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  1. See what you’re saying about the gate, but that looks like mold damage to me. Something got hung up and the side slide probably dinged the core.
  2. Try Model Empire in West Allis, WI. I believe they carry in store, and they do mail order.
  3. Mr Hobby sells retarder for lacquer, and it might be slightly easier to find in the US. Haven’t tried it with Tamiya spray, but it’s magic with Mr Hobby lacquer brush paint.
  4. Pretty sure I saw it at Tower Hobbies for preorder, so it’s coming.
  5. Long ago, Roger Harney of Monogram engineering told me the Monogram kit that sold one million units the quickest was the 1/24-scale Red Baron.
  6. Last week bought some Testors and Tamiya paint from Tower Hobbies, and almost all flat black and semi-gloss black varieties from both brands were out of stock. Wouldn’t be surprised if there have been widespread problems restocking in the current environment. Today I was in Michael’s in Racine, Wisconsin, and they did have regular Testors flat black enamel brush and spray paint in the rack, but that store only recently reopened.
  7. He knows what he’s talking about. I use a brush, but otherwise it’s the same deal, one HEAVY coat. Great stuff.
  8. For Testors enamels in the square bottles, in my experience they airbrush the best when thinned with the Testors Model Master airbrush thinner. The small bottle of thinner that comes in the paint sets is more for cleaning brushes, don’t know what the difference is but the airbrush thinner is the ticket if you’re going to spray it.
  9. The 1999 street machine issue was originally supposed to come with a cardboard cut out of a vintage Taco Bell, but was never released that way. Not sure if it had a different catalog number than 85-7679. Don’t think the T-Bolt made it into any of the special two-packs, so think you’ve caught all the various issues of this one.
  10. I believe the ‘55 hardtop was last available in the Hot Rod series 3-pack with the ‘54 sedan and ‘57 hardtop. It’s number 7447 and was originally released in 1985, but I’m pretty sure it was still in the catalog after the Skip’s version was discontinued. The ‘55 in the tree pack included the stock wheels and tires, unlike the Skips or the regular Hot Rod version. Strangely you can sometimes find the three pack for less than any other issues of the three kits usually sell for individually.
  11. Mr Metal Color is great stuff, and I’ve been using it since the late 1980s or so. Not that easy to find in the US now, but I’d try it if you can source it easily.
  12. Think Model Empire still has plenty of flocking is stock, at least they do in their West Allis, WI store.
  13. It’s very hard to find and rarely shows up on eBay. Maybe 4 or 5 over the course of a year.
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