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  1. edhoward added a post in a topic titan ic 1911 Renault   

    Long and short of it is it will look pretty much like the one in the movie.
    Since that was well researched - it is a reasonable "best guess".

  2. edhoward added a post in a topic titan ic 1911 Renault   

    Is it appropriate to mention that we are planning on paying someone to do this?
    And you do not need to be located in the Toledo area.

    Ed Howard
  3. edhoward added a topic in General   

    titan ic 1911 Renault
    We are building an interior model of part of the Titan ic (for a museum exhibit).
    Need someone who can do a good job of fabashing this.
    Was hoping for someone in the Toledo Ohio area - but the email addresses I have tracked down,
    (glasscitymodelerATjuno.com, toledoplasticmodelersATtoast.net, pzkw-6ATbuckeye-express.com) do not seem to work.
    Does anyone have alternate contact info or know someone who would be interested?

    The Renault

    The 1:18 period auto's that are close enough for chassis, fenders, running boards, wheels etc...
    Apparently back then the coachwork was done independently and no one is 100% certain on the final detailing.

    Ed Howard
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