I am doing 3 of them!!!!
  8. 55 Built at Wolfies Speed And Drag Shop....... http://www.wolfie427.com/
  9. I used the 1/25th scale Tamiya Tiger tank..........very expensive kit but what the @##
  10. The ad on Craigslist said:1 owner,needs cosmetics,low miles....500.00 or best offer!!!.We laughed our heads off as we cruised back to the shop at 173MPH!!!!!
  11. Built at Wolfies Speed And Drag Shop for a very paranoid El camino owner in fear of 2012....We added plenty of armor,2 blown motors,and an air refiltering system!!
  12. We had a spare Hemi and a mint stock Charger so with a coupla vintage drag parts and alot of sweat...we altered the body and stock frame,added sheetmetal for the flooring,hitched up a front axle and made us a "High Tech" rear spoiler from the rear trunk!!Next thing Dang we had us a racer!!!!!......During our initial time/testing behind the shop we averaged 180+......until the fiberglass hood blew off and we realized also the heads weren't torqued down at all!!!
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