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  1. Well I bought that kit a while ago, my first Moebius kit! Tonight I opened it and I got a warped body too...
  2. Well, the fit was ok, other than sanding molding lines and cleaning flash, I would say it's a nice kit. The first kit I bought, the body was badly warped, and I ruined it while trying to fix it, so I bought another kit. The windows in both kits had very bad tire marks on them, I had to wet sand a lot and polish all the windows.
  3. You can see them in the first pic, it was late when we finished yesterday (we had to drive back home...) so we had no time to take better pics of the cars. I took those pictures of my Challenger this morning, and I don't have the other models here with me
  4. This one is a special project, with two friends, we got together and each one of us had to build a kit in one day. I chose the AMT 2010 Challenger R/T. The two friends had a Porsche (Tamiya) and a Ferrari (Revell), all curbside kits. The rules were simple, start a new kit, do the best we can with what we have and the time we have, and it must be finished the same day. We started around 9 in the morning and we all finished about the same time, around 8PM. So here's my Challenger, box stock, paint is Model Master Ultraviolet (rattlecan) and automotive two part urethane clear (airbrush) There were fit problems, goofs, some bad words were used, and we had lotsa fun! Special thanks to our 3 food dehydrators, which we abused all day long for curing paint and glue
  5. Just finished another one, this time an '84 Dodge Turbo Z, really like those little turbo cars. Old MPC kit built box stock, only added spark plug wires, paint is automotive basecoat / clearcoat
  6. Man that looks great! Nice job Gotta love those old funny cars
  7. This is the first Polar Lights funny car I build, those kits require some work to make them look nice, but I like them overall. Things I didn't like; - the slicks are in two piece - windows are too thick, I'll make my own windows next time - the blower belt is separate and rubber, which is a niece idea but here's how it looked A friend gave me a part of strap that comes from a printer he said, it's perfect for blower belts on 1/25 cars, so that's what I used Wheels were stripped and painted with Alclad polished aluminum
  8. Yeah, that's another nice funny car to build, for a guy like me that already has too many nice funny cars waiting to be built
  9. Just finished this one, I used the Polar Lights Tommy Grove Mustang Funny Car kit, with Slixx decals, and took the Hemi engine in the Polar Lights Hawaiian Charger Funny Car kit (the Frantic Ford had a Hemi in it) Paint is automotive basecoat / clearcoat. I also wired and plumbed it
  10. Great thank you Ted, are you selling those wheels?
  11. So anyone has instructions on how to assemble those wheels now? I hope they are still available, I have a few 1/16 dragsters waiting to be built here, and I'd like to have those wheels on 'em, I don't really like the wheels included in the kits...
  12. I used Fred Cady's decals, I cut the hood decal in three pieces, one large that goes all over the cowl induction scoop, and two smaller strips that goes on the hood each side of the scoop, it was kinda tricky to align everyting together, but it worked. Then I hand painted the scoop sides with a brush (Humbrol gloss black) let dry for a few days and then sprayed a few coats of clear over all that. Once the clear applied, wet sanded and polished, the decal seams and painted sides don't show at all, everything is nice, smooth and shiny
  13. Nice work you are doing there John, I really like those '68 Road Runners, I had one (real one) years ago And Steve is right, this is the unique Road Runner horn, not a wiper motor. There's a two speed wiper motor supplied in the kit, it's on the chrome tree. Chrysler installed three speed wiper motors on hemi cars because the air filter baseplate wouldn't fit with a two speed wiper motor. Three speed wiper motors can be found in the Revell '69 Charger kit if I remeber correctly...
  14. No problem and get out that Duster, that was a fun build! Ross Gibson engine's are getting harder to find now though...
  15. Thanks everyone This is the Ross Gibson B1 T/S engine, and it's the only engine with B1 heads and valve covers I've seen out there...
  16. Thank you! I used some of your parts on it, the fuel cell and exhaust bezels comes to mind... Thank you for your great parts!
  17. Thank you! I had to modify the chassis but not that much, I just moved the front lower control arms to adjust the wheelbase, and trim here and there for the floor pans and wheel tubs to match the Demon body, that's it. But then I also had to modify the rear floor pans because the scratchbuilt wheelie bars didn't fit... I also did some other modifications to the firewall so the stock dash would fit, East Coast Outlaw 10.5 rules require the stock dash. The rollcage is all scratchbuilt.
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