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  1. I have this kit and have been trying to find an accurate mesh to use where did you get yours from ? Btw your build is looking awesome!
  2. Bainford yes it did I applied them over a couple of nights
  3. Man that’s cool . I have purchased Ed’s 32 chopped 3 window and have a plan similar to yours for it
  4. Ummm I have no idea what to say ....? thats fantastic work Tim I cant believe the detail you can achieve in this scale
  5. Finally had the time to post an update. I ended up masking the rims with bare metal foil and painting the centre’s with a mix of couple of Testors metalizers . I also finished of the interior, I just have to prime and paint the cab and tray now . The weather isn’t the greatest here in New Zealand at the moment so I might try and get it painted in the spray booth at work.
  6. Is it a resin body or 3D printed ? I wouldn’t mind getting one if you could tell me where you got it from cheers
  7. Fireball model works has some drag radials here’s a link hope it helps you http://www.fireballmodels.info/
  8. Thanks Tim. I can’t wait for your next update
  9. Fantastic work Tim! Where do you get your small end mills from?
  10. Thanks for the comments everyone. mrmike I actually only mocked it up with the wheels on I’ve since painted the centres , I need to post and update but I’m going to take your advise and mount the front wheels without the axle
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