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  1. The Revell Ed Roth Beatnik Bandit includes a pair of skinny M&H piecrust slicks. Don't have the Parts Pack, but wouldn't be surprised if it included these same slicks, and the Beatnik Bandit should be easy to find and inexpensive.
  2. Revell 56 Ford truck history

    Looked at my kits, and I do have kit #7124 in two post-Hot Rod boxes. Box with red band at top is copyright 1996. Revell-Monogram box with blue band is copyright 1998. It's the dreaded one-piece box style, and this version of the kit was molded in white plastic rather than metallic blue. Hosted on Fotki
  3. Revell 56 Ford truck history

    Yes, the dark-blue '56 Ford remained in the line after the Hot Rod license ended, and used box art that followed the then-current Revell style. I'll have to check my stash, but the '56 F-100 might have stayed around long enough to have actually been in two different post-Hot Rod boxes. Other Hot Rod kits that continued past the end of the license included the '57 Chevy hardtop (as you mentioned), the '69 Yenko Camaro, and the 1976-or-so Chevy street pickup. Pretty sure the pro-street C4 Corvette carried on too, but the non-Hot Rod box is scarce.
  4. Per Dave's request: 1927 Ford "Owl T" Pickup

    Great build! Really digging the stance on this one.
  5. Recommended Handle for #11 blades

    I have a "generic" aluminum handle (that I think came in a Testors boxed paint set about a decade ago) and it is surprisingly good. Also have a 1990s X-Acto handle very similar to the red one Casey posted above. Mine is green though, and I think X-Acto called it the "Gripster" Recently bought an OLFA Ltd-09 which is beautifully made in Japan and has a nice heft to it. The handle appears to be painted black, not a soft rubber covering. The OLFA comes with a pack of very sharp blades that are shaped differently than the classic #11, but the handle also holds X-Acto-brand #11s very well. Haven't tried any other brand blades in it. https://www.amazon.com/OLFA-Saw-knife-Spare-blade/dp/B075L95GMS
  6. Revell 56 Ford truck history

    The Hot Rod magazine issue (#7124) with the dark blue street machine evolved quite a bit over the decade or more it was in production. Kits made from 1986 until the early 1990s include most of the old custom parts and the extra Pontiac engine, while kits made after about 1993 or 1994 received many of the retooled parts Mark describes above and had much nicer BBS-style mesh wheels and better big n' little tires.
  7. AMT/SMP history lesson wanted

    Some SMP 1957 friction cars, including this Chevy wagon, came with a small tree of “customizing” parts. Not sure why they didn’t include these goodies in the kit versions. Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki
  8. AMT/SMP history lesson wanted

    That looks like a dealer promo with a “toy store” friction box. I think there are at least a couple box styles for early SMP frictions. The ‘57 Chevy dealer promos came on a small cardboard tray in a bag. This car is in my collection. Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki
  9. AMT/SMP history lesson wanted

    Casey, these are old pics of my kit. Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki
  10. AMT/SMP history lesson wanted

    Thanks, Casey. I have a SMP ‘57 Chevy convertible kit that’s been I’m my collection for 15 years or so. Have to dig it out to be certain, but I’m pretty sure mine has chrome ‘57 Pontiac hubcaps in the sealed parts bag.
  11. part ID please

    Based on the plastic color it’s probably from a USA Oldies ‘66 Marlin. The same basic chassis with wheelbase changes was used in Jo-Han Ambassadors and Rebels too.
  12. I’m 99% sure the original issue of the stock kit didn’t include a decal sheet.
  13. Beatnik Bandit Plastic ?

    Could it be a test shot with that stamp identifying the material the mold was sampled in? Sounds interesting, if you can please post pictures. Also some 1980’s Hot Rod issues of the Beatnik Bandit were molded in a creamy pearl white plastic. It was sorta translucent, so I suppose that’s a possibility too. But that doesn’t explain the stamp.
  14. AMT & SMP Styline Kits

    Glad my memory was correct on the year. Thought mine was light green, but went and checked and it’s a very light blue. It’s a neat kit, but I’ve never seen one built. Mine hasn’t even been started.
  15. AMT & SMP Styline Kits

    I have one of these and IIRC it’s actually a ‘55 T-Bird.