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  1. Don Sikora II added a post in a topic Amt/Mpc 72 Chevelle query   

    The MPC SSlasher might be the closest of these to MPC's '72 Chevelle annual. Definitely not the same though. The red MPC issue with yellow stripes came after the SSlasher and think had a few new pieces.
    The light blue AMT "Street Machines" kit is very close to AMT's '72 Chevelle annual kit.
    The AMT "Street Customs" kit with the red car and black stripes is based on the AMT kit even though the box shows a built MPC kit. At some point, Ertl retooled the AMT '72 Chevelle to a '70 (same kit that's currently out as the car from Jack Reacher). In the RC2 years, there was another retooling to release this '72 kit. It has some nice clear front turn signal and headlight lenses, but to my eye the grille doesn't look anywhere near as good as the original AMT part. Been a while since I looked at one, but I think the rear bumper might look a bit off as well.
    I'd agree with Mark and say the light-blue AMT kit is the best of the ones that you have shown if you want to build a '72. Another option is the AMT Red Alert '72 Chevelle kit from the Seventies if you're able to get a deal on one of those....it's basically an earlier issue of the light-blue kit.
  2. Don Sikora II added a post in a topic Best 1963 Split Window Corvette in 1/24(25)??   

    Looked at the reissue '63 roadster I have in the "Legendary Classic" box with the red car on it. The body in mine has the Fuel Injection engraving on the front fenders. It's molded in that typical Ertl beige/gray color plastic...my Prestige kits are in white so it should be original to the kit and not swapped out. Possible it was made both ways depending on when the kit was molded.
  3. Don Sikora II added a post in a topic Best 1963 Split Window Corvette in 1/24(25)??   

    This one came out about the same time as the Prestige issue. It's hard to remember, but this one might have actually been released shortly before the Prestige kit. 
    Have an AMT/Ertl-era Corvette five-car set that I'm pretty sure includes the '63 roadster. Don't think the roadster version has been out in at least 15 years though.
    The '63 Corvette split-window was included in AMT's Corvette 50th Anniversary series. If I remember right, that issue included both tops for the roadster, but not the glass that fit them. Think some other issues of the Vette roadster included the glass for the removable hardtop, but not the roof itself. If you get lucky, you can piece it together if you have the right kits.
  4. Don Sikora II added a post in a topic Best 1963 Split Window Corvette in 1/24(25)??   

    When the Prestige '63 Roadster was released, I asked about it at AMT/Ertl's booth when I saw them at a show....probably when they set up at the Toledo Toy Show. i was told then that the roadster body was new tooling. Don't remember if we discussed the two roofs, but wouldn't be surprised if they were new along with the body.
  5. Don Sikora II added a post in a topic Hobby shops in the Portland OR area   

    Powell's City of Books is worth a stop. Been at least five years since I've been in Portland, but visited the main store (it's big!) a couple different times and remember a good selection of new and used automotive books.
  6. Don Sikora II added a post in a topic Hobby Lobby reset coming   

    AMT '37 Chevy and '32 Ford Vicky on clearance here too.
  7. Don Sikora II added a post in a topic 2001 Ford Taurus #66 Blue Light Special   

    Very nice job, it looks good!
  8. Don Sikora II added a post in a topic Caliper/micro-meter recommendations   

    No expert on these, but when I used them for work we had analog Mitutoyos. Looked and Amazon sells the 6-inch model for about $98.
    I have a couple cheap calipers. One is a plastic (nylon, I think) and analog. The other is steel and digital and came from Aldi of all places. They were $10, and ended up getting cleared out for $5! I'm guessing they aren't nearly as good as Mitutoyos, but for what I use them for they are fine.
    I find I usually use the digital ones, and they're nice because you can toggle between inches and metric at the touch of a button. I take the battery out  when i'm done using them...read someplace the cheap ones, at least, tend to run down the batteries because "Off" isn't really off.
  9. Don Sikora II added a post in a topic Monogram 1/32 scale SSP reissues: what tires are included?   

    The 1/32-scale kits based on the Monogram slot bodies weren't reissued in SSP. About 15 years ago a slot-car company (think it was MRRC) released some of the 1/32 Monogram bodies in their line of slot cars...bought one of the Chaparral 2s and if I remember right it used metal wheels and MRRC-supplied tires. Later, Revell-Monogram used some of the Monogram 1/32 bodies for their own slot-car program. For sure they ran the Chaparral 2 again and the Ferrari 275P and 250 GTO ('64) were offered in unassembled form. Don't know it for a fact, but do not believe these used a reproduction of the old Monogram tires.
    Closest thing I know of to the old Monogram 1/32 slot tires are the tires in the Revell Surfite. They don't fit the old kit parts as is, but they may work with modification to the inner and outer wheels. Never compared them to the old slot tires, but have you looked at the tires in the new-tool Revell midgets?
  10. Don Sikora II added a post in a topic What's going on with the rubber   

    This seems most common with AMT tires froth late Sixties/early Seventies. Not sure what's causing it, but it could be mold release residue from when the tires were molded.
  11. Don Sikora II added a post in a topic AMT Vintage Silhouette   

  12. Don Sikora II added a post in a topic Big Lots ever get models like Ollie's does?   

    There are a lot of housewares and home items in Tuesday Morning, but the few stores I've been in also have a large aisles of toys. Have had the occasional Hot Wheels find there too...usually recently discontinued collector-series cars that the big box stores have stopped stocking.
  13. Don Sikora II added a post in a topic Big Lots ever get models like Ollie's does?   

    I remember when Big Lots had the RC2 Nostalgia Series kits, that was probably in 2007 or 2008. A few years before that, the Big Lots store by me had LOADS of the Canadian release of the Revell-Germany Jacques Villeneuve Williams F1 car for $5 apiece. 
    There are not any Ollie's in my area, but we have a place called Tuesday Morning. It's an odd mix of closeout stuff including some higher-end housewares. My sister got a really nice piece of Victorinox luggage there once too. They get kits every so often. and if I'm in there I'll check....you really have to look around because the shelves seem to be stocked based on whatever will fit in available space. Few years ago the had some of the Round 2 AMT pre-paint NASCAR COT kits super cheap. Before that, I bought some of the RC2-era specials that I think were done for Stevens International...for sure I bought the '27 Ford T police car and think there was at least one other one too. They were cheap, maybe $6.99 or something like that. Have seen J. Lloyd-era Lindberg kits and Hawk die casts there too.
  14. Don Sikora II added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    Nice find! 

  15. Don Sikora II added a post in a topic Revell instruction sheet up for the Gran Torino   

    When I've used a plate that's still on the paper, before installation I'll paint the backside with a thin coat of Tamiya acrylic aluminum. That way if the plate hangs off the bumper a bit you don't see the typical pink or blue decal paper.