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  1. Bruno added a post in a topic AMT M&H Racemaster Dragster Slicks & Parts Pack Tires   

    Anyone know the actual dimensions of the racemaster slicks pp003 and pp004?
    Which ones would be the best for use on a 60's / early 70's funny car?
  2. Bruno added a post in a topic Revell 3rd Quarter Announcements?   

    Anyone knows what's the difference between "snaptite" and "snaptite max"?
  3. Bruno added a post in a topic 70 Challenger R/T   

    Very nice and shiny, great work! Good looking Challenger

    There's something wrong about those stripes tho...
  4. Bruno added a post in a topic What Do New Kits Have Inaccuracies   

    I'm no sociologist either, but my guess would be... money. Everybody wants more money. The boss wants more money, so the employee has to work faster. 100% production is not enough anymore, 130% is what they want. And when 130% is reached, they now want 150%. Never enough money. All this does hurt quality in the end.

    That's how it is today.
  5. Bruno added a post in a topic Magic Muffler Fiat - Awful Awful/Fuel Altered   

    This is awesome! I like Fuel Altereds so much... Awesome work!

    And Elapsed Times is my favorite magazine
  6. Bruno added a post in a topic Post your Revell 1970 Cuda   

    Awesome looking 'Cudas in here! Great work guys

    Here's mine;

  7. Bruno added a post in a topic 68' Six Pack RR hood   

    I used the Harts Parts Resin '69 Six Pack hood on this Road Runner

    I used the AMT '69 GTX body, which is just like the '68 Road Runner body except for the side markers and moldings on the sides.
  8. Bruno added a post in a topic Question for anyone in the auto body industry   

    Tri-coat = ground coat, top coat and clear. You spray the ground coat just like any regular basecoat, it is the color, solid and opaque. The top coat is transparent and has the pearl in it. Again, it is sprayed like regular basecoat, as long as you have a good / clean spray gun and spray evenly, there's no problem spraying the top coat. And finally, the clear, we all know what this is...

    Tri-coats are not that hard to spray, it just takes more time. The problem is when only painting a part on the car, it's harder to match the color and then blend to a perfect repair that won't show...
  9. Bruno added a post in a topic New Elapsed Times Is Out!   

    Thanks, after reading this I ran and got it this morning!

    I also ordered online the summer 2014 one, which I missed, I got all the others, great magazine
  10. Bruno added a post in a topic Tire licensing rights Round 2 vs Revell   

    Actually, I'm ok as long as the tire is a good tire size for the model and the thread pattern looks good, most of the time I sand the sidewall markings away and use tire decals (except if I'm using those nice AMT tampo printed tires )
  11. Bruno added a post in a topic Tire licensing rights Round 2 vs Revell   

    Yes, and still, Revell's reissue kits and even new tool kits MSRP is cheaper than AMT's (Round2) revised/reissue kits...

    If tire licensing is the reason behind that difference in MSRP price (I don't see any other reason for this...), I think revell should do the same as Round2 and bring us nice tires in their kits.

    Revell is known for having crappy tires in their kits, most of the time I throw them away and use other tires from the parts box or use AMT parts pack tires. Nice tires is important to achieve a nice build, and if I am willing to buy AMT parts pack tires, I certainly wouldn't mind paying Revell a few bucks more to have nice tires included in their kits
  12. Bruno added a post in a topic Tire licensing rights Round 2 vs Revell   

    Note that average MSRP for Revell new kits is usually a few bucks cheaper than AMT kits. So maybe tire licensing has something to do with this...
  13. Bruno added a post in a topic Moebius `65 Plymouth Satellite   

    Looks good!
  14. Bruno added a post in a topic How to make decals with black background and white print?   

    I assume that you can't clearcoat over decals made with that paper, or the white will become transparent again, right?
  15. Bruno added a post in a topic Pure Hell AA/FA   

    Those are the slicks from the kit (AMT Bantam Blast) and the letters are decals

    Thank you everyone for the kind words