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  1. DaveInTheHat added a topic in All the Rest   

    I built a house truck starting with a Classic Metal Works International.

    More Pictures: http://public.fotki....s/housetruck-1/
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  2. DaveInTheHat added a post in a topic Davetown Speed Shop   

    The fence is made from fiberglass screen. An HO scale fence kit costs about $20. Fiberglass screen from ACE Hardware, which is the same as what comes in the kit, costs around $1.00 a foot.

    Virgil, next building is a bank. Probably made from high density polyurethane foam. I'm going to build some HO scale cars and trucks first. I need a little break and something to take to the NNL.
  3. DaveInTheHat added a topic in Dioramas   

    Davetown Speed Shop
    The latest addition to Davetown.

    Old cars and black and white pictures.

    Here's the link to all the pictures: http://public.fotki....own-speed-shop/
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  4. DaveInTheHat added a post in a topic Five Victorian Houses - Davetown   

    The houses are 1:87 scale. I'm not sure if they are still in production or not. I picked up all 5 at a train show real cheap. They're all right out of the box with a few minor modifications. I took pictures while I was building them.

  5. DaveInTheHat added a topic in Dioramas   

    Five Victorian Houses - Davetown
    Here's the latest addition to Davetown.

    More pictures: http://public.fotki.com/daveinthehat/davetown/five-victorian-houses/
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  6. DaveInTheHat added a post in a topic What's Your Favorite Looking Domestic Engine   

    Slant Six.

  7. DaveInTheHat added a post in a topic what do i use to take off primer   

    Alcohol will take some primers off. I usually use oven cleaner to take paint off. I like Mr. Muscle. The only place I've been able to find it lately is Ace Hardware. Works quick, after all the paint is off I soak the plastic in white vinegar to neutralize what I used to take the paint off and clean any residue.
  8. DaveInTheHat added a topic in Contests and Shows   

    Even more NNL East pictures
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  9. DaveInTheHat added a post in a topic 1950's Diner Diorama   

    That looks fantastic! The red and the aluminum together really pops. That would look so cool with some neon lights around the top. Can't wait to see it done.
  10. DaveInTheHat added a topic in Dioramas   

    Dave-Craft Boats
    Here's the diorama that I've been working on for a while.

    Here's a link to the build from start to finish: http://public.fotki.com/DaveInTheHat/davetown/dave-craft-boats/
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  11. DaveInTheHat added a post in a topic 2 Simple Dioramas   

    Thanks. I'm doing pretty good. Only a few minor problems to deal with.

    Chris, I was in Lehigh Valley. Nice hospital, hope to stay out of it now.
  12. DaveInTheHat added a post in a topic Diorama Messerments   

    Here's a link to a printable ruler.

  13. DaveInTheHat added a post in a topic Structo dump truck *updated 9-17*   

    Looks good. I've been wanting to do something with a Tonka truck for a while now.

    I saw a guy on ebay has replacement windshields and other parts for Structo, Tonka and Nylant stuff. What I looked at seemed pretty reasonably priced.
  14. DaveInTheHat added a post in a topic Super September Showdown X   

    I had a great time. Got to see a quite a few of my friends. Here's my pictures. I think something might be going wrong with my camera. It's been acting kind of strange for a while. A lot of my pictures came out a little blurry.

  15. DaveInTheHat added a post in a topic Warehouse Office Diorama finished   

    Hey! That's great stuff. Thanks for sharing. Seems like your diorama will be good for a lot of different photo opportunities.