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  1. Finally had the time to post an update. I ended up masking the rims with bare metal foil and painting the centre’s with a mix of couple of Testors metalizers . I also finished of the interior, I just have to prime and paint the cab and tray now . The weather isn’t the greatest here in New Zealand at the moment so I might try and get it painted in the spray booth at work.
  2. Is it a resin body or 3D printed ? I wouldn’t mind getting one if you could tell me where you got it from cheers
  3. Fireball model works has some drag radials here’s a link hope it helps you http://www.fireballmodels.info/
  4. Thanks Tim. I can’t wait for your next update
  5. Fantastic work Tim! Where do you get your small end mills from?
  6. Looks awesome John you knocked it out of the park like you always do 😎
  7. Thanks for the comments everyone. mrmike I actually only mocked it up with the wheels on I’ve since painted the centres , I need to post and update but I’m going to take your advise and mount the front wheels without the axle
  8. Hi everyone Ive recently started work on Revell’s Foose FD-100 pick up . I’m just doing a oob build no aftermarket parts just a simple build
  9. Nice job! I need to re visit my build and put the long headers on and body filler pieces
  10. Awesome to see you back John can’t wait to see you knock this one out of the park
  11. Man that looks fantastic Wayne!
  12. Incredible detals John the brackets on the back of the gauges are a awesome idea really adds to the realisim. I can't wait to see paint on this
  13. Man you build fast can't wait for the next update. Looks awesome so far as per normal for you John
  14. Hi everyone first time I've posted in the truck section. I work for Mainfreight here in New Zealand and I was asked if I could put this kit together for work. I haven't built a truck kit in a long time I'm going to be doing this in Mainfreights livery. Anyway I started assembling the chassis it seems to be going together really well
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